Eternal Senia Guide Tips and Strategies


For the love of indie and RPG titled games, Sanctum Games have a treat for us as Eternal Senia. The usual aspect of any game is to make players enjoy it, and if one of them can actually make the game more interesting, it should not be overly difficult or complicated. So if you ever wanted to experience the best game with absolute pressure and relaxation, Eternal Senia is the ideal selection for you and here comes the Eternal Senia guide with its best tips and strategies.






When talking and going deep into this game, we see a simplified battling system featured in this game, and the most remarkable simplicity added to it to make it fascinating to all levels of players. The world in Eternal Senia has been made with a fantastic journey, and here we have to fight against many demons by gathering up into a team.


The scenes. Fights against enemies, the adventurer type gameplay, an eye-catching story, and everything you see in this game takes you into wonders. If you are a beginner at this, you don’t have to struggle so much to spend a while in this game, especially when you have this Eternal Senia beginner guide. Here are our Eternal Senia tips and the best strategies to utilize in your gameplay.



Eternal Senia Overview and the Basics 

As our first thing to discuss in the Eternal Senia guide, it is better to know about the basics of this game. This game comes with several game modes available for the players, and they can be named the Main Quests, Platinum Trials and the Domain of Trials.


The main quests are the places that feature so many monsters in there, and level by level, it is going to raise its difficulty levels. When you reach more and more levels, there is a chance to earn more crystals and cards from the game. Main Quest has three different difficulty levels Nightmare, Hard and Normal, making Nightmare the hardest to play.



Then comes our second game mode as the domain of trials. Here is where the bosses are roaming, and we, as players, can fight against them. Beating these bosses gives us the chance to earn more gears, upgrades to the weapons and more companion cards. The third game mode: platinum trials, has been made to earn some tokens of platinum trials, and those are the ones that you can use to purchase some high powered weapons from the market.


The Companions of Eternal Senia 

When you create a team in Eternal Senia, it is necessary to pay attention to a systematic team that combines all the elemental features. For example, we can suggest you utilize one hero coming with an attack buff, and when he has a chance to deal with a critical hit, that one is also going to be better. And then you can also choose a hero who has the most incredible power of any. Companions can generally be improved with the right type of upgrades.



In this game, players are given the role of Senia as the playing character, and you can unlock her levels to have more skill runes, features increased HP and attack stats, and more new features. When you increase her levels, note that the cost of each level will also go to be raised.


Eternal Senia Power and Weapons 

There are utilized stacked weapons in this game, and we suggest you use them as a weapon triangle. Suppose you have several copies of the same weapon with equal powers. Then you can proceed with strength in the game because it makes the player into a more powerful one.


Note that players have to change their weapons before they get into a trial. Instead of using Dark or light counter picks, we recommend you to go with the current best weapon you have, and if you have some old weapons, you can switch them up for brand new ones.



And when talking about the Eternal Senia power, we can literally mention in this Eternal Senia guide that the combination of weapon attacks, player level powers and their companion attacks are the ones that make a player into a more powerful one in the game. These all conditions are the deciding features for your division. So when you have the highest power, you will belong to a high rank. But everything comes with a price. High power heroes will have the most complex challenges throughout the gameplay.


Especial Enemies within the Platinum Trial Elements

There are five types of enemies we can see in this game, and each one of them can be countered with several types of attacks as follows.


  • Trial of Water – here the Vice Bishop Gritt is placed, and throughout this stage, he can have a shield. Players can defeat him with the Lightning Tear.


  • Trial of Fire – there is the Huge Mushroom here, and it is designed to set up some guards. The same skill, just like the trial of water, can be used for this one as well.


  • Trial of Light – Slime Boss is here with preparing charge and using a phantom strike, and players can counter this enemy. And then there is this Slime Boss, and he is going to be prepared with the chance. There is another one here named Phantom Rina, and she can use the phantom parry. So you have to use the Eternal Awakening against her.


  • Trial of Wind – Meow Meow Mochicat and Griffin is here to set up guards and prepare as a charge. Both of them can be countered with the use of Phantom Strike.


  • Trial of Dark – Shadow Fiend is preparing as a charge in here, and using Phantom Strike can beat this enemy easily.


The skills we are using here can be described in detail as follows.


  • Lightning Tear – deals with damage over time along with some wind blades.


  • Phantom Strike – we will be able to break the shields of enemies with the use of this skill.


  • Eternal Awakening – dealing with the most significant damage


  • Fairy Helper – this skill can summon a healing fairy to Senia, and this fairy is capable of restoring the HP amount by 30%


If the game makes it so much harder for you to deal with the enemies, just try to go with the best android emulator: LDPlayer. Here it comes with the Keyboard Macro Command to set one key to all repeating actions, and by utilizing this, you will be able to attack continuously for your enemies with less effort.


Eternal Senia: The Best Tips 


  • The first thing that we would like to suggest to you is don’t give up. You can give a try to play more complex trials without playing those recommended levels for the game, and through that, you can unlock more things to get from the game.


  • Don’t try to restart a failed trial because there is plenty of time and 100 purple amethysts to buy Divine Chest or an Amethyst. So you will have the best opportunity to earn more and more needed companion cards. Since there are daily trials, there is no point in resetting. Just try and give your best effort for the chapters.


  • Don’t go with the trial blind, and be ready for the enemies you are facing. Get to know about their strategies and skills as they can help you beat this world.


  • Your weapons should always be going up with triangles for weapons as it can ease up your life.


  • Please don’t use the elemental triangle over light and dark elements, making you an easy target to be killed. Instead, use the sword that has the most powers here.


  • Try to be familiar with your skills as much as you can


  • You will not be able to rank lower than the rank that you are currently on. So if there is anything, you can give a try to become the highest in the ranks.


  • Your total power is the deciding point for the division rank. The total power comes with a combination of level, stats and weapons Senia, along with the full attack power she has



And this marks the end of the Eternal Senia guide, and here are the best tips that you can utilize over the best gaming. Try to go with all guidance and the tips to become a most powerful and progressive gamer for the gameplay from Eternal Senia, and we can assure you, that nothing will make you wrong with the steps from this guide.

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