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Are you interested in a game combination with Role-Playing and Real-Time strategy games? If so, you are at the right place. The Kingdom Maker belongs to RPG based on strategies. This is a massively multiplayer online game that allows the players to make allies with other Kingdom builders, and the game is free for everyone who likes to play. 






The players have to rescue the Kingdom from orcs and build up the ruined Kingdom and turn that cursed land into a prosperous land in this Kingdom Maker game. There is more than building the Kingdom into a beautiful and rich one in everything. You have to train the troops to battle with other kingdoms and orcs to conquer the whole world. To do this, everyone needs a guide to direct them into better gameplay. Otherwise, it’s too harsh to accomplish things on your own. 


At the end of this guide, we can assure you will know the key points that affect the improvements of the game progress and the strategies to use to be a successor in the Kingdom Maker. You do not have to worry about a thing. Everything the players need is in our guide. 



The noble family mainly has two characters at the beginning of the game: the King and Queen. Players must choose one character between these two to progress in the Kingdom Maker. 


You must focus on increasing the noble family as there are only two nobles. To do that, the game allows the king and the queen to interact to have babies. When the baby is born, the player must choose a role, and the baby will be given the responsibilities according to the position you choose for him to be in the future. 



There are three roles: Merchant, Commander, and Explorer. 


The merchant is the one who concerns more about the economy of the Kingdom, the commander is the one who leads the army forces, and the explorer is the one who wanders around the Kingdom by researching to find valuable resources. 



The most important thing to focus on in this Kingdom Maker game is the combat. You need to build up a good military force and assign them under a noble person, and if that noble person being a commander is the best choice, you can select to handle the army. 


Before gathering the troops to battle, consider the following facts.   

  • The military force can be divided into main four groups, melee, siege, and ranged or mounted troops. 


  • To gain a better outcome in the game, players must upgrade their troops to tier 3, which helps unleash their full potential.


  • It’s better to look for the strength of your army before attacking an enemy kingdom; after that, you can decide whether to attack. 



Understanding the In-Game Resources

The Kingdom Maker allows the players to farm and collect many valuable resources, which are very helpful in leveling up faster in the game. There are mainly six resources, 


  • Food: these can be earned by planting crops and raising animals on your farming plots, and sometimes you can gain food as rewards when completing some activities on the map. 


  • Wood: these can be earned by building a sawmill inside the Kingdom, and upgrading the sawmill gives you much output. Completing some map activities also rewards you with wood. 


  • Stone: if you need to earn gain stone, build a stonemason in your Kingdom, and to increase the output, upgrade the stonemason.


  • Population: this is a prominent factor needed to upgrade buildings and train troops. Upgrade your housing plots to increase the population. 


  • Silver: this resource can be earned by the tax paid by the population and trading. Players can collect silver by completing map activities and in-store offers. 


  • Gold: you can earn gold by completing different missions, objectives, and tasks, and you can purchase gold from the store. 



These resources are very needy when it comes to upgrading, training, building and everything else. So, the players will run out of resources easily. 


The hardest resources to earn in the beginning are wood and food, and you need to keep an eye on these two and always try to pile up some food and wood. 


You can collect these above resources by attacking other kingdoms and exploring dungeons outside your Kingdom.



As mentioned above, the commanders who lead the military units must be noble, but the Kingdom Maker allows players to hire special teams called champions, which are very helpful in guiding the sub-army units. 


These champions are equipped with very useful buffs in battle, and these buffs differ from military point to point. So, before assigning the champions to military units, check whether these champions match the military departments. 


Training Troops

Training your military troops is as important as battling in the Kingdom Maker game. There are four army units here, and you need to train the troops to get their maximum output. Players can use housing, barracks and academies to prepare these troops. 



You will need the above resources to train your troops, and do not worry about spending your resources on training troops. Because the more healthy and stronger the military units are, the more you win battles against orcs and other kingdoms. The more you win battles outside the Kingdom, the more XP and resources you obtain. Make sure you allocate some time to train your troops. 


Collect Daily Rewards

The Kingdom Maker game is full of free daily rewards. These free daily rewards are a 10-minute chest, 4-hour chest, and a 24-hour chest. 


If you ignore these free daily rewards, you will regret it later because these chests include many useful resources like wood, XP, and stone that help you reduce the build times. 



Map Features

There are many special points you can see on the map as orc camps, dungeons, mines and trade posts, and in this part of the guide, we will explain all the features on the map. 


  • Orc Camps: this is the first and the main enemy group the players will encounter in this game. While attacking these camps, you can loot many resources. But make sure you have guarded your Kingdom well because there is a probability of orcs attacking others, including yours. 


  • Dungeons: Nobles are the ones who dispatch to explore dungeons to gain necessary resources. There are dungeons with different tiers, so send a noble with the higher stats to investigate them.


  • Mines: these contain different minerals like ores and gems. 


  • Trade Posts: these are used to buy and sell food, stone, wood, and every other resource, and only the nobles are allowed to do that. 



Gaining High-Quality Powers for Nobles With LDPlayer 

The noble family is the highest in the Kingdom and the place where the noble family lives are called the Keep. There are different ranks for the nobles to be born; these ranks are mentioned below, from lower to higher.  


  • Runt
  • Normal
  • Average
  • Impressive
  • Exceptional
  • Legendary
  • Mythical


When a noble baby is born, you cannot guarantee that you will have a baby with the best rank with best powers. 



But with the best android emulator, LDPlayer, you can achieve the best powers for these nobles because you are going to move them with the whole power with the easiest controls. And handling these nobles is no longer an issue as you can put some shortcuts for the gameplay with the Keyboard Mapping feature


And if the nobles are stuck in repeating the same process over and over for fighting, attacking, and so on. Setting one key to all those actions will increase the efficiency of your noble with the Keyboard Macro Commands



We wish you to create the best Kingdom with the best militaries and economy for Kingdom Maker. Do not stop after building up your Kingdom. Go forward, battle, make all other kingdoms your colonies, and spread your command throughout the world.

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