Rainbow Story MMORPG Archer Side-Scrolling


Make your move with Rainbow Story MMORPG by EskyfunUSA for role-playing. Enjoy your gaming with the new MMORPG by side-scrolling, and this game gives you a unique way for the new gamers.


The gameplay holds unique features with an adventure for fantasy. Collect and match pets with your members and enjoy the secrets having by the world, Tyre.


You may find some cool community by playing Rainbow Story and chat whatever you want with them in a real-time aspect. And also, this game included memorable battles for taking your breath away from you. Fight with the enemies and face those named Mayan Temple, Field Boss, VIP boss, and Clan with brave.


You will get much help from the clans to impact the growth of yourself. That help can make you into the strongest one in the game. Use the characters' customization ability for your excellent sake and take the maximum advantages from their features. Be a part of showing what desires your heart follows and be a part of the Rainbow Story world with excitement.


Archer Side-Scrolling


So what is this, Archer? You know that there are three classes available in the rainbow Story as Swordsman, Mage, and Archer. Among these three classes, Archer is the most popular one among gamers. This class is super powerful enough to launch significant damage to enemies from a wide area. That makes him more unique and influential throughout the gameplay of Rainbow Story.


Rainbow Story MMORPG Archer Side-Scrolling


Archer and all the other classes in this game are relatively robust. They do not belong to equality weakness. So as the Archer, you may feel some great energy than the other classes as it is highly capable of removing enemies from the quest.


He holds some skills to perform significant ATK damage to the targets, and so far, the best option will be to choose the Archer in rainbow Story.


Side-Scrolling of Archer


Before you begin the game, make sure to customize your Archer as per your perceptions. You can even change his hairstyle, hair color, and the shape and color of the eyes. After all of these processes, you can start the gameplay of the Rainbow Story.


When you are at the beginning of the game, you see some enemies waiting for you to cross the path. You have to eliminate them and clear your way to go on in here. Collect as many as coins you see in this path and move forward as you saw on the  Mage's gameplay.   Take the boat and move to the other side of the river. The game will guide you to tap on the jump button to obtain your first skill. You will take the Purifying Ward as your first skill.


Collect all the coins you see through your gameplay and make sure not to leave anything. Then in this situation, you have to tap on for taking a skill that is more powerful and useful to you. This unleashing power can make you more robust against the enemies in Rainbow Story. After taping, you will automatically level up your skills.


After climbing the top by using the rope, you will see some three enemies waiting for you to strike back. Attack them and clear them from your path to go forward. As much as you beat them, your level gradually increasing. In here, you will take the power of a shower of arrows for your strengths.


Always remember that keep eliminating the enemies can increase your skills a little wise. Now you will see the VIP rabbit king standing in front of you to attack you. Use your shower of arrows ability to strike back against this VIP rabbit king standing.


As the giant is so powerful, you may need to use your best strength to earn the victory. Defeating him can earn you some more coins, and that is all for this level. Next is the level up.


The next level is starting with the pig. You don't have to run in your feet in there and use the pig for riding. In this stage, you have the support of the other two classes of mates as well. The process of going in here is to train the pets.


Rainbow Story MMORPG Archer Side-Scrolling


You should train your pet well for the game. After reaching this stage, you will gain the chance to choose the animal type and the pet type.


Keep move forward and earn the coins and skills as you grow in the game. As Archer, your main duty associates with pet incubation. So complete it on time to grow faster than usual. You can even change your pet's interface too. Tap the interface of it and upgrade your pet's level as well. You can tap on your interface and upgrade your skills also.


Upgrading the skills is the best method to improve your attacking towards enemies.


Rainbow Story MMORPG Archer Side-Scrolling


Remember to gather your pets in successful ways to grow up. Ultimate holy arrow skill will be obtained after clearing this stage in the game. In the later stages of the dungeon, you will see the big VIP four image devil who is eagerly waiting for you to battle.


This one is quite a powerful enemy than the ones you faced before. You will need your whole strength to defeat him and grow in the game.


Always keep in your mind to grow straight forward in the gameplay of rainbow Story. The reason is what you go through is the only way to create your skills. Once you pass different levels, it will automatically give you powerful abilities for your use.


The advantage of using the skills you obtain is going for the growth in the game. As you get skills, you can trounce the enemies without wasting any seconds.


You will see that you can gain the chance to take VIP boss privilege, and later on, one by defeat one, you will turn up to the VIP Gaga the Cupid. The ones who will turn up at the growth of the game are bringing you the most powerful enemies. Those enemies are not the ones who can defeat your least efforts.


You will have to use your all superpowers to eliminate them from your path and to upgrade yourself.


Rainbow Story MMORPG Archer Side-Scrolling


Make use of the VIP dungeons as much as you can to develop through the game. Enhance your equipment to speed up your fighting against the enemies. As you go through the battles and dungeons, you will continuously repeat to see VIP four image devil, Rabbit King, and the Cupid Gaga for fighting.


Step by step, leveling it will gradually make it hard for you to defeat them as Archer. That is why you need to use your skills in the right way.  




Archer will be so good to keep growing in Rainbow Story fantasy MMORPG as he is holding some useful features in defense, attacking, and mobility. He is the very best one to choose for attacking enemies. So through the gameplay, it will be easy to going with Archer to develop the game entirely with him.


Make use of the technics and the ways of the gameplay we mentioned here in the right way, and it will surely lead you to become an ultimate winner in the Rainbow Story fantasy MMORPG.

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