Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder Tips with Best Strategies for the Gameplay


Idle role-playing game Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder aims to revolutionize automated farming. You can utilize potions and auto-farm bosses and perform a lot of other things that you couldn't in other games. This ensures that even if you can just play the game once a day, you won't be missing out on too much.



Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder Tips with Best Strategies


The game has a straightforward layout and nice visuals. In addition, the soundtrack is original and won't make you queasy. Here, you take on the role of the goddess of Tania, the only one who can save the world by awakening the goddess of the continents and putting an end to the ancient demons who threaten it. 


In order to help you get the most out of Lost Tamia we've put together this tips guide. Using LDPlayer 9, you can play Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder on PC with better graphics and a plethora of game-oriented tools. So let's not waste time and get right into the guide.


How to Get Prepared?


In Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder, the most important thing you need to beat a boss or finish a stage is your weapon and equipment. If your attackers can easily chew through your armor, you won't be able to do much damage or even survive. So let's see how to gear up.


You should always have access to two distinct pieces of gear: one with a strong defense to use against the Idling boss and another with a high attack to use when leveling up from the Idling trash mobs. It is important to prioritize physical defense early on because the bosses on the Tamia Continent require a high physical defense while the bosses on the Lost Continent require a high attack power defense. 


It makes perfect sense to put an emphasis on the assault ceiling of weapons rather than the defense floor of defensive equipment. Since there is no end to the Equipment Reforge process, it is recommended that, early on in the game, you use Coins to purchase the daily maximum of 500 Reforge Stones. This will save you time and money in the long run. It is up to you to determine which of your characteristics you want to hone through the reforging process.


Weapons: If you want the best weapon, you have to beat the game's boss on the most challenging setting, or you can buy single-attribute epic equipment from the blacksmith.


How to Get Prepared


When picking out gear, you need to know the class of the game and its main attribute.


  • Warrier's main attribute is Strength. 

  • Mage's main attribute is intellect.

  • Archers main attribute is Agi


When it comes to selecting gear in Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder, the first thing you need to do is determine whether or not it is compatible with your class. In the event that it does, you will need to search for items that have a large quantity of defense. Because the attributes of gear are randomized, the same type of gear can have different point values. Because of this, you will need to search through the available gear and select the piece that has the best defense and class attributes.


Why Is Defence So Important?


You will spend most of your time in Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder fighting creatures on your own, so possessing a lot of defense will both increase the likelihood that you will survive and make the game much simpler. You can also engage in boss battles by hiding in the corner of the room.


This way, the boss's minions won't be able to get to you while you focus on the boss. If you're an archer or a mage, your best bet is to use a pet with a defensive attribute and let it tank the boss while you stay behind it.


Why Is Defence So Important


How to Get Coins in Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder? 


First, you can get more coins by spending at least five gift vouchers a day and letting Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder run on a PC using the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9 to get more idle rewards. This is because the amount of idle rewards you get from staying online is greater than the amount Ai would accumulate for you, and using a PC won't drain your phone's battery as much.


The next way to get more coins in Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder is to bribe the merchant with worm jerky. This can increase your sell ratio by up to 150%. The next thing you can do to save money is to use the method we talked about earlier to make sure you don't die. After that, you can set your idle settings to automatically use potions, which will keep you alive as much as the defense attribute would.


What should you know about Skills?


The fantastic animations that will play out when your character engages in combat with enemies are referred to as skills. You can't level up all of your skills with the same kind of spell book, and you can't learn new skills or improve existing ones if you don't have the right kind of skill book. These ability books are difficult to come by, and in order to obtain them, you will need to defeat bosses in Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder. If you locate a skill book that does not correspond to the skills associated with your class, you should put it up for auction in order to earn gems.


What should you know about Skills


Skill Proficiency


Your skill proficiency can be boosted by auto-casting when you are idling, but in order to raise the proficiency of certain talents, you will need to use skill stones. You can get these skill stones either by defeating monsters or by purchasing them in the cash shop. Every one of them gives one of your talents an additional 100 points.


Pay particular attention to the area of effect spells that are associated with your class when you level up skills. Archers should go with toxic swamp and wild shadow pact since it allows you to take more damage before you die. Warriors should focus on dual blade slash and piercing lance. Mages should focus on the sea of flames and thunder blasts.


When you are trying to level up your talents, you can run into a snag where you can't discover any high-level skill books to help you level up. This might be frustrating. If you are in a hurry to level up these skills, your best bet is to buy the skill books from the auction house. 


If you play the game for a month straight, you will be able to farm these skill books; however, if you play the game for less than a month straight, you will not be able to farm these skill books. If you get a head start on purchasing your skill books, you'll be able to play at level 10 with high-level skills that are level 80.


How to Farm and Be Effective?


How to Farm and Be Effective


If you are truly committed to the Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder, the optimal method to play it is with two secondary accounts that support a single primary one. You have the ability to send Skill Books and equipment back and forth, and you can even have your alts farm Legend Pet Eggs while you identify, reforge, and retrofit the equipment of your primary character.


In particular, for Explore, where you have the opportunity to receive three times the normal prize. Your stats will improve significantly; if you display high-level relics in a high-level museum. You may swiftly level up both your Museum and your Relics, and if you have any spare Relics, you can sell them at the Auction House. 


Using the LDPlayer Multi-Instance Manager, you can set up three separate instances of the same game so that you can play all three of them simultaneously. This will allow the games to run on your personal computer while freeing up your mobile device to perform other tasks.




You should be able to get the hang of Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder after reading this Lost Tamia: Dungeon Intruder beginner's tips guide. A final piece of advice before we part ways is to pick pets that strengthen your skills and compensate for your limitations, such as increasing your defense or giving you access to more components or talents. This guide has reached its conclusion; thank you for your time, and have a good one.

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