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KartRider, officially known as Crazyracing KartRider is a racing game that was developed by the Nexus Korea Corporation. KartRider Rush plus release date was October 1, 2006. It has been launched on different platforms, with the most recent one being, KartRider: Drift which is available on Xbox One and Windows. KartRider Rush iOS was hot on the Apple App Store for four years.  

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KartRider Rush+ is based on stylish and interactive gameplay that comes in different gameplay modes. It has karts and amusing figures that are making it thrilling to play. KartRider Rush+ has cars that are exact mirror images of the original ones. Indeed, it has collaborated with BMW Motors to have their automobiles in their game. It has interesting story modes that can keep the users on the edge of their seats to enjoy the most out of the game. It has stunning visuals and exciting tracks that release adrenaline of the gamers, which keeps them intact to be engaged with the game and swing around the chair in sight of a victory.

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Features of KartRider Rush+

There is a leader board available, which lets the user compare his performance with other gamers all around the world to decide an Ultimate Legend. Moreover, it has multiplayer gaming with realistic effects and tons of features that make the game super interactive. KartRider Rush Plus has different bonuses and secret perks that are unlocked as you progress in the later stages of the game. There are several features in KartRider Rush plus which includes the dresses which can be worn by the players in different modes of the game. On completing different races, bonuses are unlocked and Points are awarded which can be handy in the lateral parts of the game and in following races.

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Game Modes of KartRider Rush+

Enlightening more about the modes available in KartRider Rush+, they are bifurcated into five choices depending on the interest of gamers. The choices are speed race, ranked mode, arcade mode, story mode, and time trial. Speed Race is leaned towards drifting skills that let you unlock different levels in the game. Ranked mode decides the user’s rank based on this performance in the race, whether it’s the title of a bronze or living legend, you get respect among your circle for it. Arcade mode gives you more freedom with customized choices on race, boost, and kart, etc. The story mode is the thrilling backstory which is based on the heroic legend of KartRider while Time Trials are pressure challenges that are exciting to play with limited duration allotted to finish the race.

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More about Gameplay

Its gameplay is catchy and based on drifting which allows the users to achieve power-ups or boost which is similar to other themed-racing games. It has N2O, which can be used in between the race to push you ahead with a super-speed booster for a short duration of time. On completing each race, you get to assess your average speed, drifts, N2O, and skill score along with the position which you secured in the race.  Drifting and Using N20 and the beautiful tracks which are more realistic than one can imagine. There are daily drills which are the challenges allotted to you for each day to acquire benefits in the game.

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Purchases and Upgrades

KartRider Rush+ offers to shop for the in-app purchases where you can buy different upgrades and gaming modifications to enhance your rate of being successful in the game. It gives the user his/her alias under which he goes on his KartRider Journey to enjoy the different modes, features, perks, and events of the game. You will be provided with different options on the home menu such as settings, inbox, shop, events, pass, and the progress bar with your scores and bounty achieved.  A garage is also featured in this game where you can upgrade or swap your karts.

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How to be the Winner?

Getting through to the finish line first is the only way of winning the game. Users can adapt tactics and strategies to emerge victorious in the game. To get a firm command and being aware of the controls and features, a user must practice in the tutorial mode which makes the user comes across an important feature that can benefit the user in his gameplay and make him win in the different modes of KartRider Rush plus. The ideal use of drift and boost on tracks and dodging the different obstacles that arise in your way decides what result or rank you are awarded in the game and how was your performance in the race you took part in. KartRider Rush plus will get easier and fun as you observe and understand each aspect of the game.

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Feedback on the Game

KartRider Mobile has a story mode that will leave you thrilled and have a feel for the game when you will play and finish laps, they can be set up for a lesser count for the user in easier modes like an arcade but in story mode, it gets tougher for the player with challenging situations. The story mode makes their emotions live the game and feel the energy which it creates. KartRider Drift – gameplay catches the attention of its gamers with ultra-detailed visuals and the all-new 4K Gaming Support. KartRider rush 2020 requires an internet connection to work as the sign-in helps you to play and compete with the leaders around the world. It is been made available on the Play Store and Apple App Store. 

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It has received considerably praiseworthy reviews from all the gaming critics and the forums having people who have been following the game for a quite long period. People found it interactive with a lot of twists in between the story of the game and no control issues or bugs were found among the gaming community. It has a sound average rating on all the Application Stores of different platforms. KartRider Plus+ is one of the few games which you will never get bored of playing for months.


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