Bloons Adventure Time TD Beginner's Guide to Gameplay and Characters

2022-01-11 Content Collaboration

Bloons Adventure Time TD is an awesome crossover game between developer Ninja Kiwi’s No.1 Tower Defence game Bloons TD & Cartoon Network’s award-winning animated series Adventure Time. Bloons Adventure Time TD, originally released three years ago with the collaboration with Cartoon Network, has been updated recently in April 2021 with brand new features. 




So today, in this guide article, we will discuss getting started with the game, Characters, Gameplay, Rewards, and everything you need to know. So let’s get started.


Bloons Adventure Time TD Mobile Game


Getting started with the game

Bloons Adventure Time TD offers you 15 adventures, covering 50 colorful maps & including the original story featuring the voice of the actors of the animated series. Also, you can equip your heroes with the choices of over 200+ weapons & items from Adventure Time and Bloons TD history. You can also unleash over 30 magnificent, Bloon-shredding powers and build defenses with over 50 allies, including fan favorites BMO, The COBRA, & Lumpy Space Princess.


In the game’s plot, The Bloons had invaded the Land of Ooo, and players have to stop bloons with the help of characters Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum, and the brand new monkey heroes like Max, Cassie, & Sai the Shadow. Bloons, here, means “balloons.” So here, you have to burst balloons with the help of weapons and stop them before they reach the finish line.



After installing the game, they will ask you for the age, and you will head to the game directly. When you begin playing the game, you will encounter conversation between characters Finn & Jake at the beginning of the game. You can hold to skip the conversation, and the game starts after that. Your game will begin with Finn; as the main character. 


According to the hero, there are six categories of weapons: Swords, Darts, Wands, Bombs, Guns, & musical instruments. However, the sword is equipped for Finn in the beginning. You are given five rounds during the game. Surprisingly, you don’t have to take any action; but your characters will automatically attack the bloons. You have to drag them onto the map and let them do the job. 


There are bloons of different colors like red, blue, green. Red bloons can be popped easily, but Blue & Green bloons needs to be hit more by turning them red and hitting them one more time. Blue bloons are hard and take time to pop, possibly getting missed and moving further. You are given 200 hearts as lives during the game. If any bloon misses, your life will deduct. So monkey heroes like Max also come to help. $350 cash is given at the beginning of the game. 


Amount of cash increases with your level on the number of bloons popped by the character. You can buy or sell the weapons for your target for the second character, like from Damage, you can buy Long Range or Sharp Darts. Damage is the number of layers an attack will pop in a single hit.


After completing the level, you can earn rewards from chest box-like coins, gems, power-up, and XP. You can unlock different characters after completing each level. Whatever the character you unlock, they appear with the information of weapon type, abilities, pros & cons. So you can decide on changing your character and choosing the right one. Every level is given with difficulty based on Normal, Hard, & Extreme.


Bloons Adventure Time TD Gameplay



After understanding the gameplay, it is stirring and essential to know your characters. Characters are none other than your favorites from the animated series Adventure Time. However, there are a total of 15 characters. There are many characters in the game, but we will emphasize the main characters with their characteristics, which beginner players need to know.


Finn the Human


Finn is the game’s core character and hero from Adventure Time. Finn can be quite strong and athletic and is proficient in versatile combat styles like hand-to-hand, magic, & swordsmanship. He’s an aggressive fighter, using hand-to-hand combat, combining some forms of martial arts or his stunning swordsmanship. Finn has a total of five major swords, not including temporary ones. 


Bloons Adventure Time TD Finn the Human


Jake the Dog


Jake is the game’s second character & Finn’s amigo. Jake does not follow Finn’s aggressive fighting style and does not even rely on formal combat training. Jake is a capable fighter, though he lacks the zeal for fighting like Finn & his talent for swordsmanship. He has a unique supernatural power of shapeshifting, which allows him to overpower his enemies. Jake goes beyond punch and kick; his powers allow him to stretch and knot his enemies. However, it’s effective only on certain characters, such as Ice King, who struggled to break free from his grip, whereas Hunson Abadeer can almost break free instantly.


Bloons Adventure Time TD Jake the Dog


Ice King


Ice King is a two-dimensional, over-the-top villain; who isn’t evil but is also not good. Ice King has an ability that, with the help of his crown, he uses his powers to throw ice lightning to freeze or strike his enemies & can summon blizzards at will to cover the land in snow. He’s also capable of creating weapons or structures from ice. He can fly with the help of his beard, splitting & swinging it like a pair of wings to stay up above. 


However, Ice King isn’t harmful, and he only abducts princesses and steals out of despair. With some strengths, there come his weaknesses too. Ice King’s powers & abilities are dependent on the crown; removal of it can destroy his abilities until he puts it back on. Also, extreme heat/humidity can diminish his powers.


Monkey Heroes


There’s not much to say about monkey heroes, but they are recently newly launched. They come to help when a fight is in a tough state. However, you need to know a couple of characteristics about these monkey heroes to get an idea for choosing your character.


Max: Max is the dart monkey known to be the expert in popping Bloons. Max uses Long Range Darts and Sharp Shots; as weapons. Max also has an alternate avatar equipped with a ballista-type crossbow called “Juggernaut Max.” Players can unlock this version by completing Hard level on the Cyclops tracks in the Grasslands.


Bloons Adventure Time TD Max


Cassie: Cassie is “pirate captain monkey,” based on the Bloons TD Buccaneer, who can only be placed on water. She specializes in shooting bombs instead of darts. She’s unlocked by finishing the Underwater City mission “Pirate in Peril.” There’s a military naval variation of Captain Cassie called “Commander Cassie.” Players can unlock this avatar by completing Hard level on the Something’s Fishy tracks in Underwater City. 


Sai the Shadow: Sai the Shadow is the ninja monkey who does not speak throughout the game; instead makes breathing and whispering noises. She has a specialization in camo detection, fast throwing & the ability to Sabotage Supply Lines. She is unlocked in the adventure Lemon Grabbed in Lemongrab.



So here you have our beginner’s guide to Bloons Adventure Time TD. The gameplay is flexible and offers simple controls to play. So we have covered everything from getting started with the game to characters. As mentioned earlier, there are 15 characters, but we have only covered the main characters. It would be much longer to read this article if we covered each character, so we endeavored to limit ourselves to main characters, which beginner needs to know about. You can further know about the characters in the game too. We hope that our comprehensive guide will be helpful for your gaming experience and your progress in the game.

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