Best Clan War Tips for Clash of Clans At Every Town Hall Level


Clash of Clans is a strategy game developed by SuperCell. The well-known title has often been critically acclaimed for its unique premise of being the first true 'tower defender type game. In Clash of Clans, you are put in charge of a small village which you must level up over time. You then need to train an entire army to help you take down enemy bases. With an intricate clan mechanic and various attack strategies, here are some attack tips you can take advantage of in Clash Of Clans that can decimate your foes.


Best Clan War Tips for Clash of Clans At Every Town Hall Level


Understanding Clan Wars:


Clan Wars is a feature that has been a part of the game for a long time. The matchmaking system puts the clan you are in against another clan of somewhat similar strength and size. To put yourself in a Clan War, your co-leader or leader must place you in the matchmaking pool. As soon as you start a Clan War, you can instantly start preparing for attack and defend your base accordingly. There is no cooldown for Clan Wars currently, and you can start one as soon as the previous one ends.


Once you start a Clan War, you can donate troops in the preparation phase. Preparation Day lasts about 23 hours, wherein you can donate troops and receive them as well. To increase the number of troops donated, you will need to upgrade your clan castle.


Battle Day:


You can attack enemy bases twice during battle day. The game will always recommend a particular base for you to beat as they match your relative strength and prowess, know more about the war guide of Clash of Clans. However, note that you are not allowed to attack one base twice but instead need to take down a separate one.


How To Attack In A Clan War:


Best Clan War Tips for Clash of Clans At Every Town Hall Level


Whenever you opt-in a Clan War, your first attack should always be against someone you know you can three-star. This strategy helps take out the easier bases while also letting you have a mental impact on the other clan as they can easily get demoralized. When down by a good margin, you might be surprised to see that many people end up giving up on the War even though they have a fair chance of winning.


Therefore, get the more comfortable bases out of the way and get your stars up as soon as possible. Your second attack is generally entirely dependent on how the War is going for your entire clan. If the War is going well and you are winning by a fair margin, then you can ask your clan leader if you are allowed to attack up your range or try to three-star a base that was not taken down properly for even more rewards.


Maintain Open Lines Of Communication:


Communicating with your team can make all the difference between winning or losing your clan war. As soon as you enter the War and wish to attack, call your attack out and make sure you take some advice from your chat and their thoughts about it.


Before you attack, make sure you have asked higher-leveled players about what strategies you should be using to take the base down. There's a high chance you will learn a thing or two that should help you three-star the base. However, make sure that you ultimately use the current meta or popular attack strategies. There's a reason why they are popular, which is generally because they are really strong.


Useful LDPlayer Features For Winning A War:


Best Clan War Tips for Clash of Clans At Every Town Hall Level


Wars are a complicated but extremely fun part of the game. Thankfully, LDPlayer provides some features that should help you excel at attacking and defending both. LDPlayer lets you select buildings and troops in an extremely accurate manner with full mouse and keyboard support, allowing you to make the perfect war base in a very intricate and efficient manner.


When Should I Attack?


Best Clan War Tips for Clash of Clans At Every Town Hall Level


For the best order, lower leveled bases should always be attacking first as it leaves a lot of time for your clan leaders to evaluate the War. If the lower-leveled bases can take down their recommended bases, you should stick to your original plan and try to take down as many bases as possible.


Afterward, if your leader feels like the lower level bases are losing the War, then they can try to salvage as much as they can by using high-level bases to attack low-level ones to get some stars for your time. Generally saying, if you get about 70% of the max star cap near the 12-hour mark, then there's a high chance you will beat them.


How To Build Your War Base?


It is quite apparent that your War Base is an aspect of defense that can help completely crush incoming offensives. While there isn't a set way for you to make your war base as all of them can be countered by some particular strategies, one crucial part in protecting your town hall.


Best Clan War Tips for Clash of Clans At Every Town Hall Level


Taking your town hall instantly leads to one star being gained by the enemy team. As such, you defending your town hall very well can make sure that no attacker can get ever three stars you before putting in many resources. Keep meta attack strategies in your mind when designing your War Base.




Clash of Clans is known for its constant seasonal updates and changes to the meta. As such, Clan Wars require a lot of attention and dedication for you to consistently win them. Try to maintain an open line of communication and always be ready to take advice from other players.


Moreover, request troop donations in the preparation phase as they can let you take down bases exceptionally quickly if you figure out the right strategy for them.  Following these tips and tricks should help you get an edge on your opponents in a Clan War. However, ultimately, it comes down to your understanding of the meta.

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