How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

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Diablo Immortal is an upcoming MMORPG that has taken the gaming world by storm. Today, we're going to be talking about how you can completely progress much faster than all of your friends. You can maximize your main, and today in this article, we're going to be talking about the absolute fastest way you can progress your hero level, progression, and get to the end-game in Diablo Immortal extremely quickly. If you haven’t already, you can download Diablo Immortal for free here.


Completing the Main Story:


How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal


You can hit level 55 in about three days which is about 30 hours of gameplay. Level 1 to level 30 is quite fast. You can get it done within three hours. Subsequently, it takes about 40 minutes for you, depending on what is your main quest. The Main Quest is found on the left-hand side of the game and will be the one that provides you with the most XP.


You will need to complete the main storyline to level up to maximum. Daily Quests or Daily Bounty is the one that gives you the most XP and Loot as well. So, when you click on the Bounty Board, in total, you can do 12 quests per day. You are allowed to keep four active quests at any particular point. So, whenever you log in to the game, make sure you activate these quests.


Bounties and Important!


How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal


You have to do bounties as you get additional rewards per every four if you do. It is really important to make sure that you never skip Bounties as they help you level up the most by far. Plus, once you get to Level 42, you will get Shadow Contracts and Immortal Dailies. Those are also bounties that help you increase your rank and provide you with even more XP and lot, including Honor. You have to make sure that you do your challenges and then later make your contracts after you hit the level.


Attacking and Defending as an Immortal or Shadow:


There are other activities like defending and attacking the vault. You have to make sure that you maximize all those activities. So, alongside your contracts, you have to participate in those activities as well.


Whenever you kill a monster in these quests, you get good loot in return. Every time you have ten monster essence, it doesn't matter from whichever essence you have taken it. You can submit it to the Bestiary.


Every time you submit to the Bestiary, you can get huge amounts of XP. Your Bestiary will provide you with a boost to your passive stats, which is an interesting mechanic. However, the bottom line is if you want to get Monster Essence when you get 10, bring them to the Bestiary, they will upgrade you and boost your passive stats while also providing you with loot.


The Battle Pass and Events:


How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal


Another factor that you want to pay attention to is the Battle Pass which has a Quest amount. Just make sure that you complete all of those quests because it will level up your Battle Pass, and leveling it up is important because it unlocks gears and gems. So, you should try unlocking it as soon as possible so that your character can get stronger.


Special Events:


In Diablo Immortal, there's a new special event everywhere, somewhat resembling a world boss. Teams will have to work together and hit the boss. You will be able to get some loot. World Bosses take about 1-2 minutes to take down, and once the monster is slain, you will get quite a hefty amount of loot and XP as well.


Each Zone has a different type of event. For example, the Cemetery has a Zone event with a carriage running around where you have to kill it. After you take the boss down, he drops a bunch of stuff. He also drops enchanted dust, which you should be chasing for as it is quite rare and powerful. Once you get tons of gear, you are going to realize your gear slots need some upgrading. And the way to do those upgrades is to use scraps, dust, and your Legendaries that you have upgraded once you get to a high enough level.


However, one really important thing is your stop, or what is going to be a block for you in progress is enchanted dust. One of the best, most efficient way to get them are Zone Events like Haunted Carriage. You can also attempt the boss on multiple different difficulties every 30 minutes. Getting enchanted dust from all different difficulties should help you level up significantly faster, which is quite important.


Call Of The Ancients:


There's also another event called the Call of the Ancients: The Frozen Tundra. Those events give you lots of enchanted dust, which is what you need. Many fun secret events give you a whole bunch of stuff. You can also spawn a world boss who can also drop five enchanted dust for you.  There's another one where Bilfen has an Ancient Arena crest that is cool. It is like a PvP event where who wins gets to fight for the chest. And the chest, however, guarantees you a Legendary. It is also present in every difficulty.


So, think about it, there is a different event, at a different zone, at a different difficulty. So, you can always be grinding for loot and dust whenever you run at a roadblock. You can also do the Ancient Nightmare and time those things together continually run them to get many different chances to get dust. This is a good way to upgrade your gear fast.


The Challenge Rift:


Next, you have to do the Challenge Rift and beat your previous record. Why? It gives you some rewards. A solo Challenge Rift will pit you in the Monthly Leaderboard. You have to make sure to try and place because if you do, you get tons of rewards if you end up placing. There are challenge rifts for Solos, Duos, and Trios. So, if it is possible, maximize and try to use your Daily Reward and do Challenge Rifts to get to the Top Leaderboards. So, you can inevitably do four challenge rifts that you can plus.


And, you have to make to do your daily challenge rift if you have beaten yourself from the previous day. Do note that doing the challenge rift for the first time gives you the initial reward for completing the Challenge Rift, which is pretty good as it presents you with tons of rewards. At the same time, you have to make sure to do your Elder Rifts if you have any Rare or Legendary Crafts.


You shouldn’t be putting in and doing them because whenever you place a Rare tool in an Elder Rift, it gives you a chance from Legendary Rift. However, if you place a Legendary Craft in your Rift, it guarantees you a Legendary Gem. So, if you have a Legendary Craft, do not waste them and put them instead. SO, it is very important to use your Crest. You can use them in Battle Passes in other different things.


Use your Honor and Gems Wisely:


How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal


Make sure to use your gems wisely in Diablo Immortal. In general, you have to make sure to upgrade your gems. If you have a bunch of gems that are the same, you should be upgrading them. Because of regular gems, they provide you with tons of benefits. They almost infinitely stack up and get so much better. The idea is if you have multiple gems, it's really good to rank them up. Suppose you gem rank up to regular gyms and then, of course, the Legendary gems as well.


Understanding The Honor System:


It's also very important to use your Honor Wisely. The Honor Merchant gives you some gems on a timely basis. And it is something that you should be using your Honor for. It is really hard to get regular gems. There are only a few ways to get Regular Gems. You get them from bounties, and if you are running around the world and see a hidden lair, any underground layer, or a hidden dungeon that just pops up. They are very much random, and you need to take them. Because it will give you a whole bunch of loot, including Gems, it is one of the only ways to get gems in Diablo Immortal right now.


However, this method is the most regular and punctual in most cases. So, if you see a hidden dungeon, make sure to take it because you need the normal gem. They’re going to give you a massive boost.


You can kind of gamble your gold and go roll at the Antiques. Once you get the yellow, you can disenchant them into enchantment dust, another way to get Enchanted Dust and gear.


LDPlayer Features For Diablo Immortal:


Diablo Immortal is an extremely popular mobile MMORPG game that will be taking over the genre soon. As such, you can get a head start by playing the game on LDPlayer. Using the emulator's built-in function to change your keyboard binds, you can emulate a near-native mouse and keyboard experience with no trouble whatsoever.


Dungeon Running:


Another way of getting gear, and upgrading and getting levels, and maybe even getting some legendaries, etc., is to run specific dungeons. This is also an activity that will boost up your Battle Pass. The Battle Pass, when you level it up, gets you some good stuff as well. All of that stuff combined is going to boost your Battle Pass and helps you get up and running. But, let us say you finish all of that and are done with all those things.


Well, at this point in time, once you finish all those things for the day, then you could start running dungeons non-stop. There are two dungeons that give you the most loot and are the fastest dungeons as well. But you are able to repeat these dungeons over and over again, which are extremely fast. They give you coin, XP, and yellow items which you can disenchant to enchanted dust.


Mad Kings is the fastest and easiest dungeon to run, especially if you do it with four of your friends. If you keep doing it non-stop, you can get very efficient. You can portal back in town within the dungeon itself to not waste any time. So, as soon as you are full of gear, a portal back to your city puts the gear and keeps repeating the process. You can chain that non-stop and do that over and over again. This is probably the most efficient way to level up and get some gear, get some yellows, possibly get some legendaries and get your XP up.


In the same manner, you can also run the Countess, which is another really good dungeon. Because in this dungeon, you can get a really good Massacre bonus non-stop. So, these two are the ones that most people pick when you want to level up.


Go For Charms!


Don't sleep on your charms. Make sure to visit your charm vendor and continually upgrade them to get a really good charm for yourself. You want a charm that actually boosts all your skills and presented you with extra basic stats as well. Plus, there's an essence vendor that allows you to take a Legendary, extract the power out of it, and put it another Legendary.


So, you can take the special essence of another Legendary and use it in your primary weapon, which is extremely helpful. This will allow you to have really good gear, really good stats, and boost your skill. An Essence Vendor will allow you to swap stuff around to make sure you get the best of the best.


The Power Hour:


How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal


After you have understood all of these events, you should go for the Power Hour. It is the ultimate way to increase your XP and Gold as it combines all of the information provided above in a concise way in Diablo Immortal.


The power hour is a combination of many events in the game, which starts every hour at the start of the hour. You log in to the game, and you start by going to Hell 1 difficulty to the Mountains. There's a Nightmare event that runs every hour. That Nightmare event offers lots of stuff, including enchanted dust, gears and materials, and things you will need to upgrade your skill slots.


After completing the event, you go back to Westmarch. You change the difficulty to Normal. You go back to the Mountain and complete the event one more time. So, you are going to be an event. You will complete the event, jump back and change your difficulty, and then complete the event again.


Once you do that, you go back to Westmarch, and you switch to Hell 2 difficulty and complete that. Then, you go straight to Ashwood Cemetery, and you do the Carriage Event. You complete the Carriage Event and switch back to Hell 3. You run back to the Carriage as well, pick up all the loot. This is known as the power hour and is the fastest way to level up in Diablo Immortal.




That's everything you needed to know about how you can level up quickly in Diablo Immortal. Since the game has not been released as of yet for the public, we can expect more, better efficient ways of leveling up to be coming out real soon as more players get access to the game.

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