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Last Updated: 2022-12-07
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This game was so fun until level 101. After 4 days of losing, I had to purchase the $1.99 help pack to beat the level. Unfortunately level 102 and 103 are just as hard. I am very disappointed. I guess I will delete this game since the 100+ levels are almost impossible to beat.


I absolutely adore/love this game! There's no ads unless you want to get rewards and it's so calming and relaxing! So many different kitties to get, play with, bath, dress up! And decorating rooms as well! I love the colors and sound affects also! Thank you for creating this game! It's the tile game I've been searching for! <3


this must be bought reviews, trying to ride the 'cutesy train'. the game is ad free for ten minutes and then you get flooded with 30 - 60 sec unskippable ads. the game is too lame to bear with that. also: literally unbeatable daily, unless p2w. and whoever 'composed' this music deserves a kick to the face.

Play My Cat Tiles on PC
For the love of pet simulation, the Boltrend Games have a puzzle-solving game as My Cat Tiles, where you can have a relaxing as well as a calming experience with a match 3 puzzle gaming. If you want to be dressed up, it is possible here, and all these things can be done while interacting with some of the cutest kittens from the game. There will be many things to explore with all these kittens, and with time, you will be able to meet more and more new cats too.

More Stages and Peace
There are so many stages available in this game that you can clear as a player, and every one of them is getting interested in you one by one. There are thousands of them to interact with the match 3 perspective, and not all of them have the same pattern. Each of them will be featured with fun, and the more progress directly means for the more fun. Just as the way you entertain from each level, they will be more challenging with the progress you make.
Although the levels are getting a bit challenging with time, it makes you reach for inner peace because everything here is relaxing. You have the best experience with puzzle solving here, and you are going to have a unique experience from every level. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9. Here will be your perfect platform with the best features to make your game more fun.

Rooms and Cats
There are rooms that you can decorate here and if you want to relax with your cat, creating a private room is possible in this game with some more stages cleared. And you can have more interactions with your cats. Even if you want them to feed, give a bath, or dress them up, everything is possible here.

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