Night of the Full Moon Beginner's Guide for Getting Started


Remember reading storybooks in your childhood, especially the adventures of Red Riding Hood! What a fascinating and thrilling feel it was! The mysteries, the adventures, the characters, and the stories, everything was so damn perfect for children to get lost in those fairy tales. But as we grow, those imaginations and that experience vanish somewhere in our busy lives. So, readers, Giant Networks has come up with a game to make you relive those memories, those adventures, and those interesting characters once again but in a new way.




Yes, Giant Networks has released a game, 'Night Of The Full Moon.' This is not a usual game but a card battler game that is a strategized, casual, offline, and single-player strategized game. Believe me or not, there are many games under the card battler genre, but this 'Night Of The Full Moon' is a game that successfully stands out among them, fulfilling all the bars that are a must in this category.


Night of the Full Moon Mobile Game


About Night Of The Full Moon

This is not a review article, but this game grabbed my interest. Released on October 19, 2017, the game has reached 1 million+ download now. Updated on August 11, 2021, and for now, it is running on the version. The game says, "Night is coming, come on and start your adventure!". The game is a standalone card game where the developers claim that you don't need any help to play the game, by which they mean that the game is easy to play and understand. 


Moreover, the game needs no internet connection, no brush map, and ten strokes. The game has enough refreshing things to offer. You get different choices with different endings, and the plot is to be played in the card battle itself. Well, what are the different choices and endings? This you will only come to know when you play the game? And here we would like to give you a beginner's guide even though the game is easy. But being a beginner, it is always the safest to have read a guide beforehand. So let's start!


Beginner's Guide - Night Of The Full Moon

The game follows a storyline where little Red Riding Hood finds her missing grandmother alone in the black forest in the dark. She, on her way, faces the guardian of the forest elves, the ferocious werewolf, the sedentary witch, the strange villagers, and the truth that slowly surfaces. Here the mysteries of the black forest get unveiled one by one, and you will be the one to do so. But remember, the game is all about the cards, so focus on building a stronger deck.


Night of the Full Moon Android Game


Begin the adventure

Download the game from the Google Play Store and begin the adventure in the form of a card battler game. The game begins with something that will surely grab your attention, too - A Book! Two options appear below the book: Adventure and Achievement.


Tapping on adventure begins a new journey. The book opens in 3D animation explaining the situation, offering two levels to choose from: Normal or Hard (the hard will unlock after you make some progress).


Tapping on the achievement takes you to the achievements you can unlock. Also, it will take you to the journey you have completed or the journey you are pursuing right now. 


Unlocking and clearing the achievements will help you gain new cards and build a stronger deck of cards for effective battling.


Complete the missions 

Once the book of mysteries opens, and you have chosen the adventure you want to go on, here opens the new screen flashing three scrolls on the screen with three missions for you complete.


Three scrolls appear on the screen> read the scrolls carefully> choose the one you want to perform> tap on the scroll and click on the red button that appears once you tap, which might be like a fight, enter, cancel, etc.


Night of the Full Moon Missions


Destroy the enemies

After you choose the task you want to complete, you are taken to the battlefield with the enemy emerging right in front of you with his powers displayed right below the character and at the bottom of the screen are your decks and power as well end turn button.


Two cards appear on the screen, which are your weapons, and you must deal with the enemy using these.


To attack: click on the card, drag it towards the enemy, and release it. You will observe that the power will deduct from enemies in total as per the card's destruction ability.


Once you are done with all the cards in your turn, tap on the end turn, and it's time for your enemy to attack you. Once they are done again, the ball is in your court. Follow the above steps again.


Night of the Full Moon iOS Game


Deal with the enemies tactfully

So players here dealing with the enemies simply mean dealing with the enemies tactfully while they try to have a conversation with you and distract you during the play. Answer them back with strategy and mind. Don't get trapped, and be aware.


To answer them, follow the below steps:


The character asks a question> slide the screen from below> 3-4 options appear on the screen> choose the one you want as a reply from your side by simply tapping on it.


Keep progressing and win

Once you are done with the task, it's time to reward. There appear two options to claim, and you need to choose wisely from the two as per the situation. Just think which one will make your gameplay stronger.


Night of the Full Moon Victory


Other basics you need to know!

An option in the left bottom corner is the up-gradation option. Tap on the icon> a message appears asking for permission to use or cancel> If you want to upgrade, tap use or else cancel> tap on the card you wish to upgrade.


So this was all about the game "Night of The Full Moon." we hope our guide will help you.

Download Night of the Full Moon on PC

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