Eternal Sword M - New DLC Update: Mecha Era


Eternal Sword M – New DLC Update: Mecha Era

In last 30 days after official launch, there have been more than 5 million total downloads and 250K daily active users! Meanwhile, the store rating of this game is steadily at 4.7/5. Being motivated by players’ passion, we are launching the first DLC update: Mecha Era. In this DLC, you are chosen to repair Space-Time Mecha to sail into the Infinite Galaxy!


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- Space-Time Mecha and Infinite Galaxy

The Mecha Era contains three parts: Armor Repair, Enhanced Armor, and Galaxy Battle:

a. Armor Repair: Complete specified quests to repair the damaged armor. Your Mecha will be activated afterwards.

b. Enhanced Armor: Equip Mecha gears to increase your CP and obtain better attributes!

c. Galaxy Battle: Start your adventure to the Infinite Galaxy after the Mecha is activated! Keep completing quests to obtain more Mecha gears!


-Overall Gameplay Presentation

For the new gamers who didn’t know this game yet, take a peek at this screenshot video! Blasting Battle Experience + Time-travelling Background Story + 100% Freedom Character Customization = Eternal Sword M!


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