Fate/Grand Order - Top 5 Servants to Roll For in 2023


With the New Year Celebration Event coming to celebrate the year of 2023 for Fate/Grand Order, players are immensely interested in the upcoming contents including events, campaigns and even new servants coming for the Global Server of Fate/Grand Order. Thankfully, with the power of Clairvoyance and the help of the Japanese Server which is 2 years ahead of the Global server, we can know and see which servants will be worth rolling for and which servants will be the best servants for the game of Fate/Grand Order in 2023. 


In this guide, we will go over the top 5 best servants to be released in the upcoming year of 2023 for the Fate/Grand Order NA server and advise players on what each servants excel at, how their kit works and what contents should players use the servants on. In addition, through this guide, players will be able to have an understanding of when important events are coming in Fate/Grand Order NA server and plan ahead accordingly.



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Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out the best top 5 servants for the year 2023 together.

Fate/Grand Order - Top 5 Servants to Roll For in 2023

Please note that images are of the Japanese Server as these servants are not available yet on the NA server. In addition, the time frame of the events and for the availability of these servants are purely speculative due to the ever-changing nature of the NA server’s schedule, so take the time frame as a possible time for these servants to arrive.


The ranking of these servants were ranked based on their combat ability, the contents they should be used on, their roles in the game’s meta and the rarity and availability of each servant. This ranking doesn’t rank the servants based on their popularity or look as this is a pure list based on gameplay perspective.

Rank 5 - Miss Crane

Estimated Release Time: Late March - Early April 2023


Miss Crane is a 5* Collab Limited Caster servant available during the special collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Grand Order: Waltz in The Moonlight and is only available on special lucky bags and GSSR banners ever since her debut. She is a support caster capable of supporting the entire team with invincibility and star generation. In addition, if the party includes costume-owning servants, she will also grant stars to them.

Miss Crane's main strong point lies heavily on her Noble Phantasm. Miss Crane’s Noble Phantasm can only be activated when there’s 20 critical stars on the field. Once activated, Miss Crane grants the ally next to her (on her right in the party order) an attack up, NP damage up and NP battery before removing herself from the frontline and places herself in the last slot in the backline. This essentially means that she will be replaced by the next ally in the queue, allowing players to buff the damage dealer even more with a backline support servant in the waiting.


Miss Crane's limited availability and hard to use kit is the reason why she’s the lowest entry on this list, however, as she is a collaboration servant, players should absolutely roll her when she comes.

Rank 4 - Morgan

Estimated Release Time: Late May - Early June


Morgan is a 5* Berserker that specializes in dealing massive amounts of damage to all enemies in front of her and improving the entire team’s survivability and offensive capability with her buff centric moveset. 


Morgan is the queen of the faes and is one of the best servant in the JP meta as of writing this articles, her strength lies in her ability to both farm massive waves of enemies thanks to her being an AOE berserker servant with a Buster NP but also lies in her her ability to be featured in the special “Avalon Immortal Comp”.

Despite being a berserker class servant, Morgan’s survivability is extremely powerful when she is paired with Caster Artoria and Merlin, allowing them to constantly loops the Noble Phantasm to help protect her all the while she deals damage to enemies before them. This team comp, once set up properly, will guarantee the players an immortal team comp unless the enemies can go through 4 different layers of irremovable shields. 


Morgan will have 2 separate banners during 2023, one in around June and another in around August, so players should roll on her accordingly. 

Rank 3 - Melusine (Fairy Knight Lancelot)

Estimate Release Time: Late June - Early July


Fairy Knight Lancelot (true name Melusine) is a 5* Lancer servant that is synonymous with the ability to use Black Grail to farm waves of enemies even if she is at an disadvantaged stage. In addition, she is the first ever servant capable of changing her Noble Phantasm types from Single target to AOE depending on her Ascension stage.


Melusine’s main strong point lies in her massive damage with her Noble Phantasm when paired with supports, allowing her to clear waves of enemies with ease. In addition, if she is kept at her 2nd ascension stage, when using her skill 3, Melusine will change her Noble Phantasm type from Single target to AOE and grants herself a massive 100% battery, allowing her to 3 turn farm with ease. Therefore, players should always keep Melusine at her 2nd ascension state.

Melusine’s value and strength goes hand in hand if players have the next upcoming 2 servants in the list, so if you can get the 2 servants preceding this, both Melusine and Morgan will become a godly servant in your Chaldea.

Rank 2 - Oberon

Estimated Release Time: Early August


The Fairy King himself, Oberon is a 5* servant and the game’s first Pretender class servant with a fairly simple kit but extremely powerful supporting capability and enables the rise of many different team comps simply by existing.

Oberon’s kit allows him to grant the entire party 20% NP battery and 1 ally a whooping 70% Np battery, allowing them to use their NP with ease. In addition, his 3rd skill is the most powerful buster buffing skill in the game, however, it comes with a huge detriment. Oberon’s 3rd skill allows him to double the ally’s NP damage up effects and grants them 50% Buster performance up, ensuring that their noble phantasm will deal massive amounts of damage, afterwards, however, the ally will be permanently sleep and can not wake up, rendering them useless.


Oberon’s main use is to buff the farming ally on the 3rd turn with all of his buffs, allowing them to deal a massive blast of Noble Phantasm against the 3rd wave of enemy (often the last wave in any battle). His kit and abilities also allow for the famous Black Grail Buster farming when paired with the last member on this list, making him a valuable servant that all Chaldeas need to have.

Rank 1 - Koyanskaya of Light

Estimate Release Time: Late July


The queen of Buster herself and the arbiter of Buster Farming Age, Koyanskaya of Light is a 5* Assassin servant with the ability to enable the Buster farming comps with her skills.


Koyanska of Light’s main power lies in her skill kit that shortens the DPS skill cooldown, allowing them to use their skills multiple times to buff themselves. In addition, Koyanskaya of Light grants a massive 50% buster performance up buff with her 3rd skill and a 50% NP Battery, allowing any buster servants with a good enough NP battery to use their Noble Phantasm constantly to farm.

When paired with Oberon, Koyanskaya allows for almost all Buster Servants with a 30% NP battery to loop 3 turns, enabling buster farming and opening a new age of farming for the game. Koyanskaya pairs best with the aforementioned buster AOE servants, including Morgan and Melusine, making them the game’s best farming servants and greatly enhances their usability in all game contents alike. Therefore, if players want to keep up with Fate/Grand Order's future meta, having Koyanskaya of Light is an absolute necessity. 

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Fate Grand Order Melusine the 5 Star Lancer Review

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