The Legend of Neverland Tips for Equipment and Spirit

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This year, the Hong-Kong based gaming company has developed Game ARK Global has launched the Legend of Neverland. It is an RPG game with many exciting features. This game happens in the domain of a mysterious flower fairy world. During the game, the players have to undergo different types of experiences. There will be adventurous situations along with exciting and leisurely gameplays.


The Legend of Neverland Tips for Equipment and Spirit


When starting the gameplay, there will be a phase to select a weapon. There will be three choices for you. Then, you have to choose one out of them. After the selection, you can adjust the level up to unlock the features in the level up. It will help to boost the damages that happen during the game. The game has the gacha impact also. It will provide more strength to the players. Different characters may proceed different skills.


Now, you should understand that weapons play a crucial role in the game. The equipment in the game and the Spirit have a significant role to play. Today's article is about some essential tips about the equipment and spirits in the Legend of Neverland. Download Legend of Neverland on PC for free and enjoy these tips. 


First tip | Feeding spirit 


The feeding Spirit can upgrade the Spirit. To feed the Spirit, the players can use available unnecessary equipment and exclusive EXP items. When the Spirit gets more developed and reaches a higher level with the feeding, it will bring more attributes as bonuses to the character. When the spirit level goes up, you have many other privileges of unlocking.


To gather further information, you have to go to the icon close to the Spirit. When the Spirit is in the process of growing, most of the appearances will be in the status of unlocked. There is a massive responsibility to the Spirit.


The primary liability is to of the feeding Spirit is the growth-related system of equipment. As mentioned earlier, if you want more details, you can go to the icon on the interface and browse for more information. If you are in doubt about becoming more substantial, you can go to the Spirit. You can get in touch with the growth strategy when you click on Get Stronger on your screen.


The Legend of Neverland Tips for Equipment and Spirit


Second tip | Special quest 


Every week from Monday to Friday, there will be new special quests. If you have any uncompleted special quests, you have the chance of collecting them by 5.00 am on the following Monday. There is one quest every week where you can get a lot of rewards. It is Wednesday. So, do not miss Wednesday special quests as it is the best source of rewards. When you complete fifteen special quests for consecutive weeks, you can obtain a big extra reward.


All the other corresponding items will drop to you once you accept the special quests in the game. There is another condition of dropping them. It is; the monster should be in five levels above your level. You will not encounter a drop for the offline auto battles in the game.


More Beginner Tricks can be viewed from here.


Third tip | Active skills 


There will be one corresponding or a special weapon to every class. When you switch the weapons between classes, there will be a switch of classes and active skills. You can equip three types of weapons. They can switch easily during the battles. All the attributes of the equipped weapons will be highly effective. There are mainly two types of skills. They are passive skills and skill awakening. Let us find what they are


  • Passive skills – every class in the game has its own set of passive skills. It can increase the attributes of that particular character. When all the classes become active, the passive skills will come too effective.


  • Skill awakening – when you reached the required level, the active skills will awaken. When you complete the Awakening quest, the original skill will be awakening. Those awaken skills will have relatively high power.


Fourth tip | Miasma zone 


While playing the game, you will see something interesting. That is the expansion of the world of Miasma. When it expands with the game, many areas in Cabala will be infected by the Miasma. It will be subject to the creation of the Miasma zone. When you check the map, you will see how the map becomes the Miasma zone from time to time. There are few interesting facts about the Miasma zone. Let us explore what they are.


The Sunlight 


While playing the game, there will be only one area to get exposed to the Sunlight. You can experience that only by entering the Miasma zone. When you want to get a Sunlight Drink, you can obtain it from the Sunlight. When you get into the Miasma zine, you will gradually tend to consume Sunlight. 


If you get attacked by a monster in the Miasma zone, your Sunlight also gets reduced. You have to keep a balanced level of Sunlight while playing the game. If you use all the Sunlight available to you, you have to leave the Miasma zone. So, be careful about the Sunlight once you get into the Miasma zone.


Embracing Miasma 


When you get into the zone of Miasma, you have to accept Miasma and get besieging from the Miasma. That would be an excellent way to reducing the consumption of Sunlight. But there is another issue of obtaining the Miasma. When you start to embrace the Miasma, you will face controlling the evil desires inside. If two players accept the Miasma, then they will be enemies of player vs. player.


Rare monsters 


In every 15 minutes of the game, there will be Rare monsters in this zone. When you kill those monsters, you can get a lot of rewards. If you kill the monsters while accepting the Miasma, you can get more loots.


Fifth tip | Advance equipment 


In this case, there will be an advancement of the rare or the purple equipment. After the upgrade, there will be a considerable improvement in the essential attributes of the equipment. There will be different required materials for the advancement of different Tiers. There will be an advancement for every piece of equipment.


When a reset of equipment happens, there will be a change. With that, all the equipment will go back to the original Tier. There will be a return of all the items that you have invested in the equipment advancements.


When you are trying to earn your heroes with Legend of Neverland, it may be so disappointing due to the considerable time taking of the reroll. But now it is not taking any more time from yours because now you have LDPlayer. There is a feature called Multi-Instance Sync, and this will help our players to perform as much as rerolls within an exact time. You will create copies from the same game, and each copy will earn you the favorite hero. Way more fast and guaranteed heroes will be there for you. 


The Legend of Neverland Tips for Equipment and Spirit




The Legend of Neverland is an RPG game with exciting graphics and designs which are more similar to the impact of Genshin. When you play the game, you will find several ways to advancing your equipment and feeding the Spirit. There will be a set of fairies that will help you fight with the monsters in the battle. So, take these guides and play the game with confidence. 

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