Vacuum Killer Tips and Tricks for Faster Progress

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Vacuum Killer, a game that is getting the players' appreciation, is offered by the Rollic Games. With a whopping 1 million + downloads, the game is categorized under free action game. The Vacuum Killer was released on November 30, 2021, and got its 4.9 version in January 2022. The game is apt for 18+ people and contains ads offered by the developer itself. 




Talking about the game, the developers say just clean the office by killing off the officers before they swipe you out of the office or kick you out.


Also, if we talk about what the players think of the game, according to a significant group of players, they consider the game to be entertaining in terms of passing the time, calling the cats in the game to be cute. The game is a super exciting option if you want to relax and spend some free time. With a good review rate of 4.7/5, you can try this game. It is easily available in the Google Play Store and The iOS App Store.


Now players, are you thinking of playing this fun and exciting game- Vacuum Killer? Before getting started, look at the tips and tricks below to win it and tackle the enemies easily. So let's get started.


Create Your Own Face

The game is all about exploring and fighting off the office colleagues to make yourself survive in the office. The game gives you the pretty interesting feature of creating your styled face to the playable character you use. This makes the game a bit intriguing and allows you a chance to use creativity. This could be received as a tip to build more and more interest in the game. So yaa!


Vacuum Killer Mobile Game


Try To Buy More types of equipment By Watching Ads

Well, the repeated Ads popping out, again and again, could be irritating most of the time. But sometimes, it can act as a boon too, if you act wisely. The game offers a chance to earn rewards, boosters, or sometimes beneficial types of equipment if you watch the Ad. Take it as a trick to earn the amazing rewards by watching the Ad. It will prove a benefit as you will not have to spend a heavy amount of coins on it, rather spend a few seconds watching it.


Vacuum Killer Android Game


Play Smart

By saying that "Play Smart," we mean to keep your reflexes as fast as possible. The game is all about killing or destroying the officers, and for that, you need to buckle up and keep your pace. If you miss out and get lazy while wandering around in search, BOOM!! You are gone, and you lose. So take it like a pro tip and keep yourself in a well-to-do situation by choosing the better option and making the best-required decision.


Moreover, try destroying the given targets, although it takes time to destroy them. But it is worth it because you get a heavy amount of cash in your balance on winning.


Try To Understand Concept Of The Game

Before you try to play any game, the most important aspect is understanding the game's concept. This is not only a tip but a trick too, which can help you get through the enemies and take you to the win. In the context of the Vacuum Killer, the player needs to kill the officers behind you to kick you out of the office. 


You need to use the weapon provided, a cutter machine kind of stuff to destroy the enemies, the officers, and your companion "The Cat." As you move forward in the game, killing those enemies, you go on the journey of clearing the missions and combining a series of missions to form a level. So make the process a bit faster to clear more levels, resulting in the unlocking of customization items.


The game starts with you standing at the start line. As you tap on the screen, the play starts. You have to control the movement of the face character and choose options present on the right side; you will have to decide to destroy the enemy. As soon as you do that, you need to move the character and make it reach the elevator box, and there you go, completing the mission and earning some cash depending on the mission.


Vacuum Killer iOS Game


Make The Play Style More Fun

The game Vacuum Killer is meant to make you feel relaxed. Keeping that in mind, the developers give a pretty good variety in terms of customization. Well, this is all a try to make the game more engaging. Talking more about it, the players can consider this a tip and explore the various options, spending some earned cash. The wide variety consists of the following :


  • The accessories for the character
  • The various color options for the exterior of the character
  • A variety of cats that are quite cute and fun to play with
  • Various sizes and designs of the face of the character
  • Some pretty good angry expressions of the character, which you can use.
  • A range of dollar sign eyes designs for the face of the character


The game gives you well-versed options of customizations which you must try your hand on and enjoy as much as you can.


Well, for now, this was all about the tricks and tips of the game. If you have tried this mind-blowing game, "Vacuum Killer" by Rollic Games, then do tell us your opinion in the comment section. 

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