Blush Blush Gameplay Insights and Review


With a sea of games available in the digital stores, players have many options to choose from. The games are segregated based on genre, gameplay, etc. RPG has been leading the gaming community for a long time now, with extremely crisp games and fun to play. But no players have started to shift to other genres for some change which has caused card, adventure, casual, etc., titles to come into the spotlight. Blush Blush is a casual game with 'Dating' as its gameplay element. 




Generally, games like these have an excellent storyline packed with exciting elements and inclusive sections. Sad panda studios, the creators, have another game under their roof called Crush Crush, which has the same concept as Blush Blush, but your character is a Male. You can consider these excellent Dating simulator games because all the in-game ingredients are accurate to a Dating sim. Generally, these games do not require brainstorming ideas to complete quests. You can casually enjoy the gameplay similar to a flowing story. Although there might be some crucial decisions that will require you to think, a wrong move won't affect your overall gameplay.


This article will review the game based on the elements present in the game, such as controls, graphics, etc., that hugely impact a player's gameplay experience. Players will also know if the game is worth investing their time in or not.


How refined is the story?

To have a good introduction, every game out there has a strong storyline that explains what adventures you will be experiencing in the game. At the same time, some titles are entirely a single story till the end. Blush Blush falls in the latter with a fascinating storyline that you will be a part of as you progress in the game. Being a dating simulator, the decisions that you make will affect your story. But nothing to worry about as the ending will be very similar in every situation.


Overall the story is a very casual walkthrough of you rescuing a bunch of fun and attractive anime boys as they all have been cursed with a dark spell. This curse can only be naturally broken with the power of Love.


Blush Blush Storyline


Is it easy to 'Control' the game, and how accessible are the in-game elements?

Being a game on the mobile platform, controls cannot be made complex as players won't enjoy playing it. The game is just click and play, and there are no complex controls that need practice to master. This is a perk only games from the casual genre enjoy the most. Also, the task and rewards tabs are very easy to access without hunting around to find the necessities. 


Overall, the game is excellent in terms of controls and accessibility, and players will have a great time playing the game.


Blush Blush Controls


Are the graphics of the game pleasant?

Mainly being a dating sim and a casual story-centric game, extreme graphics are unnecessary. The visuals and graphics are cartoonish but very well optimized. It will make you feel like you are reading a storybook or watching a cartoon series while you are a part of it and able to control it. These subtle graphics ensure players of all sorts of devices can enjoy the game without lags or delays. The GUI is also brilliantly optimized to prevent any disturbance to your gameplay experience.


So overall, the graphics are excellent with no optimization issues, and players can have a great time playing the game even if they possess a low-end device.


Blush Blush Graphics



Nothing in this world is perfect, even when it comes to games. But surprisingly, the developers have built the game so well that there are hardly any negative points. The only question is whether the player is into dating sim games or not. It is frankly a personal choice, but if you want to experience a casual, fun story-type game, then Blush Blush is one of the best titles out there. If you are a female player, this game might probably interest you more. Crush Crush is another title from the same developer, but you will be playing as a boy.


Hence in terms of drawbacks, there are none for now. The developers also constantly keep updating and adding new stuff into the game to get a variety every once in a while.


Final verdict

Very few games on the market have the capability of being perfect from every aspect. The gameplay experience is mainly dependent on how the player interacts with the game and how cooperative the GUI of the game is. Some developers tend to turn a blind eye to the fact that uniqueness plays a vital role in any game, irrespective of the genre. 


Sad Panda Studios has done a brilliant job with Blush Blush capturing the genre elements perfectly. They have focused on a small player base but managed to impress every player who played the game. The controls are easy and very accessible. The graphics are very fun to watch, and the visuals are not harsh. Everything is very well optimized. The best part is that it has a very relaxing storyline that will win you over. 


Hence after reading through the article you already know if you want to download the game or not. We strongly recommend trying the game, and we guarantee you will love it to the core. And if you think Blush Blush is too girlish, try out Crush Crush!

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