Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War: The List and Fast Reroll


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war is known as an RPG game by Neowiz. It is officially based on the legend of Arthurian. This game is specialized with a combat system of its own. So every other scenario in the game is revolving around the mechanic of the combat system.


You can participate in mysterious strategies with your selected hero in every kind of turn. You can start up your journey to the world of fantasy to unite the continent of Lorasian on behalf of the powerful heroes. This game is a fantastic SRPG with several beautiful, engaging contents.


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War


You can select your hero in this game. Every hero has their kind of characteristics and their skills, and you can select up to four heroes for yourself. When you turn into battles, they are turn-based battles and usually take place in the grid of hexagonal grid.


And this layout can be different according to their levels of the game. When you make a turn every single turn, you can move around your map earlier before you attack onto enemies.


You can engage in this hexagon battlefield and experience a unique type of battle system for strategies and tactics throughout the gameplay. You can have the chance to choose you, heroes, effectively to defeat your enemies successfully.


And also you can make a combination of your heroes. By that, you will be able to create a different kind of strategies to play the game effectively. But remember this combination should be done according to their elements and their Rune combination.


You can select up to 250heroes from the collection to play the game, and you will be able to upgrade you chosen heroes statistics and abilities so that your heroes will able to defeat your enemies quickly. You can level up to engage in battles and grow stronger. You can see some fantastic illustrations and effects throughout the gameplay, and you can dig into the world of Avalon to experience the great features of that beautiful world.


In the Kingdom of heroes Tactics war, you can have a different kind of fun modes as follows.


  • Adventure – you have to follow Arthur for his journey to save his Kingdom from evil
  • Arena – you can prove the strong one by challenging and compete among other players
  • Awakening Cell – make you heroes into more powerful by collecting materials in the awakening valley
  • Rune Dungeon – you can customize, modify your heroes with runes of Rune Dungeon
  • Rift – acquire the Hero Pieces and get what hero you want
  • Tower of Arrogance – receive more rewards by battle up the tower
  • Guild Raid – you can change a raid of different powers in every weekday


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War Tier List


As we said before this game has several modes as described in the previous chapter. So you need to have basic knowledge on how to line up your characters to make the best line up. So here we describe best heroes for your line up.


Tier 1 Heroes


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War


Usually, tier 1 is the best. In the start, it will need to reroll the heroes. Tier one heroes are as follows.


  • Ingway
  • Gabriel
  • Lakshmi
  • Titania
  • Hidegard
  • Esperanza
  • Vivian


Tier 02 heroes


Tier two heroes are less powerful when compared to tier 01 heroes. But you can use them in your team in strategically to a significant advance. So the tier 05 heroes powers can match for the skills in tier 01 heroes. Tier two heroes are as follo0ws.

  • Ifrit
  • Claudia
  • Bartholomew
  • Lilith
  • Astaroth
  • Demeter
  • Friede
  • Hotaru
  • Iset
  • Beelzebub


Tier 03 heroes


In the mid of the game, we can say that tier three heroes are performing well throughout the gameplay. They are average in the battle performance of the game. Tier three heroes are as follows.

  • Dryas
  • Bunny
  • Prey


Tier 04 heroes


Tier 03 is the least performed tier compared to tier one, two and three. So it is better to not focus on developing these heroes. But remember these heroes are playing well at the start of the game as they are effortless to defeat. When you move into higher stages, you will need the help of the other tier list heroes because the tier 04 heroes are not much capable of clearing the higher stages. Her is the list of heroes in tier 04.


  • Rajah
  • Nyxia
  • Uriel
  • Titanos
  • Shade
  • Whitebeard
  • Belphegor


Here are the best of tier 04 heroes to perform in the early stages of the game.


  • Rhea
  • Penelope
  • Anubis
  • Caligula
  • Lucifer
  • Culverin
  • Media
  • Muspell
  • Freyja


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War


What are the rerolling tips for Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War Tier List


Rerolling for the Kingdom of heroes is simple. There are necessary steps to do the rerolling process, but still, as a beginner, you can use a traditional method too. You can delete data and cache data from the settings.


At the beginning of the game, you will take a five-star hero. But there are still some ways to reroll the game other than the traditional methods. Here is the guide for rerolling in your game for beginners.


  • First, you download the game and install it. Choose a login method for you. There are two methods for login as guest and FB/Apple/Google user. But it doesn’t care whether you choose a guest or another. You can use a login method based on your choice because you can always delete your account by going into the settings.
  • You can skip the process for the game introduction.
  • When you skip the game introduction part, you have to play the stage 01 and 02 and then upgrade the rune.
  • Collect your pre-registration rewards from your mailbox. You can collect your pre-registration rewards by tapping the right side of the top in the mailbox icon. You can take them all. Pre-registration rewards are available only for six days after you launch the game. So it is better to collect them as soon as possible.
  • You will see that you are getting one five star hero to summon in your mailbox. If you want to collect it, simply you have to click the mailbox and go to the storage options. Use the summon chest for five-star hero collection.


Kingdom of heroes tactics war is naturally allowed players to choose the hero they want as per their desire. Our recommendations for selecting the tier heroes we recommend you to choose Ingway, Bartholomew, Claudia and Vivian. They are the top tier heroes in the game. So it will be better to select them for your gameplay.


Rerolling is not much important in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War. The reason for saying that is you can get the five-star heroes as per your own choice. But if you still want to reroll the game, you can complete on achievements and chapters. So you can collect crystals. When you collect crystals more than 300, go to summon and select a banner for x10 summon. If you are unable to get the hero you always wanted, go to the game settings.


Game settings are on the menu button in the upper right corner. Then you can delete your account by taping the settings, delete the account. You have to type the as Delete Account in the box. After that, confirm your actions and restart. Then you will have the chance to choose a hero for your need gain. But remember that if you want to access the menu, you have to clear up the 1-3 stages of the game.


Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War


In the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War, you will experience an ideal scenario for a real-world fantasy and the fantastic graphics and the combat system will surely make you a bond into the game in a super manner. All you have to do is begin to identify the characters and with these rerolling tips. Enjoy the thrilling experience with a legit type of RPG for a journey in a fantastic fantasy world.


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