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80 levels to play, 13 types of game about BlackPink
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BLINK - BlackPink game Description
Hey BLINK, do not miss this one: an awsome FREE FUN game – specially designed for you, who are in love with the cute cool badass BlackPink.

BLINK: BlackPink game is not just one game. Levels after level, and you will never be bored by the variety of game genres.

7 CHAPTER (In first version)
*** CHAPTER 1: WHISTLE - 8 stages with quiz, 2 pic 1 word, ball drop game.
*** CHAPTER 2: BOOMBAYAH - 10 stages with tricks and iq test.
*** CHAPTER 3: PLAYING WITH FIRE - 10 stages with bomb timer stopper.
*** CHAPTER 4: AS IF IT'S YOU LAST - 12 stages with detail memory.
*** CHAPTER 5: DDU DU DDU DU - 12 stages with melody and vision test.
*** CHAPTER 6: KILL THIS LOVE- 14 stages with find differences game.
*** CHAPTER 7: STAY - 14 stages with MV snapshot, quiz, 2 pic 1 word game.
FEATURES: 80 levels to play with 12 types of game (in the first version. More levels and games are coming)
List of mini game:
*** Tricky: think out of the box to solve tricks puzzles.
*** Popping heart: pay attention and tap when the needle points to the heart.
*** Imagination: You’ll see a photo as the clue. You have letters. Build the song name.
*** Bombs: Countdown bombs keep running. Stop them at very last moments to win.
*** Magician: Drop the ball into the magician hat to pass.
*** IQ: An IQ question about number sequence to test your mind
*** Memories: you’ll have 15 seconds to watch a photo. Try to remember all details.
*** Eyes Nose Lips: Can you recognize who is that if you only can view BlackPink member eyes, nose, or lips?
*** Differences: There’re 3 differences between 2 pictures. Can you spot them?
*** MV snap: an image from a MV is covered by blocks. 3 blocks will be removed randomly
*** Melody: You have a very limit time, can you pick the correct name of the song
*** Reverse: The music play reverse.
*** Quiz: quiz question about BlackPink members history and facts
This is an unofficial fan-made application for the use of BLINK communication. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by BlackPink, their management teams, or their record labels.

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Comments about BLINK - BlackPink game Android Version
Amazing! It was really fun and an amazing game overall. I managed to finish it in under 2 hours as I enjoyed playing it and I still go over the questions I've already done. The only problem is the heart game, where you use the needle to 'pop' them- it's really annoying and quite hard. Apart from that, one of my best ever downloads!
I really really love the game But at some point i couldn't see the mv part of the quiz so i will have to use up all of the lives and still had to refill the lives just to pass the mv part of the quiz that's why i gave it a 4star rating aside that the game is really amazing❤❤❤❤
Nice but it has so 2 faults... That's why you got ⅗ from me 1. As this app called 'blink' so why you question about other topics. 2. There's a game 'tap screen on the screen when the needle points the heart' I think it was worst game ever cuz if I will done a small mistake then it will take time at least 1:30, now what can I do, Do I have to wait? and I can't skip the level also. Hope you understand so please fix it as soon as possible...Btw (By the way) believe me this app is awesome.
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