Impostor Legends

Last Updated: 2023-06-10

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Overall the gameplay of it is quite enjoyable. However, there shear amount of ad's are unbearable, after each stage, each level and to even upgrade buildings a 30second ad is there waiting. Want to use your new elements to make a new imposter, not a problem just watch another ad to use it. Unfortunately I won't be playing this anymore, there is more ad then gameplay considering a stage in a level could take between 5 and 20 seconds an ad is just annoying after everything


The game is kinda fun for a few minutes but then it just gets boring. You can't buy anything with the coins you earn there are really only two types of imposters and the stealth mechanics aren't good. And to elaborate on the stealth part, your character should not be detected if a body is found the character should be detected if an enemy spots you


It's fun... Until you realize after 30 minutes that you only played for 5 of those minute and the other 25 were ads just to be allowed to keep playing. Total cash grab, sadly don't waste your time. Its to bad, it could have been a fun time killer. Greed prevails once again. Thumbs down dev.

Welcome to Impostor Legends!

Time for Impostor rampage! Choose one among the many legendary Impostors and start fighting! Get all parts to create your own collection of the strongest legendary Impostors! Find and fuse parts with super abilities to fight the enemies on different levels – from underground base to spaceship, there are always fun fights for the real traitor!

Impostor Legends is easy to master with intuitive controls – just combine two parts to create your legendary Impostor and start fighting through levels! You can play any way you want: advance in stealth mode like a real traitor and carefully crawl among enemies or bring the fight to them and be a real hero! Your impostor is strong enough not only to defeat regular enemies but legendary epic bosses as well!

Unlock new parts with gaining money you get from killed enemies and bosses. Get new parts and add even more playable characters to your collection. Which Impostor will be your favorite? Don't forget to upgrade your base and Impostor skills – improve your stats for amazing fights! Want more? Try our the power of your legendary Impostor in cooperative multiplayer arena mode! Defend against enemy hordes in a team of four players for maximum fun!

Сreate and collect all Impostors and save them to your collection! There are legendary heroes with super abilities, ninjas, assassins, and monsters – choose your favorite among them! Will you be the player with the greatest collection of unique Impostors? Try it and have fun in Impostor Legends!
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