City of Outlaws Beginner Tips with Tricks to Become a Gangster


Are you capable of stepping into a world run by powerful gangs and claiming a top place as a powerful gangster? If you are so sure about it, you better play City of Outlaws, an open-world adventure gameplay centering the theme of gangsters. In this game, you will go through gunfights against various other gang members, and not just that, you will engage in many other thrilling actions, such as storming the hideouts, dealing with cops, stealing the best cars, etc. With the help of this beginner's guide, get ready to master the art of gangsters in the City of Outlaws game. 

City of Outlaws Beginner Tips with Tricks


Becoming a better and more powerful gangster is not as easy as you think, but it costs you many things. As you first step into this world, you will face many challenges that put your life on the line. But since you have decided to read this beginner guide, every challenge will be easy for you to overcome. So read this beginner guide, play City of Outlaws on PC with LDPlayer 9, and become the most powerful gangster in the whole city. 

Create Your Character in City of Outlaws

In City of Outlaws gameplay, you must first create your character and then adjust it as you want to start the gameplay. When making a character, you have some preset options available, and you can choose your favorite character there and go to the next step. In the next step, you will customize the character by adjusting its features as you want them to. 

Create Your Character in City of Outlaws


You can first choose a face appearance and then adjust the body by choosing a head size, muscles, and skin color. Next, the hairstyle comes in, which you can choose a perfect hairstyle that fits your character with a hair color. Then, the most prominent thing comes, which is the face. You can adjust the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, and forehead by customizing your character's facial features. After that, you can put some makeup on for each facial feature and go to the next step: giving your character a name and starting the game. 

Earn a Reputation as a Powerful Gangster in City of Outlaws

Here comes another trick you need to follow when you play the City of Outlaws game, which is about earning a reputation as a mighty gangster in the city. In this city you are in, you are going to go through a lot of challenges, and by going through them, you can earn a reputation as a perfect and powerful gangster who can rule the whole city with just a few commands. 

So, how do you exactly earn reputation points to increase your reputation as a gangster in this game? It is easy; you can complete some specific actions, and by doing so, you will obtain reputation points exactly. 

Reputation as a Powerful Gangster in City of Outlaws


  • Street Challenges - these street challenges are about fighting against enemies while achieving some simple objectives. Complete the street challenges and earn reputation points. 

  • Errands - you can complete the assigned assignments and obtain reputation points. 

  • Storm the Hideouts - you can just barge into the hideouts of the enemy gangsters, destroy them, or rob them and earn reputation points. 

  • Profession Missions - depending on your chosen profession, you are given special tasks to complete, eventually providing you with reputation points. 

  • Vehicle Driving - you will see many extraordinary cars passing you on the streets. You can easily slide the car door to open it, get in the car, and ride it, which will give you reputation points. 

  • Discovery - you can enter various places, activate their mechanisms, open the safe, and discover and rob more special items. By engaging in this action, you will get reputation points. 

  • Outbreak Events - this is another way to earn reputation points in this game. The outbreak events in this game are battles against police, smashing cars, flirting with hot street girls, etc. 

  • Collect - you can collect various mysterious items hidden in every corner of the city and obtain reputation points. 

So follow the above actions and show everyone who is in charge of the city becoming the number one gangster. By obtaining more reputation points, you will be the big shot and earn amazing rewards, including district reputation coins, which you will obtain by completing reputation tasks in various districts. 

Upgrade the Skills

Skills make your character look awesome and skillful during the battles against various enemy troops. Therefore, make sure you upgrade your character's skills to make it stronger against enemy troops. 

Upgrade the Skills city of outlaws


When speaking of the skills, the character has active skills and passive skills, and most of the skills in these categories are locked where you can activate them by increasing the level of the character or by using items that you can obtain through in-game events or stores. 

After activating the active and passive skills, don't forget to upgrade them. When you upgrade your character's skills, your character will be very powerful and have stronger and more effective skills. As you need several items to upgrade skills, when you have them, ensure to upgrade the skills in this game to make your character stronger. 

But before that, choose the best skills for the skills layout so that your character can use them during the battles, and remember only to upgrade those useful and effective skills that you have already added to the skills layout. When battling in the City of Outlaws game, you can use the most useful and powerful skills added to the skills layout by tapping on them to knock down enemies. 

If not, you can play the City of Outlaws game on your PC using LDPlayer 9 and then assign key shortcuts for all the skills in the layout of skills with LDPlayer 9's Keyboard Mapping. After that, you can use your most powerful skills against enemies just by pressing the relevant shortcut key. 

You Can Do Jobs in City of Outlaws

Do you know you can engage in professions in this game? Those are the greatest careers to pursue if you want to make a lot of money soon. Therefore, make sure you engage in those professions, but only if you have enough energy. Here, you have three main professions; you can engage in all three as long as you like. So, are you ready to learn about them with this beginner guide? 

You Can Do Jobs in City of Outlaws


  • Firefighter - in this profession, you have to drive the fire truck to the disaster areas and become a reliable hero to the people there. 

  • Taxi Driver- you can grab a taxi in the street and start driving it to become a taxi driver in this game. Remember, time is money, and the customer is always right in this profession. 

  • Joyrider - you can pick up second-hand cars from the designated location here. 

After choosing any of the professions above, you have several missions to compete in; by doing so, your corresponding profession level increases. Whenever your professional level increases, you can obtain rewards, and you can also unlock higher-difficulty gameplay missions. Not just that, your gameplay profits will be increased too. 

Equip the Best Armor and Gear Items

Wherever you go through various challenges in this City of Outlaws game, you can pick up some of the best armor, and when you get the best armor in your inventory, make sure to equip your character with it. You already know that the game lets you go through various challenging phases, and without conquering them, there is no way you will progress here. 

You must ensure that your character has sufficient strength in order to advance through each task. Therefore, as mentioned in this game, remember to equip your character with the best armor to strengthen it here. 

Equip the Best Armor and Gear Items


The more you go through the game, the better gear items you will earn here, so always remember to replace the lower powerful gear items with the best ones to help the character become stronger every time. 

Follow Missions

Following missions is one of the best tips and tricks you can follow in this game, and you will always have something to do here. You can check the available missions whenever you are confused about what you can do here. There is a mission for you to complete every time, and you can complete them to make a good progression in this gameplay. 

Follow Missions


By completing missions, you will progress in unlocking more gameplay features. Therefore, make sure you always follow the missions. Missions will be given to you chapter-wise, and when you follow missions and complete them, you will be able to complete the chapters and achieve better progression in this game. So follow missions, which is one of the best tips for City of Outlaws gameplay. 


In the City of Outlaws game, your main mission is to become a powerful gangster. But it is not as easy as you think because you have to overcome unending challenges, engage in gunfights, hide from cops as much as possible, and many more. Even so, we have made this beginner guide, providing you with the best tips and tricks. As a player who finished reading this beginner guide completely, you can now play City of Outlaws on your PC with LDPlayer 9 and become a gangster without any issue. 

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