Clash of Clans: Guide to the in-game terms


Clash of Clans uses several abbreviations/slangs during the gameplay, but most players do not know about them as there is no official glossary. Are you one of these players? If so, there is no need to worry.


Here, we have compiled a list of terms you will find in the game. Let this mini-dictionary accompany you to your great CoC adventures, so you can give it your best shot!


Clash of Clans Glossary: Contents


The Clash of Clans Glossary is as follows:



  • CC – Clan Castle
  • CoC – Clash of Clans
  • CW – Clan War
  • DE – Dark Elixir
  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • IAP – In-App Purchases
  • IGN – In-Game Name or the name of your village
  • HP – Hit Points, Health
  • HS – Housing Space
  • TH – Town Hall
  • XP/Exp – Experience



  • AC – Army Camp where the troops rest after being trained in the barracks. Each upgrade increases the troop holding capacity.
  • Brax – Barracks where army troops train.
  • DB – Dark Barracks are barracks to train dark elixir troops.
  • SF – Spell Factory is a building to make your spells for troops.
  • DSF – Dark Spell Factory is where you use Dark Elixir to prepare dark potions.


Clash of Clans Resources


Defense buildings

  • Arch Tower/ AT – Archer Tower
  • AoE – The mortars present in your village for ground defense.
  • AD – Air Defence. Defends against air troops.
  • Wiz Tower/ WT/ Mage/ AoE – Wizard Tower. Defends against both air and ground attacks.
  • HT – Hidden Tesla. Concealed until opponent troops approach it. Defends against both air and ground attacks.
  • X- Bow – Crossbow. Strikes both air and ground troops. You can choose between defense against ground and air troops or just ground troops. Expands the area of effect when used only for ground troops.
  • IT – Inferno Tower. This dark elixir-filled defense can effectively prevent both ground and air units. It can also defend against only ground or ground and air attacks, much like X-Bow.
  • AS – Air Sweeper. Pushes back and slows down enemy air troops.
  • EA – Eagle Artillery. A large number of troops have to be deployed to activate it. The range is broad and covers most of the village.



  • Gold – Gold coins. Produced in gold mines. It can be used to upgrade defense buildings, Town Hall, Clan Castle, and walls. Needed to find match villages to attack them.
  • Elix – Elixir. Produced by elixir pumps. Used to teach and improve troops, spells, walls, dark spell factory, etc.
  • DE – Dark Elixir. Produced by dark elixir drills. An invaluable resource necessary for preparing dark elixir troops and improving Heroes.
  • Jewels/ Diamonds – Gems. Given weekly by the game as well as produced by gem mining in Builder Base. You can use it to upgrade everything in your village (killing the timer), buy gold, elixirs, dark elixirs, and cosmetics. Purchased using money as an in-game purchase.


Clash of Clans Gameplay



  • Arch – Archers. Strikes both ground as well as air troops. They are common troops used in bulks for good loot.
  • Gob – Goblins. A ground unit that deals two times more damage than other buildings when attacking resources.
  • Gi – Giant. Reliable ground troops with high HP, highly effective against defenses.
  • WB – Wall Breaker. Deployed units that demolish enemy walls. • Loon – Balloons. Air troops that combat defense units.
  • Wiz/Wi – Wizards. Low HP but great damage per second. These attack both air and ground defense and army.
  • Drag – Dragon. Powerful air units with high HP as well as DPS (Damage per second). Attacks both resources and defense.
  • Hog – Hog Rider. Dark Elixir ground troops with low HP but great damage. Have the ability to leap over walls and attack only defenses.
  • Valk – Valkyrie. Dark elixir ground troops with ample HP and damage. Attacks both resources and defenses.
  • Wi – Witch. A Dark Elixir troop that commands skeleton armies to attack resources as well as defenses. Attacks the ground and air CC troops.
  • Hound – Lava Hound. Dark elixir air troops are expensive and have extremely high HP. Targets mostly air defences. Upon destruction, it splits into many tiny lava pups that have low HP but great damage.



  • Ls – Lightning Spell. Inflicts small damage to enemy buildings to a few tiles.
  • Heal – Healing Spell. Used to fix your troops when injured by enemy defenses or troops.
  • Rage – Rage Spell. An invisible purple ring appears on the battlefield, boosting movement speed and damage for all friendly units inside.
  • Jump – Lets all ground Troops and Heroes hop over walls.
  • Freeze – Used to disable main defenses and/or air and ground troops in a small area around an enemy castle.
  • Poison – Slows down any enemy troops, heroes, or skeletons within its area of effect and gradually inflicts damage on them.
  • EQ – Damages buildings within its area of effect, except for Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, and Dark Elixir Storages.
  • Haste – Enhances mobility of troops within its area of influence.


Technical Terms

  • Island – A defensive tower, such as an inferno tower, X-bow, or scattershot, surrounded by two or three spaces, then by layers of walls.
  • Bait (Defence) – A defense that appears to be extra value but requires more investment than yields.
  • Backend – At the end of an attack, the backend, a defense or castle, will be attacked. The attacker's only chance of destroying them is much less if they're powerful and not taken into account.
  • Trash – Non-defences on the outside. They are just for distraction.
  • Core – A base's center containing the best defenses. However, most bases designed to guard against mass-lightning strikes have either various cores or none.
  • Farm – A group of defenses assembled with neighboring traps. Xbow farms serve critical damage nowhere near danger, whereas Tesla farms can destroy most troops and heroes even if somewhat damaged from the rest of the base.
  • Troll Tesla – Only for lesser THs but with a Tesla in the corner, as it is hidden and unlikely to be activated unless 51% of the base is destroyed. Only one is recommended.



  • BAM – Barbarian Archer Minion rush.
  • BArch – Barbarian Archer rush.
  • WAG – Traditional Archer-Giant combination with Wall Breakers.
  • GoHo – Golems and Hogs, usually accompanied by Wizards.
  • GoLaloon – Golems, Lava Hounds, and Balloons generally accompanied by Wizards.
  • GoWiPE – Golem Wizard PEKKA heavy structure.
  • GiWiPE – A lower version of GoWiPE with Golems substituted with Giants.
  • GoWiWi - Golem Wizard Witch heavy structure.
  • GiWiWi – A lower version of GoWiWi with Golems substituted with Giant. • GoVaPE – Golem Valkyrie PEKKA heavy army structure.
  • GiWiVa – Giants, Wizards, and Valkyrie structure.
  • GiVaPe – a Giant, Valkyrie, PEKKA heavy structure
  • Valkyrie Tornado – A Giant, Valkyrie, Healer heavy structure. • GoWiVaWiPe – Uses Golems, Witches, Wizards, Valkyrie, and PEKKA – Unity Sharp composition used in forum elite.
  • ArBarWitch – Archer Barbarian Witch composition.
  • GoWiVa – A Golem, Valkyrie, Witch heavy structure.
  • Balloonion – Balloons and Minion mass attack, also called loonion or miniball.
  • GoViz – Golem, Wizard Valkyrie heavy army structure.
  • DRAGWiPE – Dragons, Wizards, and PEKKA heavy attack.
  • Dragloonion – Dragon, Balloon, and Minion air raid.
  • Dragoon – Dragon Balloon army structure.
  • Lavaloonion– Lava Hounds, Balloons (shorted as 'Loons) and Minions pushing comp.
  • Quatrolavaloon/Pentalavaloon – Lavaloon including a heavier setup of 4/5 Lava Hounds.
  • HoLoWiWi– Hog Riders, Balloons (shortened as 'Loons'), Wizard and Witch heavy army structure.
  • Superqueen – A queen aided by multiple healers essentially used for farming Dark Elixir.
  • Miniwall – A joke army composition of minions and wall breakers spread by Daddy.
  • AMin – Archer Minion attack
  • GARCH– Goblin Archer farming attack, or as Giant Archer attack.
  • BAG– Barbarian Archer Goblin attack.
  • BAGi – Barbarian Archer Giant attack.
  • Noah's Ark – Using 2 of every troop without Golems and Lava Hounds where only one is used.
  • Giant-Healer combo – Using a Healer, many Giants and other troops of the players pick attack. Also known as GHealer.


Clan Specific

  • Elder – The third-highest title in a Clan. They can support and remove members and attract other players to join the clan.
  • Co – Co-leader. The second-highest title in a Clan. Other than performing the same actions as a Leader, they can demote, remove, or promote other Co-Leaders.
  • Leader – The head of the clan. Has all the authorities to demote/promote or even kick out any clan member.
  • Hopper/Jumper – A player who hops/jumps from clan to clan. Quite literal to the name.
  • Kick – Expulsion from the clan.



  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • DPA – Damage Per Attack
  • HP – Hit-points, health
  • Space – Housing space of a specific troop
  • Tile – The in-game measurement unit is similar to a square meter. It is used to quantify the size of structures, the range of defensive buildings, and so on.


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