Grimlight is Launching to the Globe on July 07, 2022


Grimlight is finally confirmed to be released to the globe for both android and iOS devices, and it is going to be a real-time battle RPG with a hero collection gaming aspect. This is a new world where the fairy tales and the dreams have been mixed, and so many Legends and the Fairy tales have been inspired here around the world.






And now that this game has a release date confirmed, we are here to tell everything about this game, its global release date, and we will give a little bit of introduction of how the gameplay will be like as well. Currently, the Grimlight is under the pre-registration phase, and you can still take a chance for the pre-registration before the game is released into the world. And until then, we are going to find out a little bit more information regarding the Grimlight global release, and here they are.


Grimlight Global Release Date

On June 28, 2022, Grimlight announced on Twitter that they would release the global version of the game by July 07, 2022, and it will happen at 1.00 am in UTC. Currently, pre-registration is going live with this game, which means that Grimlight will be released to the global audience within one week.



Gameplay Story

The story of this new RPG game goes around a magical world, and it is filled with dangers and also wonders. It was once a land that had been blessed with life and magic, but now the entire situation has been changed, and now there is no dream, and filled with void. There was one the Dominion Lords defended this world, and now that they have corrupted and done nothing good for the world. They are no longer the good ones to be the best and are completely covered with madness now.


So this game’s magical world carries an emptiness on it, and there is nothing left in here to be grateful for.



What is this Dreamless?

It is a corrupting force in this world, and it is aimed, and goal of consuming the world’s all the Phantasia. As we said earlier, the corrupted force is no longer good as they have turned into monsters with no mind. The Dreamless is taking the living souls for consumption, which has made this world more chaotic. Since the world has been surrounded by negative energy, now the world is no longer survivable because the Dreamless are turned into all-consuming yet powerful creatures.


The Aurora


Aurora, in this game, is featured as a mysterious girl, and she is aiming to protect you. You will meet her when you first step into the Phantasia world. She is providing you the skills for summoning the heroes, and they will fight against the Dreamless Nether. Aurora can protect the players from danger, and she is considered our only hope to remain in this world.


The Heroes of Grimlight

Several heroes are dedicated to saving the world right here, and they can be summoned from the shards of memory. Every hero you see in this game will be coming from fairy tales and also from the legends. They will continue to support us throughout our journey to saving the world.



Dominion Lords

These are the lords who have the greatest powers in this world, and they have been enhanced with the magic from five of the world stones. They can make their world according to their will and make changes according to their wishes. Dominions were once the guardians of this magical world, and they are a group of guardians who have been separated from the Dreamless.


Once the game has been launched to the globe, the invitation is here to play it with the LDPlayer as it has all the features you need for having it in an RPG game.



And that is it. Be ready for your adventure in Grimlight; this time is to save the world. Mark the date July 07, and it is going to be your date for saving this magical world from fairy tales and legends.

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