Bless Mobile: How to Power Up Faster Tips and Tricks?


Bless Mobile has everything you can expect in an MMORPG game, but the adventure, story, unique characters, and their ability make it a bit different from other games.


As of now, the game has five classes and four races. The player can choose any class freely and customize the chosen character according to their liking.


Bless Mobile: How to Power Up Faster Tips and Tricks?


The game also includes different bosses with just one aim to stop you from getting more power. Engage in thrilling battles with bosses and hidden enemies to become the best player.


In this article, you will learn how to power up faster in Bless Mobile through various steps, which include getting stronger, increasing CP, and many other things. Without further ado, let's get right into the Tips.


Pick a Class:


Like all other mobile MMORPGs, Bless Mobile also features several different classes that players can pick freely at the beginning of the adventure.


The first step is to choose the class carefully as every class has unique sets of skills and gameplay mechanics. So, choose the class and character according to your play style.


Your marvelous adventure will begin once you have picked the class. At first, you will have to follow the main quest, which is straightforward and comes with guidelines to help you on your adventure.


You will also unlock new game modes, including abyss dungeon, tower, raid dungeon, arena, and more to farm and progress further in-game.


CP and Power Up:


The second tip is to increase the CP of your character to power up. To progress further in PvE story mode, you will need a lot of power as it gets tougher and tougher very quickly. And, if you won't have enough CP of the main character, you might not succeed in the main quests or dungeons. You can power up faster by boosting your CP.


Different ways to increase CP of your character:


CP is the short form of Combat Power of the main character, which can be increased in the following ways:


Bless Mobile: How to Power Up Faster Tips and Tricks?


⦁    Make sure not to forget Mounts & Pets. They can also improve the main character’s combat power.


⦁    Insignia improves the character’s grade in three main aspects; adventure, battle, and technique. Your character's CP will automatically increase once you raise the Insignia.


⦁    Improve battle grades by playing dungeons, hunting monsters, and defeating the enemies. You can also improve the adventure and technique grade by completing adventure missions and crafting items.


⦁    Your character has many skills in the game, including Active and Passive skills. Now you can upgrade your character's skill easily by using skill points and gold. You get Skill points when your character level up.


⦁    Register "Monster Collection" to raise CP.


⦁    Complete all the achievements to earn points to increase the achievement level to raise CP.


⦁    Gear plays an essential role in power growth. You can power up by equipping gears, leveling them up, and powering them up.


⦁    Raising the main character’s level is the basic way to increase CP, and that's why it's in the last in this list. Everyone knows the basic ways to increase CP. However, you might not know that when you level up your character, it increases CP, which ultimately increases your overall power.


⦁    Enhance Archangel with Archangel's soul stones. You will transform into a powerful Archangel once you level up your Archangel to a certain point. You will also be able to use their skills.


Tips to Power up fast in the game:


You will need more EXP then you needed last time to level up, and it will get harder and harder to level up. So, here are some tips for gathering EXP to level up and increase your overall Power:


⦁    Chapter and Main Quests give you a lot of EXP. To access Chapter, go to Main Menu, then open Quests, and then Main Chapter. There are about ten chapters in Bless Mobile, which can give you massive EXP.


⦁    Adventure is also one of the ways to gain EXP. To access Adventures, go to Main Menu; you will see a button named "Adventure" in the top left corner of Bless Mobile's main menu. Open it and check all the adventure cards.


Bless Mobile: How to Power Up Faster Tips and Tricks?


⦁    Cards include all the information regarding tasks, rewards, missions, and mission areas. Tap the auto-move button to start the adventure missions to get EXP.


⦁    You can also hunt the monsters on the map to gain EXP.


⦁    Participation in the adventure dungeons gives you EXP. To access Adventure Dungeons, go to the Main Menu, then Adventure Dungeon. In there, you will find PvE game modes such as challenge tower, abyss, daily dungeon, party dungeon, and many more. Participating in those dungeons can power up quickly.




Gears also enhance your CP and help you power up faster for tougher enemies. To access Gears, tap the bag icon on your main screen.


In the Gears tab, you can equip/unequip the gears and power up/ level up the gears, but to do that, you will need to use power-up items. You can also boost power by equipping gem to the gear.


There are six types of gears:


⦁    Common


⦁    Uncommon


⦁    Rare


⦁    Epic


⦁    Legendary


⦁    Celestial


It's best to work on Epic, Legendary, and Celestial gears; other gears are not good enough to help you power up for future fights.


Bless Mobile: How to Power Up Faster Tips and Tricks?


Join Guild:


Join the guild as soon as possible; the game is not designed to favor solo players. You can power up much faster if you are in a guild.


Being in a guild has its perks; you can get rewards by just being in a guild. You can use the reward to power up and fight against the dark bosses and enemies.




In short, if you want to power up faster, you will need to do the following:


⦁    Chapter/main quests


⦁    Level up the main character


⦁    Grind currency in the dungeon modes


⦁    Join a guild


⦁    Do adventure missions


⦁    Level up skills


⦁    Grind gears


⦁    Power up gears and traits


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