Brick Works

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Last Updated: 2023-06-10

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Brick Works is an addictive and challenging puzzle game that puts your reflexes and strategic thinking to the test. Your objective is to rotate and position bricks in buckets before the timer runs out. Too slow and a bucket is chosen for you.

Using the intuitive touch controls, you can rotate the bricks either clockwise or anti-clockwise by tapping on the designated touch points. Time is of the essence, as you need to quickly decide the optimal rotation and placement for each brick.

Be careful, though! Each brick adds weight to the bucket, and if it becomes too heavy, the safety switch may be triggered, abruptly ending the game. So, you must carefully balance the weight distribution among the buckets and your desire to win to keep the game going.

To earn points, you need to clear lines by filling them with bricks. Additionally, there's a bonus challenge where you can score extra points by creating specific patterns within each bucket. The more patterns you match, the higher your bonus points will be.

Prepare to engage in a thrilling balancing act as you strive to rotate bricks, position them accurately, and maintain equilibrium among the buckets. With its addictive gameplay and strategic challenges, Brick Works will keep you entertained and coming back for more!
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