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Last Updated: 2023-03-23

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Welcome to the official BETA of Tribal Idle !

Mythical heroes are by your side to develop your preferred strategies and overcome the many bosses along your path. Summon heroes to discover new ways of playing and equip items to strengthen your team.

On lands devastated by centuries of war, five opposing factions must unite to face a new threat – the Forgotten. Ghostly creatures spreading death in their wake, they're about to destroy the world of Briseland. Build your team of great heroes from the five factions and set out to discover the origin of the Forgotten in order to save Briseland before it is too late.

The territories of the world of Tribal Idle are divided and ravaged by past wars. The cities are in ruin, the great monuments destroyed. In these wastes, a few resourceful characters do their best to survive.

One day, a mysterious man named Egramor presents himself as factionless to the heroes. He asks them to embark on an expedition to a mysterious region in order to defeat the one rumored to be responsible for the coming of the Forgotten.

The heroes will have to traverse the territories of the five factions. From one village to another, they will save survivors from the attacks of the Forgotten and find new heroes to improve the team.

The different factions:

- Spread across a vast continent, the Luxans are ruled by a tyrannical royal family. Having forsaken their gods, they now have to fight for their freedom.

- Pioneers from the north, the Norns invade every village they come across. In search of eternal glory, they hunt and fight to walk the steps of their ancestors.

- The Olympus use their skills to pursue knowledge. Curious and clever, they only resort to violence if barbarians threaten their principles.

- The Quetzals inhabit temples in the middle of the Great Forest. Living in peace and harmony with nature, the different Quetzal clans each have a specific role in protecting their environment.

- The Xians are proud and united. Despite the cataclysm they suffered, their minds have not weakened. They will continue to fight, loyal to the emperors of their eternal dynasties.

The different hero roles:

Ranger: Rangers are agile and have great range, allowing them to attack from behind. They deal constant damage thanks to their fast and automatic attacks.

Mage: Mages wield magic to perfection! Their abilities allow them to inflict considerable damage or take control of enemies.

Assassin: Assassins take advantage of the chaos of battle to eliminate weaker targets. They are able to teleport behind enemy lines and turn invisible.

Warrior: Warriors use powerful melee attacks. They are generally placed on the front line to deal as much damage as possible.

Tank: Tanks are resilient to enemy attacks, allowing them to absorb damage or slow opponents. They are the heart of a team's defense.
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