Call of Duty Mobile (Zombie Mode)


This article contains all you need to know about the new Call to work - "The Heat" Mobile Season 6. A whole new content host with several modes, maps, and arms, is included in the upgrade. These include Zombie, one of the best-known and most adored modes.


One of the most desired things for the players in the fresh new Zombie experience in Undead Siege; they cannot be excited anymore.


Zombies mode in Call of Duty Mobile had previously been deleted since it was not as popular as other modes. Given the general popularity and the growing popularity of the Zombies in the Call of the Duty fan base, though, maybe it would be preferable to do it,


But don't get your aspirations too high since Zombies return as an LTM (Limited Time Mode). This means that the mode will not be perfect for Zombie fans after a while.




In addition, the developers made it clear that every new game mode is treated like an LTM so that a game that produces no results does not overwork a company.


Zombies were the central cornerstone of the Call of Duty franchise after World War. It has steadily become one of the series' favorite fan game types. Over the years, it has undergone several developments. It reached the stage where it contains recurrent characters, correct stories, and many lore stories.


The three key themes we will address extensively in this post are as follows:


  1. Season 6 Zombie Mode Everything.
  2. Undead Mode of Siege, Tips & Tricks included.
  3. The information and differences of the previous season.


With our favorite Black Ops Zombie characters, Undead Siege is not the standard spherical Zombie map you would anticipate. The Cold War's Outbreak is not as complex and lengthy but a more objective means of defense.


Everything About Zombie Mode:


Here is everything that you should know about the mode.


Beginning of Aether Hunt:


The Aether calls, and in search of a precious resource, it is up to you to brave the undead terror. Courtesy of Heat, Call of Duty's sixth season: mobile, the Aether Hunt event celebrates the return of zombies with a whole range of ghoulish goodies. Anybody, Zombified Furnaces?


Aether experiments are conducted by the infamous Dr. Edward Richtofen and his effect on the zombie threat. It'll be up to you to help him gather and process the Aether to support his research and development – probably our only hope for survival.


Complete tasks for collecting Ather ears in new Undead Sibex, Multiplayer, and Battle Royale. The more expensive lily ear can be gained exclusively by performing major tasks in Undead Siege allocated to Richtofen himself. The more valuable the lilac ore is earned by completing the Daily Task at Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Zombie killing is, therefore, your most excellent way to progress fast.


The more Aether you collect, the more goodies, including the zombified Richtungofen – Skin Twisted and the FR. 556 – Undead Watcher will be unlocked. On the way, you will get the Sticker-Crack Skull and Charm-Zombies-Head, from the Horde and Infected Series.


Basics of Undead Siege:


By performing jobs with purple or in new Undead Siege mode, the most profit-built way to acquire Aether. If you haven't yet started using the new form or still learn ropes, here's an easy guide to help you get as much Aether in every run as possible:


Day: Zombie disposal, resource collection: In Undead Siege, your team deploys to the Royale Isolated Battle map on a five-day, five-night survival. You aim to collect as many resources as you can throughout the day. Find assistance by removing wandering zombies, exploring the area, and finalizing missions – best of all. Daytime lasts approximately two minutes, and you must then return to the Control Center of Richtofen.


Night: Horde battle, protect your foundation: The horde attacks in impassive waves in the night, trying to demolish your mobile base. In the Turret Management industry, you may spend your substance and other acquired materials placing and upgrading turrets to give your team a tremendous boost to their fireplace.


By the cleverness of Richtungofen, you will acquire access to several towers, from the fast-firing Sentry Turrets to the slower but stronger Grenade Turret. The mobile base is also equipped with a shop for buying ammo, scoops, and weaponry.


Face new and more challenging zombies as the night advances, like necromancers who create obstacles for other neighboring zombies; hazmat zombies who produce harmful AOE clouds; and Igniters who sprint right on your tower or base and explode in the face. Other foes like the Warden, Pulverizer, and Heavy Gunner will put the talents of your team to the bottom. Use all at your disposal to address and secure your base against the mounting threat.


Face new, nasty zombies as night advances, such as energy-infused supports that offer barriers for other zombies; poisonous AOE-emitting zombies; and the fiery elite zombies who will race right at the turrets or base to explode. Many different opponent types are going to challenge your survival and push your team over the border. Use all available to combat the mounting threat and to safeguard your base.




Casual Undead Siege: We'll have a base and a machine in this model. This machine must be protected from zombies. We need to look for weapons and Aether Essence to survive for three days. The essence of the Aether is necessary to create and improve various types of turrets. By killing zombies and smashing aether crystals, players can receive the aether essence. The number of zombies is increasing each day, and they are also strengthening.


Hard Undead Siege: While this model's rules are the same as casual mode, you just have to survive five days. And the zombies are more significant in a fundamental way than the zombies. There are many other types of zombies here, too. And in hard difficulty, there are also Zombie bosses. In this game mode, play by itself is not the ideal strategy; therefore, players must follow specified goals to master the level of hard difficulty.


New Level System: In zombie mode, there is a new system where we must level ourselves to collect premises, shards, and crystals of the Aether. We have to do chores and receive Director's Furnace Rewards XP to level up. The maximum level we can get is level 50, which is about 10,000 exp.


New Talents: it is necessary to raise your talents. You can improve "talents" like guards, health bonuses, and devices in Undead Siege. In the Undead Siege, I advise you to focus on your upgrades to the sentry gun. In Cold War Zombies, the sentry weapons are not a big killstreak. But for Call of Duty: mobile is necessary. It's tedious to upgrade skills, so you may want to play casual mode a few times and obtain upgrades to the gun and the weapons.


We achieve this by leveling up with the aether shards and aether crystal. The players will raise their skills as the zombie mode is more radical to win. The creators have given us the power to level the talents that help us combat the undead siege more effectively.


Rewards: We will receive lots of new benefits in addition to Aether Shards and Aether crystals. Below are the rewards we receive upon leveling up.


Dempsey Tank – Shorty Infected – Aether Machine


We'll also gain many rare and unusual weapons by leveling up with these two epic weapons. In the Call of Duty Mobile game, too, rewards are dropped, and players can earn the skins fast.


Zombies Buff list: You can buy buffer in Mobile Zombie Call of Duty mode, particularly when the zombie hordes are strengthened. Six people are total, and three fanatics can be equipped. With the points you gain by killing zombies, you can buy lovers from the Buff store.


  • Fast Reload Buff: +10% reload speed — headshot damage +10% upon complete reloading. Required points: 200 points.
  • Weaknesses of attack: Increased damage by 10%—required points: 200 points.
  • Up and Up: Due to the killing of an enemy, the damage was reduced to 6 percent 3 seconds and stacked up to 3 times. Required points: 200.
  • Stagger: All foes for 0.5 seconds in 3 meters when attacked. The result is a cooldown of 45 seconds—required points: 200 points.
  • Escapis: When attacked, speed up movement for 1 second by 1 percent. The effect has a cooldown of 20 seconds. Required points: 200.
  • Breakthrough: Player HP increases by 10%. Required points: 200.


Turrets in Undead Siege mode: The Turrets are the most important thing to focus on. In zombie mode, the Turrets are most essential to survive, and a single misplaced upgrade might lead to the loss of your crew. All types of Turret are provided below.


•    Sentry Turret: Hit speed, Fast Range Short.
•    Sentry Turret II: Hit Speed Fast, Range Short, Increased Damage.
•    Heavy Sentry Turret: Hit Speed Fast, Range Short, Increased DMG.
•    Heavy Sentry Turret II: Increased DMG, Hit Speed Fast, Range Medium.
•    Cannon Turret: Increased DMG but Reduced HP, extra DMG to elite zombies, Hit speed very fast, Range Short.
•    Laser Turret: Slows Zombies, Increased DMG, Hit Speed Medium, Range Long.
•    Laser Turret II: Slows Zombies significantly, Increased DMG, Hit Speed Medium, Range Long.
•    Thunder Turret: Increased Penetration DMG, Reduced HP, Immobile Zombies, Hit speed Low, Range Long.
•    Grenade Turret: Launches Grenades, Hit Speed Low, Range Long
•    Grenade Turret II: Increased DMG, Hit Speed Low, Range Long
•    Fire Grenade Turret: Launches Fire Grenades, Hit Speed Medium, Range Long
•    Fire Grenade Turret II: Increased DMG, Increased HP, Hit Speed Medium, Range Long
•    Tar Grenade Turret: Slows Zombies, Extra Burning DMG, Hit Speed Medium, Range Long
•    Double Grenade Turret: Increased DMG, More Grenades, Hit Speed Low, Range Long
•    Missile Turret: Launch High DMG Missiles, Reduced HP, Hit Speed Low, Range Long


These are all the turrets the players will get in the undead Siege Game mode. That said, make your decision wisely and survive the five nights in the undead siege mode easily with your teammates.


Undead siege mode guide, including its Tips and Tricks:


Undead Siege is simple to find in Call of Duty: Mobile; you'll be able to launch it directly from the main menu.




Talent Priority:


  • Turret Damage > Gun Damage > Wrench Damage > Turret Health > Player Health
  • Max turret damage first because even if you are grinding for Aether Crystal camos, you need to rely on turrets to win the game.
  • Invest in gun damage next because it will provide a considerable efficiency boost.
  • If you are struggling to win games because no one is repairing your base, level up your wrench (no need to max tho). Otherwise, level up your turret health a bit.
  • Player health comes last simply because dying doesn't matter, and it's almost always the player's fault if you die.
  • The talents you should max are slightly different from the ones you should invest in first.


Talent MAX Priority:


  • Turret Damage > Gun Damage > Player Health > Wrench Damage > Turret Health
  • Turret damage should still be maxed first because you need the flat percentage damage increase... Not necessarily the LVL 10 bonus.
  • On the other hand, the gun damage LVL 10 bonus is CRAZY. The more prominent magazine sizes and reloads speed increases you receive are ESSENTIAL for grinding things with harder-to-get ammo. Additionally, you can solo daily missions ~ level 10 weapon damage.
  • Maxing out player health next makes camo grinding much easier because you can tank the storm more so you can get more early essence (by hitting wardens) to buy loadout guns. The level 10 bonus is a massive boost to movement speed that makes looting and strafing more efficient.
  • The attack speed bonus at LVL 10 for the wrench makes killing wardens and gathering essence from them more efficient.


Turret Recommendations:


  • Cannon > Missile > Tar > Fire 2 > Heavy 2 > 2x Grenade > Laser 2 > Thunder
  • To guarantee the victory, build 3 or 4 Cannon Turrets. Don't forget to keep them moving, so they are always shooting. Pick up those Machine Gun Mods; you'll need a lot.


Insane Damage Weapons:


  • HS2126 with Birdshot Ammo
  • SP-R 208 with .338 ammo. 19k damage headshots on Heavy Gunners.
  • SKS: Combined with extending magazine and LVL 10-gun damage talent, it comes with 50 bullets that deal mad damage each.


Deposit all turret mods inside your warehouse:


  • There is a toggle on the right side of the warehouse menu to switch between public and private warehouses. Make sure you are putting the right items in the correct warehouse.
  • However, its capacity is limited, so put the mods you don't want to use in the public warehouse.
  • Consider keeping some med kits in your warehouse for later use.


XS-1 Goliaths are a little underpowered. Use at your own risk:


  • Mediocre DPS paired with the inability to repair turrets makes the Goliath a terrible choice for players who lack strong teammates.
  • The only way to exit is to suicide. The suicide blast deals pretty good damage tho.


Base HP will be restored when it teleports away:


  • The base teleports after nights 2, 4, and 5. No need to go chase them down to repair if the previous night came close.


Higher rarity ground loot deals more damage to zombies:


  • Epic, Legendary, and Mythic weapon blueprints on loadout weapons cap out at epic for the damage bonus.
  • The rarity of the cosmetics on ground loot does not affect its rarity.


Pick up all sniper and shotgun, even if you won't use them:


  • Neither ammo type is purchasable, so it is a limited resource. Drop it on the ground on day 4 or 5 for teammates with snipers or shotguns to use. You should use a sniper or shotgun in the last few days tho.


Day-by-Day Guide to Siege Hard Mode:


Now we will discuss the specifics of each day/night.


Day 1:


Take the helicopter to the infected area (marked by violet marker) and the number of teammates you can to acquire a more fabulous loot for the first day. I prefer to pin the helicopter to signal if another person first gets to the chopper.

All is quiet standard on the first day. Collect modifications and ammo, collect all the Molotovs and break aether crystals.

Night 1:


Use a centrifugal turret near the barrier. Centries at level 1 have a poor range and must be more close to the edge. Feel free to move them when the waves change sides. You want to invest in a center since it helps you to get more Aether.


Clear the inventory room for tomorrow by depositing additional mortal medkits you gathered up over the day. Target your weapon typical zombies for your crystal camo weapons. The first three days and nights, you'll want to receive most of your gun kills, as the rest of the days are dependent on sentries for damage.


Avoid Wardens shooting. It's a pile of rubbish. You can shoot them to kill them quickly, but I recommend letting your turrets grind extra substance with them.


Day 2 / Night 2:


Just like the day before. Aircraft or Perk-a-Colas helicopters to infected zones. If several passengers are on the plane and several loot drop groups, 1-2 persons are dropped in each collection to maximize team looting.


Deposit mods within the warehouse you don't plan to utilize. You can deposit any gun mods or laser mods found for your colleagues if you want to go left-side turrets (grenades). If possible, upgrade existing towering – the same thing as the first day. The foundation should remain as healthy as possible. This night the floor is calling, so you have to make a deposit.


Day 3 / Night 3:


Take your entire team to various loot zones around the map. Once again, drop in different areas to maximize loot. Consider getting Perk-a-Colas for the whole team. Focus on gathering Grenade Mods and shotgun ammo.


Redeploy sentries and upgrade accordingly. Notice the zombie wave paths. I'd say at least 1 level 3 turret is needed. The new area will have three entrances for zombies. Also, consider spacing them out more so they don't take stacked damage from Igniters exploding.


Consider purchasing a shotgun or sniper rifle to deal with elite zombies; you will need one eventually. Keep note of your turrets. They should constantly be firing; otherwise, you are missing out on damage.


Bring your whole team around the map in different loot zones. Again, drop to maximize the loot in other spots. Take Perk-a-Colas for a team as a whole. Concentrate on Granada Mods and ammo shotgun.


Redeploy and upgrade sentries as appropriate. Note the wave trajectories of the zombies. I would argue that at least one turret level 3 is necessary. There are three zombie entries in the new area. Consider farther spacing them away so that Igniters do not receive cumulative damage.


Think of buying a shotgun or sniper rifle to handle elite zombies; you'll eventually need one. Keep your turrets in mind. They should be fired continually; you miss the damages otherwise.


This round can be targeted only by one player. Igniters can easily be eliminated, but they won't do too much harm to turrets. Take not the explosion tho caught up. You're going to take much damage. Beware of Belcher's spawning within the protective area.


If night 3 reduces the health of your base to less than 50 percent, you need more substantial equipment or more. Otherwise, you are not going to stay at night 5. Tomorrow you can still leave a person behind to assist in restoring the base.


Day 4:


Please take your team for everyday tasks. Only two persons are required to achieve this mission if you have enough gun injury talent (7+). Legendary arms drop day missions (bonus damage).


There are just two daily versions of missions.


Kill the Butcher: When you reach the site, the event starts automatically. Shotgun/sniper headshots may break the Butcher's HP. Destroy the crystal of Aether. The event begins after the crystal interacts (you can't just start firing it).


You can buy some ammunition to destroy the Crystal Aether. Sometimes Aether Crystal spawns also in tight zones, so be careful to get stuck.


Bring Med-kits: Sniper and firefighter damage the crystal in high quantities. The Aether Crystal is spawning in the subway at the bus station. I suppose that there is a gate to the north.


You can climb over basic zombies if the glass gets too packed. Suppose your guns are too feeble and cannot deal with crystal destruction enough. Don't worry about that. Don't worry. You're still rewarded for trying (likely based on damage).


You can climb onto ledges where zombies cannot touch you at some crystal spawning sites—most of the places you have to ascend generally.


Night 4:


Modify to stage 4, at least one Turret. Do not hesitate to ask for information—excess deposit mods and equipment. Take the same way as last night. If you get better riches during the day, you should create the night. A person might be asked to hold a wrench permanently to assault Wardens, repair, and repair the base.


Use a firearm or sniper to take elite zombies down swiftly (Notably Heavy Gunner and Necromancer). I believe that ARs and SMGs are now outdated. The base will call tonight to make place for Day 5 loot. Deposit everything early.


Day 5 / Night 5:


Take team today's mission and other loot zones. However, you may need to drop one person off at the new base to repair damages. Gather as much as possible, drop medkits and non-Molotov lethal to make room for mods. Redeploy and upgrade turrets to the best you can—at least two levels four sentries (preferably 3).


When your base starts to take significant damage, you want at least two people, Perma wrenching the ground and Wardens. Don't 'focus on repairing turrets. Your turrets will probably survive if they are high enough level, and if they don't, they stalled some time for your team.


The two others should concentrate on taking out heavy shooters and necromancers, although one should help repair the base if it comes to it. Both of them should be highly degraded with weapons, either firearms or sniper rifles. Consider also deploying the Machine of Death or War.


Use the saved scooters to prevent the shooting and damage to the base by heavy gunners.


You buy it every Molotov for at least 10 seconds. Also, if there are too many pulverizers and wardens, it will be seriously damaged. Usually, Sentries and wrenches care tho for them. ALL team members should repair the base if it comes close (less than 25 percent hp).


Sentries will continue to cause harm, and you will be able to stop till triumph if your talents are high enough. Don't bother to heal. Do not even bother. Simply die and breathe.


We returned to Zombie mode in this season, titled the Undead Siege. Two alternative formats are available to play in this mode. The following is a list of forms.


Every Turret guide for Undead Siege:


  1.  Heavy Sentry Turret II:


  • Make Sentry Turret II (Two Level 1 Pedestals).
  • Turn it into Heavy Sentry Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal, three Machine Gun Mods).
  • Turn it into Heavy Sentry Turret II (Three Level 2 Pedastal, one Machine Gun Mod).


  1.  Cannon Turret:


  • Make Sentry Turret II (Two Level 1 Pedestals).
  • Turn it into Heavy Sentry Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal, three Machine Gun Mods).
  • Turn it into Cannon Turret (One Level 2 Pedastal, three Machine Gun Mods).


  1.  Laser Turret II:


  • Make Sentry Turret II (Two Level 1 Pedestals).
  • Turn it into Laser Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal, three Machine Gun Mods).
  • Turn it into Laser Turret II (Three Level 2 Pedastal, one Laser Mod).


  1. Thunder Turret:


  • Make Sentry Turret II (Two Level 1 Pedestals).
  • Turn it into Laser Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal, three Machine Gun Mods).
  • Turn it into Thunder Turret (one Level 2 Pedastal, three Laser Mods).


  1.  Double Grenade Turret:


  • Make Grenade Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal).
  • Turn it into Grenade Turret II (Three Level 1 Pedastal, two Grenade Mods).
  • Turn it into a Double Grenade Turret (Three Level 2 Pedastal, one Grenade Mod).


  1. Missile Turret:


  • Make Grenade Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal).
  • Turn it into Grenade Turret II (Three Level 1 Pedastal, two Grenade Mods).
  • Turn it into Missile Turret (One Level 2 Pedastal, three Grenade Mods).


  1. Fire Grenade Turret 2:


  • Make Grenade Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal).
  • Turn it into Fire Grenade Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal, three Grenade Mods).
  • Turn it into Fire Grenade Turret II (Three Level 2 Pedastal, one Flames Mod).


  1. Tar Grenade Turret:


  • Make Grenade Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal).
  • Turn it into Fire Grenade Turret (Two Level 1 Pedastal, three Grenade Mods).
  • Turn it into Tar Grenade Turret (One Level 2 Pedastal, three Flames Mods).


Tips and Tricks to win in Hard difficulty:


Here are a few things to remember before jumping into a Zombie run solo or with a teammate.


Play as a Squad: As all of the Undead Siege action takes place in one location during the night, you want several players defending all angles. You won't be able to split off and take on packs of Zombies by yourself, so it's always better to play in a team. This leads to our next point, where a group can gather resources more effectively than a solo player.


Sound Communication: If you're playing with friends, you want to have communication. Nighttime in Undead Siege is all about defending Richtofen’s Control Center at one set location, so you can get easily overwhelmed if you're not communicating. I tried a few times with random players, but no one was using the chat feature.


Good Time Management: The key to winning Undead Siege in CoD: Mobile Zombies is maximizing your time while looting during the day. Fly around in the helicopters to get Supply Drops, complete side missions in hard mode, and gather up as many resources as you can. It would help if you split up, too, so you're not all looting the one area. This will allow you to quickly build and upgrade turrets, which are vital to surviving Undead Siege.


Travel using a Helicopter: Players should use a helicopter to travel around the map during the Daytime. This method is quite effective in collecting Supply Drops and ammunition from all around the map. Make sure to always take an ally with you to maximize loot capacity. Target going to areas like Launch Base, Farm, Diner, Killhouse, Sakura as these areas are densely populated with Zombies.


Keep an eye on the Control Center: Some enemies, such as the Warden or Machine Gunner, will only target the base and not the players. If you're too caught up taking out the Zombies coming directly at you, you could be leaving the Control Center open to attack. This also means repairing the base when damaged, so there should always be at least one player, ensuring the base survives.


Good Turret Placement: Nights get more challenging as you progress, so I also recommend moving your turrets closer to the Control Center after night two. You're going to get way more zombies pushing into the area, and the turrets will be more beneficial if kept back a bit.


Focus on Ignition Zombies: The Ignite Zombies may not be the strongest of the lot, but they are the fastest. These creatures can sneak in behind the shield to destroy your base. Players need to focus on Ignite Zombies as most of the heavy gunfire will be done by the Turrets. The objective here is to protect your teammates and the base while making sure no Zombie gets through.



Tips for Expert Aether Hunters:


Get Purple Ore and More in Undead Siege. Not only will you earn Aether at a faster rate by playing Undead Siege, but you’ll also progress through the new mode’s unique 25+ grindable rewards. Why not work toward Tank Dempsey – Turned at the same time as Richtofen – Turned?


  1. Share Your Resources. The better equipped your team, the better your chances of surviving the next night's attack. In Undead Siege, utilize the mobile base's Public Warehouse to dump items from your Bag Storage into an inventory that everyone can access. This is great for sharing resources and articles amongst the team.
  2. Check Back with Richtofen. Richtofen’s Main Tasks are more challenging than the event's Daily Tasks, and they're sequential, too. Check back with the doctor between matches to know precisely what he needs from you in the next deployment.
  3. Upgrade Your Turrets! Even with all four of your turrets deployed, they won't last long against the stricter enemies unless you upgrade them accordingly. This is where daytime resource gathering becomes essential, allowing you to transform your turrets into various deadly configurations.
  4. Improve Your Talents for the Long Run. Between matches, you can spend earned Aether to upgrade your abilities via Talents permanently. Talents come in five varieties: Turret Weapon, Turret Armor, Weapon Upgrade, Toughness, and Advanced Tools. Each offers its advantages, with ten levels in each category. The more Talents you have, the better your chances against the horde.




The guide describes everything about the return of the zombie mode. You can read everything you want to know about this model and get the maximum result out of it. Read the guide and retain your top spot in the game.

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