Plant vs Undead (PVU): Guide to farming

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For all the 'Green' gamers out there, here's a game that will fulfill your wishes of making your garden but with a twist. The plants that you grow will be your allies in defending your area from the undead. Plant vs Undead is very similar to the other NFT tower defense games, but the NFTs here are the plants you grow. 


The main objective in this game is to cultivate as much as possible, but the reason behind doing it is to gather light energy. There are many aspects to the game that a player can explore by themselves because the more you find things out on your own, the more you become good at the game.


But there is no need to worry as we will be providing all the players with a guide which will aid in farming. You need to farm extensively if you want to progress in the game, as it is one of the crucial aspects of the game. Go through the entire article to get a better idea of how to perform farming effectively.


Plant vs Undead Mobile Game


What will you be doing at the start?

As the title suggests, this game is all about farming and defending. You will have to farm your resources effectively to progress quickly and earn rewards in the game. The basic thing that you will have to focus on right off the bat is earning light energies. These are the resources that are necessary to generate PvU tokens. These tokens ultimately will give you money. The ratio is 100:1 for Light energy and PvU tokens, respectively. That means for every 100 light energies you have, you can get 1 PvU token and this token costs around 12 USD.


Now, if you want to play farm mode, it will take 5 PvU tokens to start. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to convert them into Light Energy. With the help of this, you can buy many items in the shops that will be necessary for you in the game. You generally get 5 items in the shop - small pot, big pot, water, scarecrow, and greenhouse. Each of these items has its own significance. 


For example, the small pot can be used on your land by planting your seed once in 10 days. Whereas the big pot has a higher duration of 30 days, the rest being similar only with a 1% extra chance of dropping seeds. The greenhouse will be used to provide protection for plants against the weather. Water and scarecrow are used for watering and scaring away crows, respectively.


Plant vs Undead Gameplay


Effect of weather on plants 

There are 25 unique weather events, and each event affects the plants differently. For example, if we are trying to grow a wind-type plant and the weather condition is cloudy, then that would mean that the productivity of seeds will be reduced by 50%. A greenhouse will be required to cancel out the weather effects. If you maximize the productivity of your plants, then the seeds will grow faster and simultaneously provide you with more light energy, which you can then convert back into PvU. 


So remember to keep in mind the weather aspects because they will greatly affect your cultivation and, ultimately, your gameplay.


Plant vs Undead Weather Effects


Important tools to be used

Tools are necessary items that contribute a lot to your cultivation. The most important tools that will aid you in farming are water and scarecrow, as they enable you to begin farming in farm mode without the need for land or any seeds. 


These tools can be purchased from the store and have similar usability limitations to the other items present in the store. If water is bought from the store, you will have 100 uses for it. That means you can use your water tool only 100 times, and then you will have to rebuy it from the store if needed. 


The duration for water is 1 day which means that the water will last for one day on whichever plants your water. Watering other people's plants will result in you receiving light energy as a reward. These rewards are random; for example, you have a 60% chance to get 10 LE, 30% chance to get 25 LE, 9% chance to get 100 LE, and 1% chance to get 500 LE. This is also the same for scaring away crows, but the LE you receive is double what you receive by watering. The algorithm will give the reward randomly. But there is a limit of 15 times per day for watering.


Scarecrows are quite difficult to obtain frequently because you need to find crows. It's difficult because crows have a 10% chance of spawning every hour and a 20% chance of spawning every 4 hours, which is less than water. Also, they can be only used 5 times, unlike water that has a limit of 15.


Plant vs Undead Important Tools


Saving coordinates of land for quick access

The coordinates of particular land or the link to a specific land can be saved to access that bit quicker. The addresses consisting of many plants can be saved, and by doing this, you can save a lot of time when you want to water at the start of the day rather than having to click around the map to find plants. You can easily save the address or link and head to the section you want to work on. The coordinates can be saved in negatives and positives.


Plant vs Undead Game



That's it for this farming guide for Plant vs Undead. The crucial thing to remember is how to get more and more light energy. Also, remember to convert PvU into light energy if you want to buy something from the shop. Tools will aid you a lot in cultivation; hence use them effectively. These small things come in handy and greatly affect your overall gameplay experience.

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