Epic Seven Oct 27th Update Patch Guide


Coming out of nowhere and giving out immense rewards for all players old and new alike, Epic Seven is implementing special new mechanics and systems in the recent new update for the October patch of the game, featuring 2 new equipment sets and equipment system revamp, hero balance patches, new battle systems and more.


In this guide, we will go over all the details of the new update patch, see how the new updates implemented will affect gameplay and the meta as a whole in addition to guiding players on how they can take advantage of all the new systems made available after the October 27th Update to Epic Seven.



Let’s play Epic Seven on PC and find out together.


Epic Seven Oct 27th System Updates

With the brand new update, new mechanics and system revamps will be available for all players to partake in and take advantage of to get a large amount of rewards in addition to making players’ gaming experience more enjoyable.

These system revamps include: Hero Balance Patch, Labyrinth System revamp, Background Battling System and the Main Story Chapter 1 Clear Rewards Revamp.

Hero Balance Patch

This balance patch is the 2nd part of October’s first balance patch at the start of the month. This time, specific Moonlight Heroes will now be adjusted accordingly as well as nefting one of the game’s most powerful heroes : Hwayoung.

These buffs and nerfs are as following:


- Remnant Violet: His Soulburn effect will now be changed to his 1st skill, granting an extra turn when players apply the soulburn effect. His 2nd skill’s passive counter effect will now activate the instant he has all 5 charges from enemies attacking or from him attacking with his normal attack. In addition, the atk buff he gained from his 3rd skill will now last for 3 turns These buffs will make him more consistent when dealing piercing damage with his 3rd skill and allow him to rotate his abilities with more ease.

-Top Model Luluca: Luluca’s kit have been upgraded so that both of her 2nd and 3rd skill will now buff the entire team’s atk and combat readiness. This makes it so that she will not only be a good damage dealer but also become a good supporter for the entire team.

-Pirate Captain Flan: Pirate Captain Flan receives some good changes to her kit, making her viable even when she is not attacking on her turn. Her team buff skill will now trigger as long as she herself has buffs, making it extremely easy for her to boost the entire team’s combat readiness to ready for a fight. In addition, her 3rd skill’s effectiveness and debuffs will now be enhanced, making it more easy for her to land debuffs on all enemies and use her 1st skill to detonate everything in her path.


-Hwayoung: The star of the show and the only hero to get neft heavily this patch, Hwayoung will suffer an immense decrease to her damage after this balance patch takes effect. Hwayoung’s base attack modifier will be decreased in addition to having her 2nd skill’s damage increase effect requirement more difficult to accomplish as she will need to actually hit the target for the effect land. In addition, her 3rd skill damage potential will also be decreased.

For all players who have Hwayoung and have built her to at least lv 50 before the patch, they will be able to recall Hwayoung and receive all of the upgrade materials used in addition to a 5* Select ticket as compensation for her nerfs. So if players don’t want to use her anymore, this is a chance for them to add a new character to their roster instead.

Labyrinth Revamp

After this update patch, the normal Labyrinth Mode of Epic Seven will now be divided into 2 separate sections - The normal Labyrinths and the Azmakalis Capital.

The Normal Labyrinth will remain the same with all of the same functions as players have come to know. However, The Azmakalis Capital section will now be further divided into 2 difficulties - Easy and Hard Explorations. Separate difficulties will cost different amounts of Charms to enter and the rewards gained will be significantly increased when challenging the Hard Exploration Mode, so players should be prepared and build up your team to attempt this.

Background Battling System

The long awaited addition to the game ever since launch, the background battling system will now be introduced to all players to help mitigate the mind-numbingness of constant grinding. 

When players put the game on auto-farm, players can click on the mini-window icon to minimize the farming process, allowing players to do other things in the game while the game is farming automatically. This system will be applicable to the Spirit Altar, Hunt and Adventure Modes.

This effectively allows players to farm 2 contents at the same time, allowing for maximum efficiency and more resources to be farmed at the same time.


The background battling UI is as follow:

1. The Background Battling status will be displayed.

2. The Background Battling content in progress or completed will be displayed.

3. Heroes assigned to Background Battling will be displayed.

4. The battle status and Wins/Losses information will be displayed.

5. Received Urgent mission information will be displayed.

6. Received Wanted Posters will be displayed.

7. Acquired Equipment/Monster/Currency information will be displayed.

8. Battle Pet Settings information will be displayed.

9. The status of the battle in progress will be displayed.

10. Background Battling ends.

Equipment Set Changes and New Equipment Sets

Along with the system updates, new equipment sets have been added and changes to pre-existing sets have also been implemented into the game.

2 new equipment sets have been added to the game with their set effects being: 

- Barrier Set (4 pieces set): once equipped, when the character equipping this set goes into battle, grants a 2 turns barrier buff to all allies, the barrier strength is increased proportional to the hero’s max HP.

- Torrent Set (2 pieces set): once equipped, the hero will have their damage dealt increased by 10% in exchange for 10% of their max HP, this effect can stack.

The equipment set that will go through changes is the Unity Set (2 pieces) which has its effect decreased from 8% chance to trigger a dual attack to only 7%. In addition, the dual attack mechanic as a whole has been buffed as the chance to trigger dual attack was increased but the damage dealt is decreased.

Chapter 1 Main Story Rewards Revamp

With the new update, the progress rewards of Chapter 1 of the main story have been updated to help players be able to get good rewards when clearing all the stages in chapter 1 of the main story with full stars.

The rewards have been changed to:

- When players completed 30% of the stars in 1 chapter: 1 2-stars Phantasma

- When players completed 60% of the stars in 1 chapter: 2 2-stars Level Penguin

- When players completed 100% of the stars in 1 chapter: 5 Covenant Bookmark (= 1 pull).


In addition, a star counter display will now be visible next to the chapter’s name, making it easier for players to see which chapters they have finished the stars requirement to get the rewards.

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