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2021-08-30 Content Collaboration

Call of Duty Mobile is the best game out there that provides the best modes to the player that keeps them addicted to the game. The most exciting thing that lets them go crazy about this game is that it gets constant updates, and with these updates, they add different content to the game. Out of these contents, players usually like the things that are added from the different call of duty games that are available on various platforms other than mobile. This enables the players to enjoy the game while getting the vibes of that old call of duty games which they loved to play. 




Among those things is the Axe. It is a melee weapon that was added to the game as a part of season 2. The counterpart of this Axe, which is the Combat Axe, was introduced in season 3. The most likable thing about the Combat Axe is that players can throw it towards the enemy, and it will kill them instantly. After that, players can also retrieve the Axe by going to the place where they have last thrown it. This makes the game more interesting as this melee weapon can kill the enemy just by one blow.


The damage done by the Axe is pretty severe. This weapon can be unlocked freely by completing the specific achievements of events in the seasonal section. The Combat Axe can, however, be only unlocked after the player reaches level 49. After that, the player can go to the loadout and equip the Axe. This weapon’s skins and camos will need grinding as they are really difficult to unlock but much more remarkable to look at. The player can find out about the tier of all the weapons in Call of Duty Mobile through here. Players can also check the Weapon Comparison Guide to find out the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile.




Axe is a lethal weapon with 100 damage and a throwing radius of 35. It means the Axe is a close-ranged weapon. The Axe provides high mobility to the player, which is 90, and the range of the throwable Combat Axe is also low, which is 7. The accuracy of this weapon is also pretty high, which is 70. At first, players could only unlock the Axe through crates and bundles. But after season 11, the Axe can be unlocked very quickly. Now players can unlock the Axe by completing the second mission of heavy-duty, which is available in the events of seasonal section.


The best way to use this weapon is to slide near the enemy and strike hard so that the enemy would not have a chance to strike back. This melee weapon has many skins that players unlock after completing the different achievements in the game. Players can unlock some of the skins just by playing the game, while other skins require the players to work hard to get them. 






Following is the list of all the available blueprints of the Axe that players can acquire in the game and the instructions on how to get them.


Axe Azurite: Players can unlock this skin from the Bad and Plaid Crate.


Axe Skegg: This skin can be unlocked from the Odinsong Draw.


Axe Bubblegum: Players can unlock this skin from the Anime Super Crate.


Axe Citrine: Players can unlock this skin from the Prey and Predator crate.


Axe Buckles and Spurs: Players can unlock this skin from the Off the Races Crate.


Axe Liquid Mercury: Players can unlock this skin from the Tactical Arsenal Crate.


Axe Neon Army: Players can unlock this skin from the Neon Bundle.


Axe Gold Bar: Players can unlock this skin from the Gold Standard Redux.


Axe Hephaestus: Players can unlock this skin from the Magma Eruption Mythic Drop.


Axe Black Top: Players can unlock this skin from the Heavy Duty Seasonal Event of Season 11.


Axe Ice crystal: Players can unlock this skin from the Crevasse Crate.


Axe Dragonfly: Players can unlock this skin from the Perfect Harmony Crate.


Axe Heliotrope: Players can unlock this skin from the Kawaii Cat Crate.


Axe Sleight of Hand: Players can unlock this skin from the Sword and Sheet Crate.


Axe Cyberline: Players can unlock this skin from the Darkly Divided Crate.


Axe Metallurgy: Players can unlock this skin from the Forged Steel Draw.


Axe Munitions: Players can unlock this skin from the Demon Dog Crate.


Axe Noir: Players can unlock this skin from the Pitch Blade Bundle.


Axe Dark Band: Players can unlock this skin from the Night Watcher Crate.


Axe Ruby: Players can unlock this skin from the Paratrooper Crate.


Axe Radion Burst: Players can unlock this skin from the Aquatic Radioactivity Draw.


Axe Starfing Run: Players can unlock this skin from the Quartermaster Crate.


Axe Sakura Storm: Players can unlock this skin from the Temple Guardian Crate.


Axe Tiger’s Eye: Players can unlock this skin from the Trophy Collector Crate.


Axe Glitch: Players can unlock this skin from the Celestial Chimp Crate.


Axe Winterwood: Players can unlock this skin by reaching the PRO II level of Ranked Battle Royale of Season 8.


Axe Target Lock: Players can unlock this skin from the Night Thriller Crate.


Axe Snow Stream: Players can unlock this skin by reaching the Tier 39 of the premium Battle Pass of Season 13.


Axe Wicked Whisper: Players can unlock this skin from the Thorned Rose Draw.


Axe Waterproof: Players can unlock this skin from the Hydroshock Draw.




These skins are available for Axe only. However, for combat axe, some skins are different. We will guide you about some of the skins that are very hard to unlock and very cool to have. Following are some of the instructions that will help you to unlock these skins.


Unlocking Gold Axe:


The gold axe is one of the few skins that are hard to unlock. However, there is a way that players can unlock this skin. As all the nice things in the world require some work, this skin requires a lot more. First, the player needs to upgrade the Axe to its maximum level completely. This may be difficult for some players as the weapon requires a close encounter with the enemy, and that can become a problem to the player that is still new to the Axe. We recommend using the weapon XP card or the Double weapon XP card. This will make the Axe level up much faster than the average rate. 




The next step is to unlock all the camos of this weapon. This can be done by completing all the achievements that are mentioned in them. Some of the achievements are pretty easy to complete. These may include killing enemies while couching, without dying, or simply killing them with the Axe. To get kills faster with the Axe, it is recommended to play the modes with the crowded enemies, such as Free for All, or playing the maps that are shorter in size, such as Shipment 1944. 


After unlocking all the camos of the Axe, the player needs to play one more match, and then the Gold Axe will be unlocked. Players can equip this Gold Axe simply by going to the gunsmith, and it will be waiting for them there.


Unlocking Ice Axe-Overpower:


This skin of Combat Axe is also very hard to get, and players do need to do some grinding in order to unlock this skin. This skin unlocks only after the player reaches Pro II rank in Battle Royale’s rank series 2. Since it is pretty difficult for new players to reach this level, we will guide the player on how to achieve this level quickly. 


To gain the Pro II level faster, the player needs to land in the safe zone of the map. Since safe zone change with every game, the best strategy is to land in outlying areas of the map. This will allow the player to survive for a longer time. And to push the rank faster, it is advised to always land on the battlefield with your squad. Each member of the team should have a designated role that will help them survive longer in the heat of bullets flying everywhere. They must collect enough medical supplies and loot with amazing weapons on their sides so the when push comes to shove, they are ready for it. 


Players should find the weapons with which they are more comfortable playing. They should have the basic knowledge of the gun’s characteristics so that they know which weapons to choose. Since survival is the key to pushing rank, this will help the players to survive as long as they can in the game. 


After all the grindings and hard work, the player will reach the required rank, and the Ice Axe-overpower will be unlocked. The player needs to go to the ranked match, and from there, click on battle royale. Then click on reward, and there, the player will find the reward boxes. From these reward boxes, choose the Pro II because it will give the player Ice Axe-Overpower.


Unlocking Diamond Camo:


One of the best things about Call of Duty Mobile is that it constantly gives exciting and unique updates that include skins and camos, which require a particular achievement. This keeps players sticking on their mobile phones and trying to reach that level or achieve that milestone to acquire everything that comes with the update. Diamond camo came from the latest update of Call of Duty Mobile. The diamond camo requires a bit of struggle from the player to unlock it for the melee weapons. However, it is not as complicated as acquiring other skins of the Axe. 




To unlock the diamond camo for the Axe, players first need to get the Gold Axe. Then they have to kill the 500 enemies with it. It does not matter how many games and how many kills in a game a player does. Once the player killed 500 enemies with the Gold Axe, the Ax’s diamond camo will be unlocked.






Axe is a great melee weapon in the hands of an experienced player. To use the Axe in the game is an art of itself. Players who master this art use the Axe and win the games very quickly. The Axe is best used in multiplayer mode, where the player keeps cutting the enemy in two halves. The skins and camos make the Axe look more dangerous. Players who get a taste of the power of the Axe are not able to leave it because of the single blow kill of the enemy. It is an extremely dangerous lethal weapon, and in the hands of the right player, this creates havoc among the enemy.


Player can learn to become the best player in the game by reading our guide on becoming the pro player of Call of Duty Mobile. We also recommend that you check the weapon’s guide of FHJ 18, HS0405, and AK 117 to stay ahead of the enemies.

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