Battle Drones: RRR Beginner Guide, Tips and Tricks - A Newbie Guide to Get Started With


Are you ready to soar into the world of Battle Drones: RRR? If you're just getting started, you've come to the right place. This guide is all about helping you, the newbie, learn the basics so you can begin dominating the skies in no time.

Battle Drones: RRR Beginner Guide

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In this game, you'll get to control high-tech drones, equipped with all sorts of weapons and gadgets. Whether you're into fast-paced dogfights or strategic planning, this game has something exciting for everyone. You'll learn how to move your drone, switch weapons, and blast away enemies to survive in fierce aerial battles. So, download Battle Drones: RRR on PC with LDPlayer, and let's get you set up for your first flight. 

How to Play Battle Drones: RRR

Prepare for aerial combat in the Battle Drones: RRR by mastering the controls, customizing your drone, and strategically selecting your weaponry. Here's your quick start guide to dominating the skies:

How to Play Battle Drones: RRR

Basic Controls

  • Move: Navigate your drone with [WASD]./Joystick on Mobile 

  • Change Weapons: Use the scroll wheel or pinch the screen on mobile.

  • Attack: Aim with your mouse, shoot or swing with LMB.

  • Block (Melee Only): Hold RMB to block incoming projectiles.

  • Deflect (Melee Only): Click RMB precisely to deflect projectiles.

  • Interact: Press [E] or use touch to interact with shops and other in-game elements.

  • Use Dynamite: Deploy to access new areas.

  • Survival: Your objective is to outlast the competition.

If your PC is lacking in performance, you can play the mobile version more smoothly with LDPlayer. With Keyboard Mapping, you can set up the original PC controls in no time. The best part is that by playing on LDPlayer, you also get options like quick continues, repeaters, and macros, making the game so much fun. 

Selecting Your Weapon

Your choice of weapon in Battle Drones: RRR should complement your play style, whether you prefer up-close combat or long-range engagement.

Ranged Weapons

  • Pistols: Quick firing and moderate damage but limited ammo capacity.

  • Assault Rifles: Ideal for mid-range combat with high firing speed and large magazines.

  • Shotguns: Powerful close-range impact, capable of hitting multiple targets with significant knockback.

Ranged Weapons

Melee Weapons 

  • Bowie Knife: Fast, moderate damage with a narrow attack range.

  • Katana: Offers extended range and damage with a fast attack speed.

  • Ultra Great Sword: High damage, 360-degree attack range, ideal for crowd control.


  • Rocket Launcher: High AOE damage, ideal for clearing groups of enemies but limited by reload time.

  • Basic Grenade: Effective for causing AOE damage.

  • Cluster Grenade: Spawns additional grenades for expanded impact.

  • Sticky Grenade: Adheres to surfaces or enemies, ensuring targeted damage.

  • Shock Grenade: Creates a damaging static cloud post-explosion.

  • Dynamite: Useful for opening new map areas and causing significant damage.

Selecting the Best Gun

Choosing the right gun is pivotal for success in Battle Drones: RRR. Your choice should complement your play style and tactical approach to the game. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your gun.

Selecting the Best Gun

  • Range: Determine if you prefer to engage enemies at long, mid, or close range.

  • Fire Rate: Consider how quickly the weapon fires, as this will affect both your attack strategy and ammo usage.

  • Damage Output: Higher damage weapons can eliminate enemies quicker but may have drawbacks such as slower reload times or reduced accuracy.

  • Ammo Capacity: Higher capacity means less frequent reloads, which can be crucial in prolonged engagements.

Recommended Guns for Various Play Styles

  • Aggressive Play: Shotgun or Assault Rifle. The shotgun is devastating at close range with its powerful blast capable of hitting multiple targets, while the assault rifle offers rapid fire and good control, suitable for mid-range confrontations.

  • Defensive Play: Sniper Rifle or Pistol. Sniper rifles are perfect for long-range takedowns, allowing you to keep a safe distance from the action. Pistols, with their fast reload times and moderate damage, are great for quick, strategic strikes when mobility is key.

  • Balanced Play: SMG or Modded Assault Rifle. These weapons provide a good balance between the rate of fire, range, and damage, suitable for players who adapt their tactics frequently during battle.

Tips for Weapon Upgrades

When upgrading weapons in Battle Drones: RRR, upgrade your weapon's range, damage, and reload speed to suit your needs. Each level of upgrade typically offers significant improvements in performance. Some higher-level weapons include special abilities like splash damage or incendiary rounds, which can tilt the scales in your favor during critical moments.

Choosing Your Character in Battle Drones: RRR

Selecting the right character that matches your preferred play style is a key aspect in the game. Each character offers unique specialties and narrative depth that can enhance your gaming experience. Let's explore the key characters:

  • Solomon Burgundy: Offers players access to rare drone parts and upgrades, potentially enhancing their drone's capabilities for the championship.

  • Ethan Broke-Bean: Specializes in sabotage and stealth tactics, making him suitable for players who enjoy a disruptive and indirect playstyle.

  • Elord Odor: Commands a fleet of A-EYE drones, ideal for players who prefer a strategy based on numbers and surveillance.

  • Captain Baldrick Snipes Johnson: Excellent for players looking for a combat-heavy approach with direct engagements, relying on tactical and explosive drone combat.

Upgrading Your Drone

In Battle Drones: RRR, upgrading your drone improves its durability, agility, and combat capabilities. Each upgrade will either enhance your drone's existing features or add new functionalities, crucial for surviving tougher opponents and complex battle scenarios.

  • Collect Hardware: Scavenge parts during Battle Drones: RRR missions or purchase them from in-game shops using currency earned from battles.

  • Visit Upgrade Stations: Located in various parts of the map, these stations allow you to apply upgrades to your drone.

  • Choose Wisely: Depending on your play style, you may want to prioritize certain upgrades over others, such as boosting speed for hit-and-run tactics or enhancing weapon systems for increased firepower.

What Perks Do

In the high-stakes world of Battle Drones: RRR, perks provide critical enhancements to your drone's operational abilities, offering everything from damage boosts to survival aids. These special benefits are available for purchase using drone parts collected from the remnants of your fallen adversaries. 

For instance, the Meteoroids perk, which can be acquired for 500 drone parts, harnesses extraterrestrial energy to enhance your weapon damage by 10%. For those looking for a safety net, Solomon's Insurance revives your drone once per game when destroyed, though it comes at the cost of losing drone upgrades.

Defensive players might opt for the Flak Jacket, which adds a 10% resistance to all damage, bolstering your drone’s durability in combat. If speed is your priority, the Speed Cream increases your drone's movement speed by 10%, allowing for swift navigation through the battlefield. In future updates, look out for the Bullet King perk, which will offer ammunition replenishment with each melee kill, perfect for those who engage in close combat.

Learn Your Enemy

Understanding your adversaries is just as crucial as outfitting your drone in Battle Drones: RRR. You'll encounter a variety of enemy drones, each with unique attack patterns and weaknesses. Melee Drones, armed with batons, prefer close encounters here, keeping your distance and employing ranged weapons will be your best strategy. 

Learn Your Enemy

Ranged Drones, on the other hand, utilize laser weapons that, despite their predictability due to visible beams, require you to stay constantly on the move, especially when facing groups. The formidable Heavy Drones boast defensive shields and emit protective auras to nearby allies, making them priority targets in any skirmish. Lastly, the perilous Exploding Drones, loaded with volatile bombs, pose a grave threat if approached carelessly maintaining a safe distance from these will spare your drone from catastrophic damage.

Battle Drones Economy

Battle Drones: RRR integrates a multifaceted economy into its gameplay, enabling players to interact with various tokens and assets that enhance their gaming experience and involvement. This economy is segmented into different sectors, each with distinct roles and functionalities.

Key Economic Components

The $BATTLE token acts as the governance token within the Battle Drones: RRR world. Players earn $BATTLE through PvP season ranking rewards, staking, and contributing content. This token is not only a symbol of investment in the game but also serves practical purposes such as voting in our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and purchasing exclusive items through the Drone Bones Store's unique "blank canvas" scheme.


FlyBucks serve as the primary in-game currency. Players use FlyBucks to buy new drone parts and other items at the Drone Bones store. Ensuring stability in the game's economy, FlyBucks have a fixed price and are not tradable outside the game environment.

Space Nuggets

As the main reward token, Space Nuggets can be earned across all game modes, with the amount based on your performance and Match Making Rating (MMR). These tokens can be used for customization, securing early access to new Drone Part releases, or traded for $BATTLE, adding a strategic layer to how players manage resources.

Battle Drone Parts

These parts form the backbone of in-game rewards, primarily earned through the PvE "Onslaught" mode during the first year of blockchain integration. Players can also earn parts by participating in PvP tournaments. These parts are tradable in our marketplace, allowing players to buy, sell, or trade with others, enhancing their drones or even transforming their avatars.

Battle Drones Avatars

Owning a Battle Drone avatar is key to accessing significant rewards and fully engaging in the economy. Avatars can be acquired through the Drone Bones store or through future schemes like the rookie pass. Customization options allow players to tailor their drones' appearance and capabilities to their playing style.

Enhanced Game Mechanics

The Battle Drones: RRR is designed to sustain long-term engagement through a rewarding scheme that feels both progressive and rewarding. Season Passes will introduce unique drone parts through PvP challenges, enhancing the Battle Drones Championship experience.

Customization and Marketplace

The Drone Bones Store is central to the game's economy, offering parts and occasionally full drone characters for purchase. The marketplace and store enable players to trade and customize drones using both in-game and blockchain technologies, ensuring that every drone can be unique.

Find-a-Part Experience

This unique feature allows players to hunt for rare and limited drone parts. Starting with a metal detector and magnets, players can upgrade their searching capabilities and, for an exclusive experience, negotiate with Solomon for special permits to access reserved areas.

Space Nugget Swap

Players accumulating Space Nuggets can convert these into $BATTLE tokens, adding a strategic element to resource management in the game.


Congratulations on completing your crash course for Battle Drones: RRR! By now, you should have a solid grasp of the basic controls, weapon selection, character choices, and upgrade processes that will set you up for success in the game. Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you'll get at maneuvering your drone and outsmarting your opponents.

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