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My baby piano is the best game learning app for your kids on Android
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Updated on 2017-08-17
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My baby piano - Music & Songs Description
My baby piano is the best game baby game piano learning app for your kids on Android! This kid piano game is specially designed for kids to play and learn for fun. It Will be great for music Learning and exploration.
Kids Piano Melodies is a musical game for children so that they can learn how to play the piano and identify instrument sounds in a fun an easy way. It will encourage your children to explore music in a new and creative way by Following the colors and alphabet A.B.C...
The interface of the app is colourful and bright. It will interest you and please your child as he will learn music while playing exciting games.
This kid’s piano keyboard app has adorable animations, HD illustrations and sound. When your children touches screen,
Learn how to play popular piano songs. Kids will listen and learn in an easy way to play some of the most famous children's songs through 8 musical notes. Classic songs like «London Bridge «and «Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,"
★ Increase the skills to listen, memorize and concentrate.
★ It stimulates the imagination and creativity of children.
★ It stimulates the intellectual development, motor skill, sensory, auditory and speech of children.
★ Improve sociability, causing children interact better with their peers.
★ Touch the piano to play your music.
★ There are 3 music instruments (piano, xylophone, and drum).
★ Play songs with the music instruments.
★ Record your sound for piano tones.
★ Fantastic auto play feature to play the selected song.
★ Option to use background music on the piano.
Let your toddler develop their love of music. Your child or toddler will love this piano game Developed specifically for pre-schoolers, combines the main concepts of early childhood education for 3-6 year-old babies and covers the Cognition Pavilion,
Download ‘’my baby piano’’ for free and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions. For more new songs and Musical instruments to enjoy even more.

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