Best Heroes to push Solo Rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an action role-playing game developed by Mooton, which features 5v5 battles.


Best Heroes to push Solo Rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


In Mobile Legends, you won't be up against AI Players, so you better bring your A-game because everyone in there come with a mindset to win at all cost. The game is fun to play and lets you make your strategies and choose your role according to your liking and playstyle. You can easily play Mobile Legends on a Mobile device as the requirements are quite good.


At the start, you will be put into matchmaking where you lock enemies' characters and find yours. The process is simple to choose one lane to go in and fight beside your teammates. The matches last for 10mins and out of two teams, one comes up, and the other becomes a loser.


The guide is for all the solo players who struggle a lot to push solo rank. Below given heroes will help you achieve your goal much faster and easier. So, without further ado, let's get started.


Best Heroes in Mobile Legends - Bang Bang:


All of the below-given heroes are best to push solo rank, so pick anyone you like. However, most of the characters are the one who gets banned almost every time. To avoid that scenario, at least master three to five heroes to push solo rank easily.




Cecilion is one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends. When it comes to banning this, the players usually lock this because they know the real power of Cecilion. If you are using cecilion but haven't seen its true form, then do this.


Farm a good number of Passive stacks, and right after killing an enemy, attack the others. Your passive will give extra damage to the enemy's hero. In some cases (right after passive skill.), you will be able to kill an enemy in one shot or sometimes injure one enemy.


If your team has Cecilion, then there's always a chance for you to turn the battles. Practice with him, understand his abilities, and overpower your enemies in several battles.




Best Heroes to push Solo Rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Miya is a marksman top tier hero. Her passive allows her to deal with an insane amount of damage in a short amount of time. Miya's second skill is for aggressive players who want to dominate their enemies in the early game. Make sure to properly land your skills, especially the second skill to stun enemies and finish them off.


Do not use her ultimate skill unless you are in a really bad situation or a team fight. Miya's ultimate skill helps you to escape from your enemies. However, you must keep your distance from enemies as much as possible and attack from the back lane. As usual, if a hero has great damage, he/she will have low hp (Squishy).


Yi Sun-Shin:


Yi Sun-Shin is still one of the top tier marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He has a nice range with incredible skills. Make a combo of those, and that's what he is a hero that can deal a constant amount of damage.


You might face trouble using Yi Sun-Shin, his basic attacks are a bit hard to land, but if you practice enough with friends or in normal matches, you will be perfect with Yi Sun-Shin in no time. Knowing the positions of the enemy is the smartest play in Mobile Legends and LOL Wild Rift. Yi Sun Shin's ultimate targets enemies and deals damage, but it also reveals dark places near it, showing you an area that you couldn't see before ultimate.




If you have been playing Mobile Legends for a few seasons and you haven't tried this little mage, then you are at a loss. Cyclops's damage output and sustain make him the best carry mage in the game. Before you play with Cyclops, you must understand it's built and how you can use it effectively. If you want to farm in the Jungle, then you will have to go with the latest item, Retribution.


Best Heroes to push Solo Rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Farming faster will save a lot of time in the long run by allowing you to farm the jungle more efficiently. This should be your first item; with this item, you will be able to earn more gold to buy more items for Cyclops Core Build. Next is going for Concentrated Energy; once you have built it on Cyclops, he will be unstoppable. Concentrated Energy makes Cyclops a one-person army for your team. So, practice with Cyclops as much as possible if you like him.




Esmeralda might not seem like anything, but she is one of the most banned heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you get a chance to pick between her and any other hero, this should be your pick, no questions asked. Even after nerf, Esmeralda is still a good mage with enough power to kill all five enemies in a team fight.


You can also spam her second skill if you manage to hit enemies twice with her second skill. To land some good hits, you will have to get a lot closer to enemies. The problem you will have to face is that she is a melee character, and for that, you need a lot more practice than any other character/hero.




Chang'e is a beast when it comes to damage; don't let her cuteness deceive you. She is considered to be the deadliest mages in the game. She has so much damage that she can Penta kill easily, and with her long-range, she can even target all enemy players easily.


Best Heroes to push Solo Rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Chang'e doesn't just have damage; she also has movement speed, making it much easier to run or chase an enemy. However, it all comes down to your position; you should be ready at all times to take cover or run for safety. Enemies know that you are the team's power, and they will want you to kill first. If you are not in a team fight, then it's hard to win. So, select Chang'e practice with her and become better at her.




You can go for the looks of heroes or read their abilities to research them further and choose them. Several heroes look pretty good with the damage and support, but choosing one is always hard.


Choosing one hero to play with is a bad call; you must learn three-five heroes before jumping into rank matches. For example, you have mastered one hero, and you went into a solo rank match, and the enemies banned your hero. At that time, if you didn't have backup heroes, you will be stuck and perform badly. So, avoid that and practice multiple heroes and as much as possible.

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