Captor Clash Tier List and Reroll Guide for the Best Heroes –March 2023


Let’s get into a world that has been disrupted by both good and bad due to technological breakthroughs. This is Captor Clash which is becoming the best fighting game that makes you fight in real-time PVP battles, and there are so many things to do here while giving your best for the combat through your skills. But before doing them all, you better be prepared to get the best heroes from the Captor Clash tier list, as it becomes the best choice you can make for saving yourself through the battles.

Captor Clash Tier List and Reroll Guide

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As a Captor Clash beginner, you should know that this ARPG beat’em up game will make you go through a lot of fights, and there should be the exact skills used here; otherwise, you cannot do the best for your gameplay as you wish. Although you get 3 minutes of combat in this game, it doesn’t mean that you can take things easier because each and every moment of this game is very intense, and that makes you go through a lot of challenges as well as with the harder phases.

So, this will be your tier list of characters for all the Captor Clash beginners to know what heroes to pick on for your team, and we will also let you know the steps for a Captor Clash reroll as it is the method to earn them for your gameplay. And To make gameplay easier, try playing Captor Clash on PC with LDPlayer 9 today, and with that being said, let’s start our Captor Clash tier list from here on.

Captor Clash Tier List – Ranking

Although we have only 17 heroes available for this game, we still have to go through several rankings for them because not all of them are going to be the same. And here, we have ranked them through 5 ranks which define each of their strength levels as follows.

  • Tier S – the most powerful, as well as the strengths, are wrapped with these heroes, and they are the ones that you should obviously keep an eye on. They have the best abilities as well as the best skills with top-tier strength, and we can recommend all players to go with them as they are the real keys to winning.

  • Tier A – we have got some powerful heroes here as well, and they are making a great performance than others in the game. Although they do not hold as much power as tier S, they also turn up to be the greatest pick for a player.

  • Tier B – we got some above-average heroes here, and they are also doing great in competitions against others.

  • Tier C – when it comes to rank C, we can see a serious downgrade in the skills of these heroes, and they are not capable of beating many.

Captor Clash Tier List – Heroes

And here are our heroes coming under each rank.

Rank Hero Name      



Jenny The Destroyer

Beo Blade



Crow Blazeword







Selene Willow

Blast Robin







Captor Clash Reroll Steps

And let’s now learn about the steps we have to follow up in Captor Clash reroll, as it is the method to earn our heroes. If you want to unlock the best characters from the Captor Clash tier list, you will have to earn a special currency from the game that will be used to spend for your heroes. But this has to be earned by going through the matches, or you can try buying them from the store of this game.

By spending the currency, you will earn your heroes quickly, and if you ask us for what heroes to pick as the first choice, then you better note that it always goes for the S tier. No one can be compared for the strength levels they hold, and they are the ones that will always hold you for sure.

If this Captor Clash rerolls takes a lot of time from you for one set of rounds, then try the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, for your game. It will help you throughout your Captor Clash reroll by creating clones for the game to be operated at once with the help of the Multi-Instance Sync feature. So you will be quickly reaching the desired heroes for sure.


And with that all, this marks an end for our Captor Clash tier list, and the Captor Clash reroll steps, and we hope you can do better in your game by going for the S tier heroes for sure.

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