Roblox - Anime Adventures Tips and Best Strategies


It is a tower defense game that tells the tale of Gomu's encounter with the heroes and villains from several anime universes who came together because of convergence. By taking out bosses and waves of enemies, players may acquire gems, which are used to summon heroes in a gacha-like way, and they vary every hour. To help Anime Adventures gamers, we've prepared the Anime Adventures tips and best strategies.



But the game is much more different than other Tower defense games because you will be in the battle with your heroes, moving about and placing, upgrading, and changing strategies. Roblox games are made to be fun and straightforward. our Anime Adventures tips and best strategies aim to help you play the game quickly and stress-free.


Anime Adventures Tips to Earn Gems


Roblox games have been around for years now, and every day, their player base is getting more significant because they are fun, and new games are being added every day. This is also true in Anime Adventures because being a player with nice heroes is not complicated; all you have to do is search the internet for Anime Adventures codes and redeem them. Most of the time, there will be tickets to pull heroes and gems; now, all you have to do is send them to get some extraordinary heroes.


If you don't know where to redeem the code, there is a place with the rotating star; go there, and you will automatically be prompted to enter the code. 


Another one from Anime Adventures tips is to make friends to play with because you need help completing some levels to get gems. If you don't know anyone who plays the game, join a discord server where many people look for players to farm with. 


Once you acquire new friends, you should start completing the daily tasks because daily gives the most gems in the game. And remember, once you clear a stage, you can do them in hard mode; doing the stages in hard mode will also award you 75 gems, so hop in there and finish them with friends to squeeze all the gems that the game offers you.



How to Earn Gems With LDPlayer


To achieve this, you must create an Operation Record to click on the screen. if you don't know how to set it up, follow the instructions below



  • First, if you haven't downloaded LDPlayer, click on the link to download it.


  • After downloading and installing the LDPlayer, Go to LDStore and download the Roblox.


  • Open the Roblox and search Anime Adventures.


  • Then click the play button to play the game.


  • Once you are in the game, press the Ctrl + 8 to start recording.


  • Click your screen once and stop the record. 


  • Now you will see the recorded script in the Operation record toolbar and a gear symbol next to it. 


  • Click on the gear symbol and scroll down to find the “run until stop” option.


  • Now put the tick mark on it and save.

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You must go to the time machine to get gems, leave your character in there, and don't forget to run the record. This way, the game will not kick you for inactivity. Now all you have to do is press Ctrl + Q to send it to the background; when you play, a bunch of gems will be waiting for you. Isn't it a neat way to earn some gems?  Not just while you are working, you can leave it on overnight when you go to sleep to get the best out of this method. 


How to Unlock the Infinite Mode


You must complete every level in the global mode to access endless mode. You could earn gems by completing a specific number of waves daily for each world's endless mode on its unique leaderboard.



Best Heroes to Pick for Story Mode


  • Speedcart - First unit we would suggest would be Speedcart; even though using a few of them at once and upgrading them is a little bit of a hassle, it is worth the trouble because this hearo can help you to overcome the most challenging situations in the game.


  • JIO - in our opinion, Jio is a hero everyone should have because he has time stop ability; it is beneficial to slow down the waves, so your other heroes have more time to attack. You will be able to Use JIO to create bottlenecks on the map. The best part is he can also deal a good amount of damage, so having JIO in your team is very important.


  • Orwin - Orwin is to help you with bosses in the game, especially the bosses with regen ability; upgrading Orwin lowers his cool down and increases the HP of his soldiers every 14 to 13 seconds; he will release soldiers when he gets his third upgrade he will get the power to dedicate his heart, and it will boost all the troops nearby by 25 


  • Jiorno is a beast of a damage dealer; you will ever meet. As you level him up, he will do much more damage than any other hero, and he has a good reach with good AOE, so we recommend you add this hero if you have him available.


  • Agony - agony will support you with his pushback; when you combine agony with JIO, you can create the perfect stopping point for all the trash mobs.


While talking about the heroes, you may not know this; each hero you get has different stats, so before equipping or leveling up, make sure it is the hero with the best stat. More about these heroes can be learned by referring to our Anime Adventures tier list


Always Check the Traveling Merchants


On a typical day, Traveling merchants will have items you need to trade with the vendor next to the evolving room; once you collect them all, you can buy them to evolve your heroes, so always remember to check what he has to sell and remember to keep around 200 gems to buy. This is an essential one from the Anime Adventures tips if you want to increase the power of your heroes.


Anime Adventures Tips to get XP


Typically, people will think, "Let me go complete the Hidden Sand Village Act Six; it'll give me more experience," but this is not the best course of action because it is the place you should go to if you want to level your heroes. To increase the player level, you only need to enter Planet Namek and select Act One. 


This will offer you the most experience points, and you won't need any companions to finish it, so keep this in mind while you're solo farming player experience points. Don't mix them up. Hidden Sand Village Act Six is to get hero XP, but if you want to level up the player, you must go to Planet Namek and select Act One.


Anime Adventures Tips for Placing Heroes


When players start to play the game for the first time, the question everyone is going to have is where is the best place to put their units. To do this properly, you need to understand how each of your heroes works; our Anime Adventures tips are for this when you create a team, always try to get at least two heroes that can slow down the enemies and others with DPS.


Placing your hero troops close to the enemy spawn point can aid in dealing damage to them as soon as they emerge from the tower. Be sure to improve the unit you've placed and sell it or move it if it gets tricky.



Follow these Anime Adventures tips and Best Strategies provided in this article to get better at playing Anime Adventures, but for now, these are all the tricks we have up our sleeves.

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