Earn to Die Rogue Beginner Guide - Tips to the Apocalypse Racing


Prepare to rev your engines and sharpen your survival instincts in Earn to Die Rogue, the latest action-packed roguelite from the acclaimed Earn to Die series. This thrilling spinoff catapults you into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by relentless zombies. Survival is more than just a goal; it’s a relentless drive through deserted cities, snow-covered military bunkers, and arid deserts.

Earn to Die Rogue Beginner Guide

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As you delve deeper into this ravaged world, you'll encounter a variety of new zombie types and formidable bosses. Each encounter is a test of your cunning and resolve, demanding not only brute force but strategic finesse. This guide will equip you with essential tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay, boost your survivability, and maximize your vehicular carnage. Let's play Earn to Die Rogue on PC with LDPlayer to ensure you not only survive but thrive in the zombie apocalypse of Earn to Die Rogue.

Gameplay Overview of Earn to Die Rogue

Earn to Die Rogue is a captivating side-scrolling platformer that challenges players to navigate through dilapidated buildings in search of crucial vehicle parts. As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to earn cash, gold, and blueprints, or purchase weapons and equipment to enhance your power and survivability.

Gameplay Overview of Earn to Die Rogue

The game's main mode consists of 15 expansive chapters, with additional chapters planned for future updates. Each chapter is structured into three primary stages, and within each stage, players must clear several rooms teeming with obstacles and enemies. Conquering these stages requires defeating the stage boss.

Resting Places and Power-ups

At the end of each stage, players discover a resting place—a sanctuary where they can either heal or acquire power-ups. One notable feature at these resting spots is the option to unlock specific power-ups by watching ads. This feature becomes available periodically, so seizing these opportunities when they arise can significantly boost your capabilities in subsequent stages.

In Earn to Die Rogue battling enemies is rewarding in more ways than one. Defeated enemies drop cash and blueprints, essential for upgrading and enhancing your capabilities. Additionally, each enemy you defeat contributes kill points to your kill gauge.

Resting Places and Power-ups

As you accumulate kill points, you fill the kill gauge—a crucial element of gameplay. Once this gauge is full, you are given the chance to select a special power-up. Filling up the gauge is a challenge, and as you progress and unlock new skills, the number of kill points required to fill the bar increases. This makes each opportunity to select a special power-up increasingly valuable.

That is why, It’s essential not to overlook the free power-ups offered throughout the game, which can be unlocked by watching ads. These rewards require no additional effort but provide significant buffs to aid your progression. Taking advantage of these free boosts can smooth out your journey, making it easier to tackle tougher stages and enemies.

Choosing the Right Power-Ups

Selecting the most effective power-ups in Earn to Die Rogue requires understanding the specific advantages each option offers. Here's a guide to help you maximize your performance based on the type of weapon and gameplay style you prefer:

Choosing the Right Power-Ups

For Sniper or High-Damage, Low-Rate Weapons:

  • Echo Magazine & Extra Magazine: Increases bullet damage and fire rate, making each shot more lethal.

  • Potato Perks: Allows bullets to ricochet between enemies, maximizing damage across multiple targets.

  • Netball Perk: Enables bullets to bounce off walls and floors, creating a strategic advantage in confined spaces.

  • Adrenaline: Boosts your firing rate temporarily after killing a zombie, helping maintain high damage output.

  • Drill Bit: add a penetration to your shot making them go through more enemies adding up to your damage output. 

Defensive and Crowd Control Perks:

  • Liquid Nitrogen: Slows down enemies, providing crucial breathing room during intense zombie swarms.

  • Nuclear Waste & Gasoline: Inflicts continuous damage over time, effectively whittling down enemy health as they advance.

  • Golden Apple: Essential for health regeneration, providing recovery at the end of each room—a lifesaver in prolonged battles where fungi are scarce.

Close-Range Combat Enhancements:

  • Moon Helmet: Generates a black hole to absorb incoming bullets, an invaluable asset when outnumbered.

  • Kinetic Shield and Kinetic Orbs: Damages and repels close-approaching enemies, offering both offense and defense.

  • Heat Wave: Automatically damages enemies within close proximity, ideal for keeping aggressive foes at bay.

  • Water Bottle: this heals you for 25 and it allows you to collect health above your health limit, allowing you to have a buffer of health pool. 

Specialized Damage Tools:

  • Vertical Laser Cannon: Strikes enemies directly above and below your position, useful for vertical combat scenarios.

  • Horizontal Laser Cannon: Projects beams across the battlefield, cutting through enemy lines perpendicular to your stance.

Prioritization and Selection Tips

When selecting power-ups in Earn to Die Rogue, prioritize those that complement your weapon's characteristics and your preferred play style. If the key perks listed above are unavailable, consider your current level's challenges and pick alternatives that offer similar strategic benefits.

By focusing on these recommendations, you can tailor your power-up choices to effectively counter the diverse threats in Earn to Die Rogue, enhancing both your survivability and combat efficiency.

Choosing Your Equipment

In the Earn to Die Rogue, while rogue perks offer temporary power-ups that you collect each time you play, equipment earned through level-ups provides permanent benefits. Once equipped, these items continue to enhance your gameplay until you decide to remove them. Here’s how to best acquire and manage your equipment:

You can obtain equipment from treasure boxes. It’s advisable not to use your gold to open common chests; instead, hold onto your gold. Accumulating 2700 gold allows you to open ten gold boxes at once, saving you 300 gold in the process and significantly increasing your chances of securing high-rarity gear.

Choosing Your Equipment

For early game advancement, consider purchasing the Chapter One limited offer. This deal includes four gold keys, some gold blueprints, and additional items. Opening these crates will at least yield uncommon or rare items, providing a valuable boost to your gameplay.

If you prefer not to rely on luck with treasure boxes, keep an eye on the daily special offers in the shop. These specials are updated daily and often feature discounts on various items, allowing you to make strategic equipment upgrades without spending full price.

Optimizing Equipment Choices

As you progress in Earn to Die Rogue, you'll have the opportunity to equip six types of items: headgear, chest armor, footwear, a gun, gun attachments, and special gear. Each piece of equipment is categorized by rarity, which directly affects its effectiveness and the bonuses it provides.

Common equipment typically offers basic stats boosts, such as increases in HP or Attack. However, as the rarity of the equipment increases, it unlocks secondary perks. These perks enhance gameplay significantly; for instance, a piece of rare equipment might not only increase HP by 10% but also heal the player with every kill.

Therefore, it's advisable to choose equipment that includes at least one rarity bonus. These enhanced items can provide strategic advantages, improving your ability to progress through the game more effectively. Always consider the added benefits of higher rarity gear when equipping your character.

Choose Your Weapon

When selecting weapons in Earn to Die Rogue, consider more than just the item's rarity—its fire rate is equally important. The game offers a variety of weapons, each with unique characteristics. Some weapons boast a high fire rate but deal low damage per hit, while others have a low fire rate but deliver more significant damage per shot. 

There are also close combat weapons, like shotguns, which require proximity to enemies and can expose you to danger zones. Based on our experience, while most gun types are viable, it's generally best to avoid shotguns as they tend to be less effective and can compromise your safety. 

Level Up Your Gear and Experiment

Once you've selected your equipment, don’t forget to level it up. Leveling up increases the base values of your equipment, and you’ll need blueprints to do this. Blueprints can be acquired from boxes, stages, and the shop. If you're concerned about investing in equipment only to find better gear later, don't worry. 

Level Up Your Gear and Experiment

The Earn to Die Rogue equipment system offers a recycling option that returns 100% of the resources used, allowing you to reclaim your investment without loss. This feature enables you to freely level up and reset your gear to experiment and find out if the equipment truly suits your needs. Additionally, due to the limited variety of weapons and equipment available, you’ll often obtain duplicates. 

When you have three identical items, you can utilize the merge option in the weapon selection window to create a higher rarity item—for instance, merging three common items to receive a rare one. This strategy enhances your arsenal and optimizes your gameplay efficiency.

Level Up Your Skill Tree

In Earn to Die Rogue, upgrading your basic stats such as HP, Attack, Health Regeneration, and Armor can be achieved through the skill tree. These skills become available gradually as you increase your account level. You can level up your account simply by playing the game or by repeatedly clearing easier levels if you're specifically aiming to boost your account level quickly.

Level Up Your Skill Tree

Once you reach level 5, you unlock "Heat Mode," where you can replay old chapters under new, more challenging conditions. Successfully completing these can earn you Heat Points, which can be used within the skill tree to significantly enhance the effects of three chosen skills, potentially doubling or tripling their values. It's wise to invest in these upgrades when you find that the monsters in your current chapters are becoming particularly tough to handle.

Use the Environment

In Earn to Die Rogue, the game's levels feature ledges that allow you to jump around and avoid enemies. However, it’s crucial not to stay in one place for too long. Projectiles in the game are designed to target your last known position; staying put for an extended period will allow enemies to send a barrage that can predict and disrupt your escape patterns. If elevation is an option, avoid lingering on high ledges.

Use the Environment

Additionally, always be on the move and try to anticipate where projectiles will land. If you see a laser, it indicates that a beam is about to strike that area. Staying mobile not only helps you avoid such dangers but also keeps you clear of approaching zombies. The game features two types of ledges: those with and without rails. 

It's important to note that only laser beams can penetrate through ledges with rails, offering you partial cover while dealing with running zombies. Using these environmental features strategically can enhance your survival, allowing you to effectively use vertical barriers to shield against attacks coming from different directions.


Congratulations on your journey through the apocalyptic landscapes of Earn to Die Rogue. With the strategies and insights provided in this guide, you’re now better equipped to tackle the zombie hordes, optimize your vehicle arsenal, and navigate through the game's demanding environments. Remember, every destroyed zombie, upgraded car, and mastered skill enhances your chances of survival. Continually adapt your strategies based on the challenges you encounter, and don't hesitate to experiment with different power-ups and equipment to find what best suits your playstyle.

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