Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts Guide and Tips for All the Beginners to Win through Challenges


Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts is one of the most challenging idle role-playing games you will ever try. Here in this game, the challenges are very unique. Unlike in other games, the challenges are not just about battles; here, you will enjoy taking part in brain-teasing challenges that test your thinking skills. Besides these twisted challenges, you may find a summoning system to summon powerful heroes to battle in PvP and PvE. So, in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide, you will find the best tips and tricks to assist you in your difficult times. 

Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts Guide and Tips

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The battles are rich in idle elements, and an idle reward system gives you rewards for being idle in this game. But you should know the right heroes to deploy at the right times to have awesome victory through all the challenges. So get ready to go through this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide to learn the best tips and tricks to play Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts on PC with LDPlayer 9. 

Twist and Mend Challenges

Twist and Mend is full of challenges that test your brain power. Yeah, the story of the Twist and Mend challenges is a dragon has stolen the Vitality Stone and your heroes are called to confront the beast. This dragon has designed very tough puzzles to throw you off. But here, it is necessary to overcome these challenges to defeat the dragon. You will see crafty levels about untangling twisted iron pieces in these twist-and-mend challenges. So, let us speak of these aspects to understand them well during the gameplay. 

Twist and Mend Challenges

In these challenges, you will be given a board full of tangled pieces of iron, but twisted. All you have to do is untangle all the twisted iron pieces on the board and free up the board. In most of these challenges, you must detach all the brackets by screwing up the nuts, and then the twisted iron pieces will automatically be untangled. The deeper you go, the challenges become tougher. Therefore, what is important here is how strategic you are. 

The victory of each untangling challenge is decided by your strategic level. Winning each twist and mend challenge gives you more rewards at the end of the challenge, and also, these challenges come as chapters where you can complete a certain number of challenges and move on to the next chapter. Complete more chapters clearing these twist and mend challenges using your brain efficiently while being tactical and unlocking amazing things to your gameplay. 

There are Hints to Help You

There are Hints to Help You

Sometimes, the Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts game provides you with hints, and these hints are very helpful for you to understand what you need to do in a twist and mend challenge to win over it. As we said in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide, the deeper you go in the game, the tougher it gets. 

Therefore, at some challenges, you get stuck; during those times, a hint option will appear with a yellow color bulb on the right side of the game screen. Tap on it; it will tell you the order to detach the iron pieces from the board. And then, with the hint you get, you can try again and easily win over the challenge level. 

Idle Chest for Amazing Rewards

You can access the idle chest from the idle tab of the main menu of the Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts game. The idle chest is a chest that accumulates rewards for the time you are idle in this gameplay. Here, in the idle chest, you can get gold coins, summoner’s EXP to increase the player level, energy essence to level up the heroes, and bounty offer clues that can be used to accept bounty offers. 

Idle Chest for Amazing Rewards

As all of these resources you can get from the idle chest are very beneficial for your gameplay, you must claim the rewards from the idle chest after a certain time limit. The more time you wait before claiming the rewards from the idle chest, the more rewards can be claimed at once because there is an hourly rate for each reward to be accumulated in this idle chest. This rate will be increased with the level of the idle chest. You can level up the idle chest by clearing campaign stages in the twist and mend tab and receive more rewards for your gameplay. 

The time travel feature in this idle chest allows you to instantly obtain 120 minutes' worth of gold coins, energy essence, bounty offer clues, summoner EXP and one-time energy. There are two free time travels per day. Don’t let these two free chances slip away from you very easily; use each chance to fill up your game with many rewards. 

Challenges in Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts 

You can take part in challenges and earn huge rewards in your Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts gameplay. Here, you can enter a challenge through the idle tab of the main menu. Go there and tap on the challenge, and you can start challenging after you are done with all the battle preparations. 

Challenges in Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts 

Regarding battle preparation, the most important thing is the hero formation. Before you start the battle, the game allows you to edit your formation and add heroes you like. You can even look at the enemy lineup, their skills, the faction they belong to and their roles on the battlefield. Once you have a good look at the enemy lineup, you should choose heroes that are powerful enough to exceed the combat power of the enemy team for a perfect victory at the end. 

Also, when creating your battle lineup and adding the best heroes, you can assign the heroes to the team in a way you can take faction advantage. The faction advantage lets you increase the damage when attacking the disadvantaged faction. All the characters, the enemies and your heroes belong to different factions, and there are five factions in total. 

Each faction is advantageous and disadvantageous against each other, which reminds us of the rock paper scissor game we still love to play. Suppose you clearly understand how to take the faction advantage of your team. In that case, you will easily outsmart the enemies, dealing mass damage to them using the heroes who belong to the factions that can overpower the faction the enemies belong to. 

After setting up the team using the tips mentioned above in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide, you can start the challenge. Each challenge has a specific time, and the challenges are idle, meaning the battles are controlled by AI technology, where your heroes will battle independently. 

The heroes have unique skills, and when they have gathered enough energy in the battles, they will unleash their skills automatically, turning the tides of the battles to your advantage. As the battles take place here idle, you should take necessary steps to strengthen the heroes because the victory of the battle depends on the heroes you assign. 

Challenges in the Mysterious Realms

As we said above, the campaign mode or the twist and mend challenges are the keys to unlocking new amazing things in this game. You will unlock the mysterious realms once you complete a specific number of chapters in the campaign mode. This is another kind of challenge in which you can take part and obtain the best rewards for your gameplay. 

Challenges in the Mysterious Realms

The mysterious realms include five different realms called Sacred Relics, Nest of Dragons, Treasure Island, Lost Forest, and Eternal Ruins. Of all the realms, only the first realm, the Sacred Relics, is unlocked for you. The progress you show in the campaign mode in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts game will unlock other realms for you to enter. Going through all the realms, you will encounter very tough challenges. When the challenges get tougher, you can get great amounts of rewards through these challenges. 

You can obtain rewards such as energy essence, gold coins, hero fragments, memory echos and gear items through these challenges. As all these resources are useful for various aspects of this game, make sure to adventure in these realms as said in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide. Here, you have two free challenge chances to take part in the challenges in the mysterious realms. These challenges are also similar to the challenges in the idle tab. 

Visit Summon Circle and Summon More Heroes

You know that the challenges you face become more difficult when you advance in this game, unlocking new features step by step. When the challenges get too tough for you to handle, that is where you should summon more heroes to your gameplay. Having the best heroes takes off half of your burden when taking part in the tougher challenges. The summon circle is where you should go to summon heroes in this game. You can access it from the Mainland tab of the game's main menu. 

Visit Summon Circle and Summon More Heroes

The summon circle has two summon banners, eternal summon and friendship summon. The eternal summons guarantees to give you a five-star legendary hero in your first-tenth summoning. Whatever the summoning banner you choose, the probability rates for the higher star-tier heroes are low, while the probability rates for the lowest star-tier heroes are high. Yes, the drop rates for the five-star legendary, five-star, and four-star epic heroes are low, while the three-star basic heroes get the highest probability rates in these summoning banners. 

Therefore, it will be really hard for you to get the best heroes for your gameplay. But here in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide, we suggest the best trick to get the best heroes is through rerolling, but this rerolling is more advanced than the reroll process you have heard or done earlier. Here, you reroll through multiple accounts at once. 

For that, you have to play Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts on your PC with LDPlayer 9. Using the Multi-Instance Sync feature in LDPlayer 9, you will create multiple accounts, and then you can start rerolling through all these accounts to get the best heroes you dreamed of having earlier. 


The best tips, tricks, and guidelines have been given above in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide for all beginner players, including you. Now that you have identified the best tips and guidelines to use when playing this game ensure great advancement within the shortest time possible. Follow these tips while playing the game and get yourself together perfectly during the most difficult challenges with these tips above in this Valor Legends: Nuts & Bolts guide.

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