Exos Heroes: Most Powerful Characters below 4 Star


Generally, there is only 2% chance getting five-star character card, and the odds will not exceed 5 % even with promotion activities. It’s really a bit difficult for the first-level players to make up a strong team that consists of 5 star characters. Considering the PVP lineup, some powerful 3 star or 4 star character will be showed in the following.


Each player can match a lineup to fight using the 5 star cards have drawn before. The characters recommended in this post are very used. They will play a big role in the Special dungeon. If you obtain the classes below, you can turn on automatic combat during working hours using LDPlayer. Wait until get off work, you can level up and collect resources effortlessly.   

Exos Heroes: Most Powerful Characters below 4 Star


Recommendation: Heroes Below 4 Star

Cybele – 4 Star Light Healer

In the early stage, you can cultivate Iris to a full three 3 star. (Each star represents 15 levels a hero can achieve.) While finishing the main quest, the system will give you a 4 star healer – Cybele for free. The character owns some skills, such as buff, de-buff and heal teammates, as well as special abilities like purification and resurrection.


Although Cybele has low quality, she is still an all-round hero who gives you strong support in your poor time. In addition, Cybele sometimes is more powerful than ice healer because the ice healer consumes much Mana. It’s hard to make good use of them if you don’t upgrade equipment and resources of other characters. Thus, the 4-star light healer is the best choice for you in this condition. 


Lepin – Legendary Supporter

The Lepin given by the system can be used for a long time because of a limited number of Black AOE characters. She is a hero belongs to 3 star Mana card but her DOT skill and 245% penetration damage can kill opponents’ tankers. It’s an indispensable character to take part in the battle.



Eden – 3 Star Nature Character

It’s highly recommended that you take advantage of the forest character – Eden. His attack speed is so fast, and he can get an extra chase chance when upgrading to the 4 star. Eden works well with the light healer while climbing the tower, but his running speed is relatively slow.        


Zeon – Fire Character

Zeon is the leading hero with great strength in the Exos Heroes. Though he belongs to 3 star Mana card, his passive counterattack skill, coupled with high-damage positions makes him become an invincible character. The resources sent by the system are enough to level up Rachel to 4 stars.



Glenn – Macha Character

When your squad is short of a shield, Glenn is a good choice. After his attack hit, the opponents will keep in a vertigo state for up to 5 rounds. However, the bad thing is the gunfire command of Glenn consumes too much Mana.



Vdie – Ice Character

Vdie can break the shield without using AOE skill, who has low attack power but high evasion skill. And his buff ability can last 14 rounds. Therefore, the enemy with low-level is hardly able to reach him, and will be killed under the continuous attacks. After upgrading to 4 star, Vdie can chase one more time so that he can give a fatal blow when the opponents have 10% health point or less. 

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