Lost Light Tips and Tricks for Faster Progress

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Lost Light is the latest Action game developed by Netease Games Global. It is an action shooter game with a twist. The game is more or less similar to other shooter games. The graphics of the game are really high and advanced, consequently, the game size is really big. The game contains a lot of information and lots of content. So, if you are a beginner you might face difficulty playing this game. That's why in this article, we have some tips and tricks for you to get started with the game on the right foot. But first, let's discuss the game.




About the game

Join the "Firefly" task force and unveil the sinister plot behind the exclusion zone. Survive the brutal domain where humanity ceases to prevail, and danger lurks in every corner!. In this third-person shooter game, you got two choices: sneak and collect supplies or use guns to eliminate targets and establish your supremacy. Make a plan and strategize your every move because this is about survival. To keep your survival chances high, build up your strength.


The game offers realistic warfare survival settings, with abandoned places left after the apocalypse. Lost Light is all about the tactics. Follow the map for locations and use the weapons to showcase your sniping skills. Not only that, to survive, master the close range combats too. The firearms are designed to provide you with the most realistic firearm experience. 


Lost Light has something that no other shooter game provided. Lost Light allows you to heal your enemy and become partners with them. You can also commission other players to come to your aid when you're knocked out. Another feature of the game that is worth mentioning is that the game can be played on PC as well. The cross-platform gameplay will let PC gamers indulge in this exhilarating experience.


Now that we have talked about the features and what the game is about let's move on to the next section, discussing some must-know information and tips and tricks.


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About the Soldiers

Lost Light features two soldier squads – Firefly and Marauder. Both of the squads have different operations and possess unique features. You don't have to choose the squad at the game's early stages; you will start with the Firefly squad. To use Marauder Squad, you must complete different tasks and missions to reach level 3. Only after that, you can unlock Marauder Squad.




As Firefly soldiers, you are tasked with invading the Marauder's territory and collecting items for your survival. You can use maps that contain all the necessary information about the targeted territory of Marauder soldiers. Before heading out for battle, you get to choose your gear and equipped from teeth to feet. These gears can be customized later on. But one part of the game where you need to be very careful is that you can't trust anyone. It's about survival so, not only Marauders but Firefly soldiers can and will try to kill you.




These are elite soldiers with battle experience. They know how to survive on the battlefield with any equipment or gear they get. Unlike Firefly, they have allies on the field, and their only enemy is the Firefly soldiers. Their object is more or less the same. In the pre-game menu here, you won't get the option to choose a loadout. If you are only looking for loot, not EXP, then this squad is for you.


Pre-game Loadout Option

When going into a battle, you need to pick up only essential elements. So, choose wisely while picking your pre-game loadout. Pick guns wisely, something that you are comfortable using. Also, pick healing items; they will come in handy. Ammunitions are a must, but pick some of them in the loot instead of taking everything at once. Try to improve your skills as much as you can.


The map – know about the enemy's territory

The map has every essential information you need while entering an enemy's territory. Learn the map inside-out everything from the loot-points, hidden areas, and basic landscape design and logistics. You can make better decisions about which weapons to use when you know you are going into it. For instance, the BAF Factory map, the first you will encounter, is filled with ladders, crates, and mostly warehouse things. So, shotguns are better than any other weapons in such an area. While fighting on a map where more space is available, you can use snipers and rifles as it will be easier to spot distant enemies.


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Look out for Health Management

The health system in Lost Light is fascinating. All of your health stats are displayed in one lobby base, plotted around an illustration of the human body. Players should ensure that all statistics are at an appropriate standard, as failing to do so can result in significant disadvantages.


For instance, if your legs are in poor condition, your mobility rate may be reduced. One other characteristic is Blood loss, which occurs when your character sustains serious damage and continues to lose blood unless you die or use a reviving item. Maintaining good health at all times is essential, but anything less than full strength is never acceptable.


Don't just depend on Weapons; use tactics and strategy to fight

Without a strategy, you are bound to fall into a battle. Not just weapons but also use your intelligence. Anyone who has played such games before knows well what it takes to be in such a survival shooter game. Diving headfirst into such a fight with no preparation is similar to digging your own grave. Sure, you might get away with it now and then, but it's still not best suited. Try to survey the area before you, learn where your opponents are trying to come from, and strategize your strikes cleverly. Experience will help with this; continue playing many games, and that should come with time.


Lost Light Gameplay


Few more basic tips and tricks that might come in handy during battles


  • In the beginning, conceal yourself; it will help you look for allies and give you a better idea of where the enemies might be when the battle commences.
  • Use shotguns for close-range combats. They serve the purpose better than any other weapon.
  • As a firefly soldier, you get the choice to either eliminate or heal the person you just knocked down. They might become your ally, but this strategy might backfire, too, as you can't trust anyone. So this decision is completely up to you.


That will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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