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Welcome to Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD, the latest installment in the beloved tower defense series that challenges players with its dynamic and strategic gameplay. In this edition, you'll navigate through intricate maps, face off against formidable enemies, and lead your heroes to victory in epic battles that test your tactical acumen.

A Beginner's Guide and Tips to Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD


This guide is designed to help beginners master the fundamentals and sharpen their strategies. We'll cover everything from selecting the right heroes and building effective tower defenses to adapting strategies in response to enemy movements. You'll learn how to manage resources efficiently, make quick decisions on the battlefield, and use your heroes' abilities to their fullest potential. 

So, whether you're new to the Kingdom Rush series or looking to improve your tactical skills in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD, follow along as we delve into the intricacies of the game. For a more enjoyable gameplay experience, play Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD on PC with LDPlayer. 

Pick Your Heroes

In Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD, you have the unique opportunity to control two heroes simultaneously, elevating the strategic complexity and excitement of the game. Selecting the most effective heroes is crucial for triumphing on the battlefield. Here are key qualities to consider when choosing your heroes:

Pick Your Heroes


  • Versatility: Choose heroes that offer a balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. Look for heroes with a mix of damage-dealing abilities and crowd-control skills to handle various types of enemies effectively.

  • Special Abilities: Seek out heroes with unique abilities that provide strategic advantages on the battlefield. Whether it's summoning reinforcements, stunning enemies, or buffing allied units, special abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

  • Combat Role: Consider the role each hero plays in your team composition. Some heroes may excel at soaking up damage and acting as frontline fighters, while others may specialize in dealing with high single-target damage or controlling crowds of enemies.

  • Strength and Resilience: Prioritize heroes with sufficient strength and resilience to withstand enemy attacks. Heroes with high health pools or damage mitigation abilities can hold the frontline and provide valuable support to your towers.

  • Utility: Look for heroes that offer utility beyond simply dealing damage. Abilities like healing, buffing allies, or debuffing enemies can greatly enhance your team's effectiveness and provide strategic advantages in challenging situations.

By considering these qualities when choosing heroes, you can assemble a well-rounded team that can effectively tackle the challenges presented in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD.

Guide to Towers in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD

The word tower is in the Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD title, and they are the single most important structures that you need to know all about. You'll encounter different towers that deal various types of damage. Understanding these will help you create effective strategies against the diverse enemy types you'll face.

Guide to Towers in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD


  • Physical Damage Towers: These towers, such as Archer Towers, shoot arrows or throw spears. They are great against enemies without armor but struggle against those with high armor.

  • Magic Damage Towers: Magic Towers cast spells that can bypass physical armor, making them perfect for taking down heavily armored foes.

  • Area Damage Towers (Artillery): These towers launch explosives or other area-of-effect attacks that damage multiple enemies at once, ideal for groups of weaker enemies.

  • True Damage: Some special abilities deal true damage, which ignores all resistances and defenses, effective against any enemy type.

Barracks Towers

Barracks Towers are unique because they don't attack directly. Instead, they produce troops that block the path of enemies.

  • Troop Deployment: These troops engage in melee combat, holding enemies back and giving your other towers more time to deal damage.

  • Strategic Placement: Place these near paths where enemies will have to pass through, like at choke points or near the entrance.

  • Upgrades: Improve your troops by increasing their health and attack power, and teach them special skills to make them more effective.

Offensive Towers

Once you have your defensive line set up with Barracks Towers, it's time to focus on offensive towers that will deal damage to the enemies.

  • Blazing Gem: This tower shoots a concentrated beam of energy that deals massive damage. Place it where it can hit enemies for the longest time.

  • Elite Harassers: These are advanced troops that can block enemies and support your Blazing Gem with additional attacks.

  • Goblin War Zeppelin: This flying tower can be placed almost anywhere. It drops bombs on enemies, dealing area damage.

Adapting to Enemy Waves

Mastering Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD requires a flexible approach to defense strategy, as each wave of enemies presents unique challenges. Before the onset of each wave, players have the opportunity to preview upcoming enemy types by tapping on the skull icon. This feature is crucial as it allows you to tailor your tower placement and upgrades specifically to counter the threats each new wave brings. 

Adapting to Enemy Waves


For instance, if the preview indicates a wave of heavily armored enemies, it's wise to ensure that Magic Towers, which can bypass physical armor, are ready and positioned effectively. Conversely, when facing large groups of enemies, Artillery Towers become invaluable because they can inflict damage on multiple targets simultaneously.

It's also important not to rely too heavily on one type of tower. A balanced defense incorporating a variety of towers ensures that you are equipped to handle different types of enemies that may have varied strengths and weaknesses. This diversity not only strengthens your overall defense but also gives you the flexibility to adjust your strategy mid-game.

Flexibility is indeed key, as strategies that were effective for one wave may not work as well for another. Be prepared to adapt quickly by selling towers that have become less effective and replacing them with others that are better suited to meet the current challenges. This ability to change tactics, coupled with strategic upgrades and the judicious use of special tower abilities, forms the backbone of effective wave management.

Upgrading towers strategically is often more beneficial than simply increasing their number. Deciding which towers to upgrade and when to upgrade can significantly enhance their effectiveness against particular enemy types. Moreover, keeping an eye on the overall layout of your defenses to spot any potential weaknesses is crucial. Reinforcing these weak points, whether through additional towers, upgrades, or strategic repositioning, can prevent enemies from breaching your lines.

By embracing these strategies, players can effectively adapt to the ever-changing waves of enemies in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD. The key to success lies in anticipating enemy strategies, adapting your defenses accordingly, and ensuring that no enemy type can exploit a weakness in your setup.

Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD Beginner Tips


Before diving into each level of Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD, it's crucial to take a moment to study the map. Each layout presents unique pathways for enemies and potential choke points that can be exploited. By understanding these elements, you can strategically place your towers and decide how to deploy your heroes to maximize their effectiveness.

Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD Beginner Tips

Planning Your Tower Building

When setting up your defenses, the sequence in which you place your towers can greatly impact their effectiveness. For example, slowing towers like the Melting Furnace or Orc Shaman are ideally placed before high-damage towers such as the Shadow Archers or Infernal Mage. This setup ensures that enemies are slowed down right before they take heavy damage, enhancing the destructive impact of your offensive towers.

Don't Forget the Reinforcements

As the battle progresses, it's natural for some ground troops to fall. Continuously replenishing these troops is vital to maintain reasonable control over the enemy's advance. Deploy reinforcements strategically—not just to slow down the enemies but also to execute planned defensive tactics. The correct positioning of these troops can significantly influence the battlefield dynamics, helping you maintain control and effectively manage waves of attackers.

Resource Management

In the early stages of each level, focus your resources on upgrading essential towers. This investment provides stronger long-term defenses that are crucial for later waves. Prioritize upgrades that offer the most significant benefits to your overall strategy, and avoid diluting your resources across too many upgrades too soon.

Moving Your Heroes

Moving Your Heroes


With the ability to control two heroes simultaneously, Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD offers a dynamic power play on the battlefield. Keep a close watch over the action and move your heroes to where they are needed most. Frequent repositioning is key—their strength and versatility make them invaluable for neutralizing major threats and reinforcing defenses. Additionally, use your heroes' special abilities strategically; save impactful skills for critical moments like boss fights or when facing large enemy groups.

Learning from Defeat

Not every defeat should be seen as a failure. Each loss provides valuable insights that can be used to refine your strategies, optimize tower placements, and improve hero utilization. The game also offers tips after challenges, providing hints on enemy strategies, tower effectiveness, and necessary adjustments. Pay attention to these tips, as they are integral to mastering the game.

Testing Different Strategies

Experiment with various combinations of heroes, towers, and tactics to discover what best suits your gameplay style. What works for one player might not work for another, so be open to trying different approaches. Additionally, replaying completed levels can offer more than just extra resources; it gives you a chance to practice new strategies and enhance your skills.


By following these guidelines, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD with confidence and strategic insight. Remember, the key to success is flexibility, strategic planning, and learning from each engagement on the battlefield.


As you journey through Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD, remember that each level presents unique challenges that will test your strategic thinking and adaptability. By applying the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you'll enhance your gameplay and become adept at managing diverse battle scenarios. Keep experimenting with different tower placements and hero combinations to find your strongest setup. With practice and persistence, you'll master the art of tower defense and enjoy every thrilling moment of your adventure in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD.

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