RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner's Guide For Faster Progress

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Developed by Plarium Global LTD, a game publisher based in Israel, Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based dark action RPG game that offers a fantasy-themed world that will guide you on your quest through the dangers you’ll discover later on.


The game has a couple of features that would interest fans of the turn-based genre, and it is played on an Affinity system which is a commendable aspect of the game. Some players won’t immediately be able to comprehend how the system works, but that’s why we’re here.


In this article, we’ll put you through the beginner’s guide for Raid: Shadow Legends and help you kick off your journey to save the world of Teleria. So without further ado, let’s dive in. 


Understanding the Basics

Before kicking off your journey, you’ll need to choose a champion from four Rare item champions. It’s a tough choice because all champions possess unique abilities that are useful in different situations. So in order for you to choose a champion, we suggest selecting the one who fits your favorite playing style the most. 


These four Rare Level champions have their special abilities as we’ll detail below:


Galek – Orcs Order Champion     


Galek is a hybrid tank and Orcs order champion whose physical prowess and abilities make him a considerable choice. He possesses an affinity for powerful magic attacks and is a highly recommended character for players to start the game with. Other than his magic attacks, Galek also has a good defensive debuff level combined with high speeds movement. 

Against enemies, you can count on his physical attacks to deal some pretty heavy damages in battle as he can also be used as a tank as well. Ultimately, Galek possesses all four skills combined with a low cool-down duration and higher chances of dealing with critical damage towards enemies. 


Galek – Orcs Order Champion Raid Shadow Legends


Athel – Sacred Order Champion     


Athel is a close-ranged warrior, and similar to Galek, she possesses good physical attacks that can deal great damage to enemies. She has an affinity for magical abilities and is best playable during the early stages of the game as well. 


Her physical defense level of 936 is very impressive and makes her take damages from physical attack-type enemies like It’s nothing. Her four skills include a CD restoration and reduction skill, while the other three are damage-type skills. She is suitable for players who want to attack and defend against enemies at the same time. 


Athel – Sacred Order Champion Raid Shadow Legends


Elhain – High Elves Order Champion     


Elhain is a marksman whose long-ranged shots and attacking abilities make her a formidable warrior. Her affinity for magic is best utilized at the early stages of the game as well. Being a marksman-type champion, Elhain’s HP and physical DEF is inferior compared to the other three fighters. 


She has good AoE (Area of Effect) and can deal serious damages to a single targeted enemy. Her low HP and DEF make her playable mostly by having and using a tank from your team. If you prefer marksman type of abilities or characters, then look no further than Elhain. 


Elhain – High Elves Order Champion Raid Shadow Legends


Kael – Dark Elf Order Champion     


Being a dark elf order champion allows Kael to possess clinical abilities combined with his affinity for magic attacks. He is best used at any point in the game, making him both powerful and an all-rounder. He is a formidable finisher with skills that can deal great damage to enemies.


While his HP and DEF aren’t very compelling, he possesses powerful skills than the above characters. His cool-down duration is pretty low as well, but if you use his skills at the right time, you’ll barely notice the slow cool-down time. 


Choosing your champion takes you to the game’s first tutorial, where you can unlock several champions and add them to your team. Creating the first team allows you to participate in missions and enter the world of Teleria instantly. 


Kael – Dark Elf Order Champion Raid Shadow Legends


Understanding the Affinity System

Affinity System is the game’s fundamental strategy that players need to understand and understand well. Like the four champions, you have to pick one out of; the affinity system also has four types.


  • Spirit (Green): Counter to Force(Red), Countered by Magic(Blue)
  • Force (Red): Counter to Magic(Blue), Countered by Spirit(Green)
  • Magic (Blue): Counter to Spirit(Green), Countered by Force(Red)
  • And lastly, we have the Void (Purple) with no special counters. 


Is it important that you take some time to understand each of these affinities as they are what you’ll be using to control the game’s entire attack system as well as your team’s threshold damage. If you previously chose a powerful champion that can easily counter-attacks plus a good affinity system, you’ll emerge victorious in most of your matches. 


Getting the hang of this system early on gives you a good advantage against the early bosses you’ll face at the start of that game. 


Champion Shards     

The game starts with two champions, and the number is set to increase after every level. To recruit more champions to your team, you must first collect Shards. To earn Shards, you have to continue playing even after completing a level. 


Shards aren’t very easy to come by, and if you manage to get some, you can then exchange them for a champion from a random portal. The game has four different types of Shards, and each of them represents the various availability of champions.


Champion Shards Raid Shadow Legends


  • Mystery Shard: Used to get both Common and Uncommon Rare champions.
  • Ancient Shard: For Rare, Epic, and Legendary champions.
  • Sacred Shard: Only for Epic and Legendary champions.
  • Void Shard: Consists of Rare, Epic, and Legendary champions.


Depending on how rare a particular champion is to get, you can merge them into one, which gives you a more powerful champion with a higher rarity level. For instance, combining two Rare champions will get you a single Epic champion afterward. 


Epic and Legendary champions are the hardest to get, but you can easily get your hands on common and uncommon champions and use them for experimentations. Champions can similarly be obtained by completing special levels and missions in the game.


In-game Currencies

Like in most turn-based strategy games, the game currencies are an important aspect of progression as there will be times when you will be unable to complete a certain stage without hitting the shop and spending on new equipment or buying a new champion entirely.


The three currencies used in Raid: Shadow Legends are:


Gems: Players can use these to upgrade and unlock the mine, which allows you to collect more gems and can also be used to collect Ancient Shards that often contain unique rewards.


Silver: Can be used to purchase new champions, summon them, and is also used to upgrade artifacts.


Energy: Energy resources are required in a lot of areas in the game; from embarking on quests to participating in timely events, energy is useful in these areas. 



Raid: Shadow Legends has many necessary and unnecessary features that might seem overwhelming to players new to turn-based strategy games. We hope our brief guide has been helpful to you in your mission to save Teleria.

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