Cookie Run Kingdom: Guide to choosing your server, using toppings, and turning off auto play


Cookie Run: Kingdom is an exciting game that challenges you to build the ultimate Cookie kingdom and protect it from monsters who wish to destroy it. In this guide, we'll be giving players tips and tricks to upgrading buildings, choosing a server, getting Soul-Stones, and other important resources.


So without wasting any more time, let's get into our tips and tricks guide for Cookie Run: Kingdom.


Choose your server wisely     

The game offers two servers that you can choose from when you're just starting out. The first server is called Pure Vanilla, while the second server is called Hollyberry and is also the newer server option. Players who chose Pure Vanilla as their server seemed to have progressed further in the game, which means if you're new and plan on participating in PvP, you might want to stay clear of this server as it'll be filled with long time players, which will make it more difficult. 


Hollyberry, on the other hand, is the newer server with fewer long-time players which means you won't be going up against highly experienced players anytime soon. We advise going with Hollyberry as a newbie, but if you want to play with your friends, you all have to pick the same game server. 


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Take it slow     

It will be very tempting to go on a building upgrading spree immediately after starting out; well, you shouldn't. While there are buildings that give you resources that you should always upgrade early on if you're capable, sometimes patience is key in building upgrades. You will have gained enough to upgrade buildings that'll help you generate items like Jellybean Jam and Robust Axes. 


The more you upgrade these production buildings, the more intensive items they'll require along the way. The Tree of Wishes and The Bear Jelly Train, where you exchange items, will only request for these items if your upgraded buildings have unlocked them – and they can be quite expensive if you're not well prepared.


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Don't build or upgrade idle buildings

Always keep your buildings cooking. Make sure your buildings are producing items even when you're not in the game. In this case, you can queue up a lot of items. It's is preferable to stock up a large number of items than to put them in order. 


Toppings are useful too

If you're noticing a lack of strength in your cookies, then it must be that they're not equipping as many toppings as they should. You need to equip your cookies with as many toppings as they can carry. Toppings are relevant because they're the main equipment in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and different toppings boost different stats in different ways. Equip your frontline cookies with defense toppings and use an attack or cool down toppings on your attack and healer cookies. 


Toppings come in three tiers as well. And until you've been able to get the M-sized Epic Toppings, you shouldn't invest too many resources into upgrading your Toppings. You'll reach a point where XS and S-sized Toppings are no longer useful. 


Soul-Stones are Important     

If the cookie isn't favoring you all that much, you can use your Cookie Soul-Stones to unlock new cookies. Soul-Stones are gotten by completing specific dark mode levels, trading rainbow shells at the rainbow shell gallery, or bringing in your PvP currencies. Creating a cookie requires 20 Soul-Stones.


Additionally, Rainbow shells reward you with shards for the Legendary Sea Fairy Cookie, and even Ancient Cookie shards can be gotten by using PvP currency. After you've gotten your cookie, don't stop there. Continue collecting Soul-Stones and upgrade them in order to boost up their overall stats. Due to the addition of Soul-Stones as a form of in-game currency, players don't necessarily need to spend real money on the game to unlock cookies. 


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Refresh in PvP Kingdom Arena

Your list of potential Kingdom Arena opponents is refreshable for free after every 30 minutes. This means you can actually refresh your PvP opponents' lists and defeat players below your cookie power level whenever you want. It's pretty easy to get to a high rank by simply doing this. There are players in platinum tiers or above with surprisingly low power levels in the game. 


The Kingdom Arena is not a mandatory mode to take part in. You are free to walk away from it as it doesn't affect your game progress. However, since you have nothing to lose and it offers enticing rewards, you might as well stick around and go a couple of rounds. 


The Starter Squad     

Feel free to spend your star jellies and toppings on the Starter Squad in the game's first starting chapters. And one of the best ways to earn crystals is by completing worlds and levels in three-star tiers. So even if all you have is the Starter Squad, you have to fight and make the most of them. If you put them to good use, they won't be underestimated even in PvPs.


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Assume Command

Unless you're in a battle where Auto-AI is compulsory, it's best to turn off the feature entirely. It kills off your strategic plans, especially when it comes to timing. It'll spam them endlessly, which mostly results in your cookies' skills being unavailable when you need them the most. If a dozen enemies ambush you, it doesn't help to wait over 10 seconds to use a special skill to fight your way out of that situation.


Mass Production

While saving and managing resources is an important aspect of this game, and we would love to tell you to just keep saving up your crystals for use only for cookie gacha, this isn't always the best way to go. Perhaps spending crystals on anything other than gacha would be seen as a kind of newbie trap, but not in this game. 


There are so many ways of earning crystals in this game, and spending a couple of dozens of those crystals to extend the queue to your production for certain structures will go a long way to help you. Mining Sugar Cubes in particular early on when constructing the Smithy can be helpful. You will only get another Sugar Quarry when you reach level 5, so if you plan on spending those crystals, spend them on getting extra queue slots. 

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