Blush Blush: Casual Dating Simulator Beginner's Guide for Getting Started


By now, most of the players already know that there are many genres out there, but very few have a big player base. The casual genre is coming into the spotlight as players explore more and more titles. With role-playing games leading the digital stores, other genres had faded away, but now players are willing to switch. Among all the casual games available, dating simulators have caught the eye of players looking for a soft and relaxing storyline. 




Blush Blush is a game that will win you over with its excellent gameplay aesthetics. You are part of the storyline, and every decision will affect your gameplay in some or the other way. Blush Blush is a combination of a Dating Game and an Idle Game. It is a lighthearted plot in which the player must save a group of adorable anime males who have all been afflicted by a horrible curse. The only way to lift this curse is by the power of love. 


The game is quite simple to understand. Your primary objective is to work in various professions, accumulate stat points, and organize dates. It presents for their love interests are all examples of how the player might use their time properly. With a combination of tactics and plot, the player will eventually become a skilled dater, with the opportunity to bag dozens of new attractive boys in the future.


This beginner's guide will talk about the crucial in-game aspects that need to be mentioned so that new players can easily understand the game even before they start playing it. After going through this guide, you will progress in the game quickly and learn something new if you are already familiar with the title.


Blush Blush Mobile Game


Managing your resources, including money is very crucial

This game being a dating simulator, many aspects come into consideration while progressing. Managing your resources becomes extremely important, or you will end up delaying your progression, or you won't play effectively. Your main resources include tie blocks, money, reset bonus, and diamonds.


Time blocks play a vital role because having them will enable you to perform some crucial things in the game. With a time block, you can secure your existing job, which is the main source of money. They are required to perform hobbies directly linked to your skill earning. Also, time blocks are needed for dating; hence it will directly affect your relationship with a guy, which is the main purpose of the game. So basically, time blocks are used for almost everything or all the main in-game elements.


The money you earn can be used on dates and to buy gifts. The job that you do will earn you money, and as you get promotions, your pay will increase. Parallel to this, your dates will also become expensive; hence, the more you earn, your expenditure will be.


The next thing to keep in mind is your reset bonus. This is a bonus provided by the game for soft resetting it during the start. It is very difficult to play this game without your reset bonus; hence you can consider it a trump card to lower the game's difficulty level. Ultimately, diamonds can be used for any enhancements or skipping requirements.


Blush Blush Resources


Effective use of diamonds in the game

Diamonds are similar to the rare game currency seen on other titles. Here diamonds can be used for various aspects such as enhancements, gifts, requirements, etc. One of the perks of using a diamond for a date is that you won't need to pay for anything on that date, and also, no time blocks will be required. You will also earn some bonus hearts.


But it is not advisable to use diamonds in this manner. It is better to use them to get time blocks or receive some in-game boosts that will greatly aid you in a task.


For every 80 diamonds, you can get 8-time blocks, for every 50 diamonds, you can get 5-time blocks, and for every 1-time block, you will have to spend 15 diamonds. So it is better to grab them in 5 or 8 sets to save the extra diamonds on one block. Also, tasks, jobs, and hobbies can be 'Gilded' using diamonds, which means you can double the speed related to money-making and skill development. Jobs and hobbies can be gilded using ten diamonds every time. But the best way to use diamonds is to buy permanent speed boosts because these will help you in the long run as you progress in the game. All the dating elements will boost their necessary fields helping you quickly complete tasks and progress. 


So effectively using your diamonds will ensure you are not wasting your time and progressing in the right direction. Most of the in-game elements are inspired by real-life hence to speed things up; you need to understand how to use your currency resources effectively.


Blush Blush Diamonds


Now you are prepared for your first date

Games like these generally tend to miss out on many things, but Blush Blush has brilliantly placed elements. The title's gameplay aesthetic revolves around matching the number of Time Blocks you have with the amount of Money and Hobby levels necessary to complete each stage's demands while simultaneously allowing you to go on a few more Dates.


Obtaining a Reset Bonus right in the beginning becomes a very important element in the process as the difficulty of each stage keeps on increasing. Hence you may go through stages quickly and efficiently to achieve even higher levels in your relationships.


So go ahead and save all those boys from their dreadful curses with the help of Love!

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