Crasher: Nirvana Farming Guide for More EXP and Tael


Crasher: Nirvana is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that will be very competitive. And the main thing to do is slay monsters and enemy bosses using the character you choose team-wise or solo. But killing enemies won’t always be easy if your character is not leveled up. Therefore, learning about the best methods to farm EXP and Taels is important. So, with this guide, we can help you to farm EXP and Taels in this game. 

Crasher: Nirvana Farming Guide

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There are many methods to farm EXP and Taels in this game as you wish, and once you learn these methods, you can farm more EXP and Taels here to improve your character’s performance. With the best performance of your character, victories and faster progression will be nothing but an easy peasy task for you when you play Crasher: Nirvana on PC. And also, learning these Crasher: Nirvana codes will help you have more rewards here. 

Crasher: Nirvana Instances

Instances are the primary aspect where you can try to obtain more EXP and Tael for the gameplay because these instances are like gaming modes that are dedicated to giving you more Tael and EXP. in the instances, there are six main modes, and here we will go through a brief explanation about each instance. Get ready to check the instance modes where you can choose to obtain more EXP and Tael to level up in Crasher: Nirvana. The six instances in this mode are as follows. 

  • Main Story Instance 

  • Tael Instance 

  • EXP Instance

  • Material Instance

  • Advanced Instance

  • Gear Instance

As promised, below are brief explanations about each of the instances mentioned above. 

Main Story Instance

Main Story Instance

In the main story instance, you fight with a boss enemy, and there is a time limit to defeat the boss. If you can defeat the given enemy boss within the appropriate time, then you can earn EXP and other rewards, and the rewards will be dependent on the stage you are in. not only EXP to level up your character, but you can receive Taels too. 

After the boss is defeated by you and you have obtained a three-star rating for your fight for finishing it in between the given time limit, you will get much better bonus rewards such as gold chests. Even though you have completed a stage successfully, you can redo it to obtain rewards again and again. So, the main story instance in the instances section will be a better opportunity to farm EXP and Tael you need. 

Tael Instance

In every instance, the game has prepared you something special, and in the Tael instance, what will be the thing the game has prepared for you? In this instance, you will fight against enemy bosses who are multiple times more powerful than your character. In the Tael instance, you are given an instance goal to complete, which is most likely to kill the enemy boss. 

When you kill enemy bosses in the Tael instance, you will obtain many Tael amounts as bonus drops. But killing a boss enemy is harder than you imagine; therefore, you need good control over the battles when it comes to boss enemy battles. With the right handling of the characters, you can kill the boss and earn more Taels, as we stated above. 

EXP Instance

EXP Instance

This is another awesome instance where you can play to obtain more EXP for your character to achieve a higher level. But to enter the EXP instance, you should have achieved the required level limit. The level limit required to enter this instance mode is level hundred. Here there is a given time limit; in this time limit, you have to defeat a hundred enemy waves, including high EXP monsters. 

When you kill more enemies, you will obtain more EXP, which is how the EXP instance works. In this instance, you will be given three daily attempts to take part in, and through all these three daily attempts, you can earn more EXP. Therefore this is an instance you should never miss. 

Since you are fighting against a hundred enemy waves, you must deal massive damage to kill more enemies at once to obtain high EXP. So, you can spend a certain amount of Ingots or Taels to increase the damage-dealing percentage of your character. This is a perfect trick to be used when you take part in this event to kill quicker. 

Besides this trick, you can use EXP potions in this game by purchasing them during the match. When you do so, the EXP amount you receive through killing enemies will increase temporarily. Besides the EXP instance, there are two other sub-instances in this EXP instance, and let us check on these sub-instances now. 

  • Dragon Temple - this instance is open all day for the players who are currently in the level above one hundred and thirty. Here you can idle for thirty minutes, and according to your level, you can enter a specific floor in this Dragon Temple. The players don’t have to fight each other here. On these floors, you can kill enemies and killing these enemies will give you more Taels and EXP for your character. When killing enemies here, you can temporarily use Dragon Enhance Pill to increase the dealing damage percentage. 

  • EXP Prayer - this is a sub-instance in the EXP instance; with this instance, you can pray for the EXP, and you only cost ten ingots to obtain a massive amount of EXP at once. The number of daily attempts for this EXP Prayer is just three. This is an easy way to get more EXP if you have enough ingots. 

Material Instance 

Material Instance 

In material instance, you will defeat enemies, and in exchange, you will receive premium currency of this Crasher: Nirvana gameplay. Besides the premium currency, there are more rewards you can earn, such as Tales, gem boxes, and chests. Therefore, this is a better instance to go and play to earn Taels. 

Advanced Instance

Advanced Instance

The advanced instance is another instance you can try, and here, you are going to defeat three bosses as the main goal of the instance. And there are other conditions you can achieve, and achieving them will give you stars. As we said in the main story instance, you can redo the stages of this instance in this Crasher: Nirvana gameplay to earn more and more rewards. The rewards you will earn through this instance are essences, chests, gem boxes, and Taels. 

Gear Instance

Gear Instance

This is an instance where you can earn higher quality gear pieces for your character, and to do that, you need to choose a stage and defeat the boss relevant to the stage in between the given time limit. When you achieve the given stage goal at the given time, you can earn three stars, giving you more rewards. You can play the Gear instance solo or with a team. The number of attempts you can try for this instance is three per day. 

Crasher: Nirvana Events

Events are tasks you should complete, and there are two types of events for you to complete. Daily events and TImed events. The daily events are like side quests you should complete within a day. You can complete different daily events, such as EXP Quest Chain, Arena, Escort, Gear Instance, etc. 

Crasher: Nirvana Events

All these events supply a certain amount of EXP after completing them. Besides the EXP, you can earn more Taels and other resources, which will be helpful in this gameplay. So, as stated in this Crasher: Nirvana review about farming EXP and Taels, you can run through daily events and earn more EXP and Taels. The daily events are very simple so that you can complete them efficiently; therefore, don’t ignore them, as it is a great chance for you to farm EXP, as mentioned in this Crasher: Nirvana review guide. 

From above, we have explained to you about daily events, and now let us see what these timed events are. Timed events are events that are only valid for a certain time. By completing these timed events, you can earn more EXP and Taels; therefore, you must complete these events before the given time ends. 

Crasher: Nirvana Trials

The trials are similar to the Instances in this game, and when you enter the trials section, you will see different modes. When completing the modes in the trials section, you will have the chance to earn more rewards. Also, remember the enemies you will face in these trials are tougher than in the instance mode. The modes in these trials are as follows. 

Crasher: Nirvana Trials

  • EXP Boss

  • Demonic Cult Invasion

  • Guardian Trial 

  • Martial Realm

  • Ancient Temple

There is a suggested power to enter these trial modes, and as these trial modes give you more EXP, Taels and other rewards, why don’t you try them? 

Crasher: Nirvana Idle Farming

Other than all the farming methods mentioned in this guide, the final one is idle farming which means letting the character kill enemies and earn EXP using automatic controls. When you use the auto option to control your character, your character starts acting independently and earns EXP automatically without manual control. 


The Crasher: Nirvana review about farming has given you the best options regarding the methods of farming EXP and Taels, which benefit your gameplay. Therefore with the help of these methods, we suggest you start playing and farming to level up. Besides these farming tips, you can try using Crasher: Nirvana codes which help you to obtain bonus rewards throughout the gameplay.

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