Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier – Comprehensive Classes Guide

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If you look at the original Final Fantasy games, then there is no doubt that now, there are many differences that you are likely to spot here. Instead of having to rely on a weapon that was of your choice, you will also be able to use your top-notch abilities, the skills that you have to take you to the path of victory.


FFVII - The First Soldier Classes Title


As you continue to play, you will be on the route to becoming a master very soon and be in the position to increase and enhance your powers, thus become a force that will be difficult to be reckoned with.


If you have noticed, you will come across specific melee weapons used for purposes, and they also come intact with bonuses that would showcase how good a soldier is in fighting. 


Once you get used to all of this, you will ultimately become comfortable and choose what works for you and what does not.


There is no established way of securing a win in a firefight, and many times it is just all contingent upon your skills and whether you have the knowledge and the resources. If you do, you are good to go, but if you don't, then you will surely need to improve if you want to make your mark on the game.


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Classes:


FFVII - The First Soldier Classes Guide




The deal with the sorcerer is that it uses magic in a highly efficient manner, which makes it easier for it to unlock many outstanding boosters. It even ends up boosting the MP speed and the recovery speed as well. You can unlock spells on the minimap and fire off, too; however, that all depends once you reach a particular level, and then you are ready to bash your opponents!


Weapon: Model 89 Staff


Ability: Arcane Field helps increase the MP speed and calls for a recovery speed cooldown.


Trait: Magic Boost


Ability Upgrades:


Trance – This helps in reducing MP cost, whereas the materia will increase by 1.


Key Skill: Concentration


Upgrades to Skill: Has the Etheric Drain calls for recovery via the HP or the MP by a constant amount when you end up using the Fire, Blizzard, or the Thunder materia to beat the opponent.

Additionally, Magic Detector is also present, which can sense the usage of materia from a particular range, and the affected area is then displayed with the help of the minimap.




The warrior is very quick on their feet and can rush with additional boosts and ounces of speed. Its weapon is the Longswood that allows for prompt attacks and gives you HP each time the opponents are defeated, making it a great choice.


Weapon: Model 89 Longsword


Special Trait: Fearless Charge


This helps increase the distance that you can get when attacked with a Melle weapon, and you can also use your Rush ability.


Ability: Rush


You can move quickly in any direction. It endows you with the ability to move in all directions swiftly.


Ability Upgrades:


Has the “Punisher” that allows for Melee attack damage to be inflicted severely, a Melee attack range, and has speed movement for a fixed duration too.


Essential Skill: The Siphon Slash


This calls for recovering a certain amount of HP when a Melee weapon has caused damage.


Skill Upgrades: 


It has the warrior spirit and can augment the barrier when in possession of Rush and the Fearless Charge.


Counter shield, if any:


When you undergo damage, it helps in creating a barrier in the face of the attack. However, it is limited to being utilized only once at every level.




The Monk is outstanding with their fists, which help them secure any Melee fights, as long as the odds are in their favor. They have barriers that protect from damage and can increase their health too when their boosts end up dropping to below 20%. They become more potent when they have added boosts in times of severe attacks.


Key Weapon: Fists


Key Trait: Inner Strength


It can recover damage when it reaches 20% or less HP and can range to critical of 100% only once.


Special Ability: Manawall


It can take advantage by creating a defensive barrier, and therefore reducing damage. Creates a defensive barrier in front of you that reduces damage.


Ability Upgrades:


Has the Chakra Field that helps create a field that specializes in removing poison and is able to recover HP for the candidates persistently.


Key Skill: Able to revitalize


It is in power to increase the HP recovery performed.


Skill Upgrades:


Now has the Chakra Unleashed that helps recover HP immediately once a limited amount of damage has occurred. However, it is limited to once-in-a-level only.


Awakened Strength:


Can raise the recovery time for the Inner Strength trait.




FFVII - The First Soldier Classes


The Ranger mostly focuses on targeting and tracking other people, and therefore are known to be masters of their surroundings and are even able to end up manipulating the location of individuals such as monsters and players. They are highly conspicuous and can even end up blinding the snipers on the opponent team from targeting them.


Weapon: Model 89 Shortsword


Key Trait: Mark


As a Ranger, when you have the scoped eyeing on the enemy, you can inflict a lot of harm on the opposing candidate.


Key Ability: Can Assess


Is able to assess candidates and monsters as well as other effects on the map with their impeccable diligence and assessment qualities.


Ability Upgrades:


It consists of the ability to manipulate and exercise control over the people in an area.


Key Skill: Sniper Eye


With the help of the scope, the opposing targets are seen more clearly.


Skill Upgrades:


It has a Silencer that aids in reducing the sound of guns when fired. They also have Acute senses that help them in hindering the view of their opponents.


FFVII - The First Soldier Gameplay


Of course, it’ll take time to master all of these classes, but a fun fact is that in the end, you will be in a position to do that. Just continue wielding your favorite styles with outstanding skills. As the game continues to progress, you will unlock high skills and much more. So, stay in touch!


How to Choose a Class Style in Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier:


Choosing a specific class in any game when you're new can be confusing due to different options, but we have you covered. Read more below about important information needed when choosing a class suiting your play style.




One most important aspect of this game is Materia. You can equip 3 Materia at one time. Your choice of gameplay on Materia significantly improves your chances of survival. You can choose aggressive Materia like fireball and blizzard, for example, to deal damage to your opponents, this way killing monsters for faster XP and on players to initiate a fight with advantage. Similarly, you can choose defensive Materia to heal yourself after a battle or put up a shield when fighting with a stronger opponent to give you that edge.


Skills and Abilities:


The Second important aspect that defines your selection of a hero is the abilities and skills of your chosen class. Let's explain this point further by looking at the tracking ability, which informs you of the proximity of enemies nearby. The information thus gathered can help you devise your strategy to either keep farming when no one’s nearby or move towards a player if he doesn’t know where you are and surprise him or camp for a short time if a player is approaching your proximity.


Faster Clear:


The third important factor when choosing a class is a faster clear time of monsters. The quicker you kill a monster, the more Gil you will earn and the faster you can buy new gear and upgrade your skills and equipment.


Movement Speed:


Movement speed is critical in any battle royale as you need to traverse maps in quick succession and quickly find the loot you need to upgrade or survive battles.


Starting Weapon:


The last and most crucial aspect of any battle Royale and specifically Final Fantasy VII: The first Soldier is choosing a class style based on their starting weapon and their perks and how familiar you are with them. Do you prefer a melee weapon for the faster attack speed to recover some HP? Do you choose a staff because it has faster MP regeneration so you can use more skills and Materia? Or you prefer a sniper rifle so that you are at a safe distance and with better scope to pick off your enemies one by one? Whichever weapon you choose, remember that practice with them and get as much grip on them as possible.


You can look into our Ultimate Weapons Guide to learn more about weapon types and their perks.


Best Class Styles in Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier:


We have chosen Warrior and Ranger to be the best classes in Final Fantasy VII: The first Soldier explained in their respective sections.




The best class, in our opinion, is the warrior because of their sword as starting weapon. Firstly, they can deal more damage, and secondly, the sword allows them to return HP after each kill to stay in farming XP longer than other classes. Warriors' ability to use Punisher significantly increase sword damage, further enhancing their damage while providing a minor boost to speed.


The second reason is their movement speed, which is very important in Battle Royale games. The Rush ability of the warrior further enhances this.




The ranger is one of the best class FFFS because of his tracking ability. Rangers can track both players as well as monsters. In battle royale games, knowing the position of the enemies is paramount; if you know that there isn't any player near you, you can either kill monsters for more XP or otherwise find loot to gear up yourself up. After getting gear and XP, you can wait for a player if you know their location to make a surprise attack on them.


The second reason they're the best is firstly their range due to snipers, and secondly, their ability to reduce the sight of enemies makes them kill enemies quickly.


The third reason is their better and more clear scope, making kill shots easier than other classes.


LDPlayer Features For FFVII: The First Soldier:


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is an epic game that is known for its high demands and powerful requirements. Thankfully, by using LDPlayer, which is arguably one of the best emulators in the world, you can set aside these requirements and play the game at very high FPS with no stutters or lag whatsoever.


All in all, you can enjoy the game at a lower system requirement while also taking advantage of some of its bespoke features, like the ability to change your key binds so that you are able to comfortably play the game on a mouse and keyboard with no issues whatsoever just like you would on a normal PC game.




Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has one of the most versatile and dynamic classes in gaming history. With tons of options to choose from, it is quite worthwhile to take a look at all of the ones that are already available so that you can make your decision. In the end, no class is inherently worse than any other; everything is entirely dependent on your playstyle. So, be vary of making the wrong choice!

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