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Piano for kids - learning games,20 instruments, 20 melodies
PSV Studio Kidnimals baby games
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Baby Piano Description
"Kids Piano" as a real piano – educates ear to music and child’s mentality without mentioning finger fine motor skills.
More than 20 melodies from various parts of the world which you may play on 20 various instruments starting from piano and up to animal sounds, bright colors – all in one application " Kids Piano – Baby Games"!
There are three play modes:
1. Classical – You just play piano selecting any of 20 instruments for sounding.
2. Tutorial - teach how to play every melody.
3. Karaoke –try to play melodies and the falling notes will help You.

Make first steps in music development along with us!
People are dedicated to music since childhood. Music develops child’s skills; make his/her life more fun and interesting. That’s why we habituate a child to music since childhood, from the first lullaby over the crib.

Baby piano or baby xylophone for Toddlers is a baby play which belongs to category of baby games up to 10. Learning children games is an important component of present-day child development. Educational games for small children on mobile devices become trend in category of baby games

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Comments about Baby Piano Android Version
Ads pop up all the time and baby opens them on accident. Also baby can exit app on accident. Not worth it until they fix it.
Good idea, nice bright graphics, but useless fot little fingers thanks to the stupid advert ever present. The devs forgot about their target audience with this one. Uninstalled in less than 5 mins.
They put an ad right almost on the piano so the baby will hit the ad while just playing. It sucks. Do not download.
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