The Era of Conquest Beginners Guide with Best Strategies


Another real-time strategy game that won't let the players be disappointed about playing it is the Era of Conquest, which has many events, quests, and more things. Since the game is mostly about using strategies, players should know how things will work in this game. So, that is where you will feel the need to have an Era of Conquest beginners guide. So through this guide, we will give you a reasonable explanation of the fundamentals of the game.




Here the gameplay is about building a new city while attacking rebels and destroying their bases using the troops you have made. The players must ensure the max power of soldiers, the strength of the economy, expanding the city and prosperity, which will not be able to fail by any attack of the rebels who are camping in different areas of the map. So, it's better to follow our guide by all the Era of Conquest beginners who like to try the game with the assurance of winnings from the battles. 


But the best platform to play the game on PC with broad vision is the best android emulator LDPlayer 9, which will improve the gameplay with many features and tools. And now, this is the exact moment to dive into our Era of Conquest Beginners guide to learn more about the game. 


Completing Quests

The first thing all the Era of Conquest beginners must try is the quests because it is the best way to learn more about the game features that it offers for the players. There is an extensive list of quests the Era of Conquest beginners should try, and all these quests can be divided into three categories as Chapter Task, Special Task and Daily Task. 


By completing all these three different quests, the players can gather as many resources as they can; the coins, legendary hero emblems, and chests filled with gems and other valuables.


Adventure Note

Opening the Adventure Note allows players to explore new areas hidden in the fog of the game map, and when they explore new places and caves, they can receive Raven Tokens and free tombstones to perform summons freely. 


And also, exploring gives you more and more benefits for your growth in this game. The players can increase the production of their Terra continent by exploring new areas and establishing new properties there. 


In the Adventure Note, there is an option called Black Crow Shop in the top left corner of the screen, and there, the players can purchase rare equipment and skill cards that increase the stats of characters using the Raven Tokens. 



The troop system is a lot more different in this game because, in other games, we can have various barracks to train different troops. But here in this game, all the Era of Conquest beginners can only have one barrack to teach all the troops by switching them and one type of troop for one formation until they hit the specific level of War Hall. 


There are four types of troops that the game has introduced to all the players such as Cavalry, Shield Soldiers or Militia, Bowmen or Archer and Spearmen. These troops have strengths and weaknesses against each other, and let us now see about this system which will be very helpful for all Era of Conquest beginners. 


  • Cavalry - stronger than Shield Soldiers, weaker than Spearmen.
  • Shield Soldiers - Stronger than Bowmen, weaker than Cavalry.
  • Bowmen - Stronger than Spearmen, weaker than Shield Soldiers.
  • Spearmen - Stronger than Cavalry, weaker than Bowmen. 


As mentioned above, these four troops can successfully counter each other's attacks.


Building the War Hall

The next thing the Era of Conquest beginners must do in this game is to build the War Hall. Upgrading it will give all the players many benefits, such as allowing them to deploy multiple troop formations, unlock new characters, increase the leadership caps of the characters and many more. 


Level up Heroes

Leveling up heroes is very important because if anyone needs to be rich in power and strength, it's vital to level up the heroes you have, and it's one of the crucial things that should be done by all the Era of Conquest beginners here. So, now let us talk about how to level up these heroes. 


The players can level up heroes using the Experience Points (EXP) that can be gained by performing different actions such as attacking rebels and purifying the relics.


You can find rebels to attack by searching the map or tapping on the search icon on the main screen of the game and once you find a group of rebels to attack, decide whether you can beat them or not by considering their power and your power. And also, the players can purify the relics to get more experience points quickly. 


The players can use the book icon near the hero that gives a complete guide about the troop combinations with the particular hero and the skills that should be upgraded and equipped to him if the players cannot decide what to do with that hero to boost.


Civic Center

Civic Center is another place where the Era of Conquest beginners should upgrade as much as possible. There's nothing to worry about because the procedure is relatively straightforward. When upgrading the Civic Center, players can speed up the construction freely when the construction time is less than five minutes. 


The Civic Center is divided into three categories: Economic Class, Military Class, and Special Class, and upgrading all the options in these categories is the best way to boost the Civic Center. 


There are many benefits the players can gain by upgrading the Civic Center, such as increased prosperity, increased Lead Cap that will allow you to assign more soldiers in one team, and unlock many new features. 


Summoning System

The summoning system is one of the most critical factors that the players are always excited to try out. In this game, too, there's a summoning system where the players have to collect Tombstones to perform summonings. 


When you go into the summoning section, the players can do two types of summons: Spirit Invocation and Soul Invocation. Players can have a free summon or summon one time using one Tombstone or five times using five Tombstones in these summoning types.



Players can choose different types of civilization when they start the game. But many beginners may worry about choosing only one civilization because they have other favorites too. Do not worry about that because once you upgrade your Civic Center to level five, you can collect the civilization key to change the type. 


Let's see about the types of civilizations the players can choose here. 


  • Japanese
  • British
  • French
  • German 
  • Korean
  • Roman
  • Arabic


According to the civilization the players choose, the looks of the buildings, the costumes of the troops and the starting heroes and all other things will change and take a whole new appearance. 


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Since this game is a real-time strategy game with expansion, extermination, exploration, and exploitation, a beginner guide will be a vital factor in having better gameplay in this game.Use this beginners guide as a ladder to fast success in the game and be the best kingdom with the most skilful warrior troops.  

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