Eversoul Artifacts Guide for All New Players


Hello to all Eversoul players. We know that you are now looking for more ways to improve your progress through the gameplay; whether it is about the best character or some leveling tips, everything is important now. And we know how useful it is for a player to have some tips over their enhancements for the gameplay, and if you know about Eversoul artifacts, there you have the best progress.

Eversoul Artifacts Guide for All New Players

Not all artifacts are the same in this game, and the way they will progress in the game will also depend on your character. For an Eversoul beginner, this is not that easy to learn or understand because there are few things that are specifically associated with these all, and that will make you the most powerful version of the game.

This guide is for all the Eversoul beginners who are looking for the best ways to make themselves the best out of the gameplay, and these details and the facts regarding artifacts will surely help you in the long run in the game. It is now time to take Eversoul on PC with LDPlayer 9 to make it a top gameplay, and here we are starting our guide for the artifacts.

Artifacts Overview 

Not all Eversoul beginners can see all the artifacts from the game at the first point because these are going to be unlocked for you at a certain point of the game. It means that you need to make yourself progress for more from the battles to get through all the artifacts, and what we suggest you get them easily is the Eversoul summoning system. But again, you won’t see this artifact summoning section if you haven’t made much progress from the game.

Artifacts Overview 

This gamel will give you a great recommendation here for what you wish for, and you can also go for the ones you want from a wish list. But, selecting an artifact should be based on your characters, and whenever you unlock artifacts, come back to your team and select three of your artifacts and then go for summoning. We recommend that your five main Eversoul characters be equipped with their own artifacts to the game because it can boost their performance and powers to the best from the combat.

Most of the time, having the right artifacts can allow characters to raise the strength of their attacks, combat power, increase HP and many other things raised from the game, and that will be based on a percentage as well. So it will be an ideal option for a perfect Eversoul team too.

What to Use for Artifacts? 

What to Use for Artifacts

To earn your artifacts, you will need the Everstones. So we recommend all you players to save your Everstones, and when you have more of them, don’t be crazy about going over more and more summons. Do not just spend them for the summons; make sure to save these ever stones for your artifacts too. But please note that although the game allows you to have some summoning tickets for artifacts, it doesn’t allow you to go for many of them, and they will be dropped at your daily quests, shop, as well as from all of your memories.

Artifact Skills and Ascension

Although your artifacts are going to be based upon your characters, they are coming with their own process for the ascension. When you refer to the menu for the artifacts, you can see there are three options showing the details, enhance as well as ascend options on your artifacts, and you better notice that each of them has its own priority.

Artifact Skills and Ascension

Suppose you are getting a healer as your class. Then you should know that your HP is going to be raised with a belonging artifact. And when you are holding a damaged unit with you, the artifact you are holding will make you the highest attack ever. These stats can be applied to every artifact that you are applying at the current moment.

When dealing with an artifact enhancement process, you should know that it is very expensive. It needs artifact stones which are available from levels 1 to 10. They will be dropped mainly from the part-time jobs, the hall of memories, and the loot. Different artifact stones are going to be useful for different levels.

Since we don’t know what meta or main units will help you for each part of the game, we recommend not upgrading with your enhancement process. Instead of it, you can go for the option of ascending because when you do an ascension, it will unlock you into different levels of your artifacts. This means there are chances to reach more levels of power in them.

And again, do not try to go for an enhancement for your artifacts at all. To make an ascend with your artifacts, you will need the Artifact Memory:  Verja, which is used to have or to ascend the artifacts. And a total of 100 of them will be needed to do an ascension for an artifact. It will be one of the best ways to increase its special skills as well as to raise its maximum level.

Your artifacts are going to be scaled with your character. When you are levelling them into different levels, please notice that artifacts are also going to be more useful for combat with raised power. If you are using an artifact that doesn’t belong to its specified character, you are not going to have much impact from it at all.

Taking Artifact Stones from the Hall of Memories

This is what we need to specifically talk about from this guide because when you are doing the Hall of Memories, you can do it and go ahead as there are Traders for you. You, as the player, can buy several items from these traders; sometimes, they come with artifact stones too. So here, you are also getting a chance to buy artifact stones for your artifacts, and they can be taken anywhere at your Eversoul game.


There are different kinds of shops available in Eversoul, including an artifact shop too. This shop is also one of the main ways to make artifacts into yours, allowing you to go for any material you are looking for in the game. And that includes artifacts upgrade items too. It is recommended that players buy them because they will be very important for a player as it creates a way to have more combat power than usual. And it means that your character will also be going to turn out to be better and better.


To buy artifacts from the shop, of course, you need artifact stones, and there are also advanced artifact stones that you can use here, which are going to be available from levels 11 to 20. These are mostly used for enhancing your artifacts.

Buying Packs

And to end this artifact guide, we will offer you a special bonus to participate in the game. Although there are better ones than this one that you should go for having artifacts earned, this part will make you have great progress and will be doing justice for what you have earned as artifacts from the game to make it quick progress. It is about buying packs.

So far, this is one of the best features available in this game, and this is not for free-to-play players. Because this is available to be taken by paying, and there are four types of the pack that you can pay and buy for the artifacts. We have limited, growth, monthly and regular packs here and what will be the most useful is the monthly sub-pack. As the name says, it will be there for you for a month, and although it may not have a great impact, it does. There will be increased loot time free reset for soul levels. A maximum time is provided for quick hunt looting, a free quick hunt, an option to skip battles, and many more are there to be taken.

And what is more important here is that you get several stones to be earned daily with this pack, and that will be a great way for a player to buy artifacts.


That is all that we have to put you with all Eversoul artifacts, and we hope that you get the best options out there by referring to these all Eversoul tips that we talked about regarding your artifacts. Understanding what you need to do with your artifacts and knowing where to take them is one of the best ways to make good progress in the game, and this is how you will do it.

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