Roblox Adopt Me Black Hole Comes as a New Update to the Game


If you are a fan of Roblox, you should definitely know about Adopt Me because it is the number one game available on the platform, with so many visits for it. You are building your own houses, playing with friends, and primarily, adopting some cute pets here. So it is a whole world that is dedicated for you to go with your interest, and now it is having a new update to the game. This is about the Roblox Adopt Me Black Hole update.




The news and the arrival of the Black Hole has already been confirmed by the developers, and it will arrive soon for the Adopt Me lovers. It seems like there will be a mysterious black hole man standing on the ground, and we are going to find out what is inside of it and everything about the new update. Download Adopt Me on PC with LDPlayer 9 and start your cute journey for the new update.


Roblox Adopt Me Black Hole Update Starting Date 

As per the official notice, it will be alive on the 22nd of September 2022 by 8.30 PM in GMT+5.30. There is also a countdown happening on the official Adopt Me webpage for this coming, and you can see how much time is left by referring to that page.


Overview of the Roblox Adopt Me Black Hole

When you log into the game and go through it, you will see there is a brand new section that has been added to the game, and there will be a character called Sean. Although the new Roblox Adopt Me Black Hole has not arrived yet, you can talk to him and see what he is saying about the game.


Apparently, this Sean is talking about himself and his intentions to destroy the planet. He identifies himself as a human planet destroyer. Aside from it, there will be a black hole, and it is sucking the buildings and disappearing things. There is also a board placed on the left side of Sean, and it shows money with no bucks will make Sean cry. And then, it shows that Sean is crying. This directs to the black hole, and Sean’s entire purpose is to consume the Adoption Island and get into the Black Hole.


It seems like the new Black Hole update will give you some aliens as well as some alien pets to the game from the Black Hole when the update finally arrives, and we really don’t know if we are going to be safe and what things this Sean guy will want.


The Things Inside the Black Hole Machine

Since this new Me Black Hole update is taking you to a black hole machine, you might be curious about what is inside of it, and let’s find it out. Since the new machine can take up the whole building one by one, it is better if you can be prepared.


  • A new map will arrive along with the machine, and it might be an alien map. It is suspected that the map will have some alternate realities.


  • There will be a chance to have a new world with this new machine, and it will not be the same one you experience in real life. It is going to be super different from reality.


Take Your Best Experience with Adopt Me

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So that is all that we currently know about the Roblox Adopt Me Black Hole update, and it seems like we cannot have many details from it until the new update arrives. There is not much time left for the new arrival and let’s see what Sean is going to do with the Black Hole. Until then, use this guide to have some idea for the new update and for the upcoming,

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