Blade XLORD: Tips and Tricks Guide.


Join Ryde and his companions during their epic and thrilling journey and fight your way to the truth in Blade XLord.


Help Ryde in solving the mystery of his true powers that are within him since his Birth. Blade XLord is a new action role-playing game offered by the Applibot.


Blade XLORD: Tips and Tricks Guide.


In this Blade XLord tips and tricks guide, I will go over the basics of the battle system and how to fight effectively with skills and experience. I will also go over how you can strengthen your party by formation and skills. So, let's get right into the ultimate guide of Blade XLord.


Battles Basics:


Blade XLord offers a 3D plane for your battles with Bosses and Enemies. In there, you can move freely, and because of this, positional attacks are preferable for effective fighting.


You can use characters in different spots to get the best outcome from your battles. Make sure to know the skills of the character you are using and what spot that character will prove to be game-changing.


For example, Ryde’s Backbreaker skill deals x1.5 more damage than normal damage and x2 break damage when used at an enemy’s rear. If you are using Ryde in auto mode, then you mostly see him trying to get the extra damage bonus.


Blade XLord has one amazing feature, which makes it different from other role-playing games, and that is the elemental system. In the system, there are six types of elements which explain the algorithm behind the game. You can judge from elements which character can beat the other one.


This elemental system is a big help to fight against bosses and monsters. So, keep the order in mind while forming a team.


In the early stages, you might have learned about formation and strategies by the game guide. Well, you can change those strategies and formation with proper command. Here is the list of different commands:


Blade XLORD: Tips and Tricks Guide.


⦁    Individual Attack is the default strategy you get from the start of the game. During the individual attack, your party can move independently and attack whoever they want.


⦁    Focused Attack is the command in which your party will attack the same target as you. You can use this command to take out monsters quickly.


⦁    Hold Back is the command in which your party doesn't use attack skills, but they will use healing skills and support.


⦁    In Assemble, your party gathers at your leader’s location, and you guide the party in attacking; they don't auto-attack. However, you won't need to utilize this command during the early game, but you will need it against more advanced boss battles.


Auto Battles:


You might be wondering what auto battles are - well, let's say it allows the party leader to use the battle skills of the characters according to their effectiveness.


By effectiveness, I mean the way those characters can make a huge impact during battles. So, you don't need to worry about repositioning them. However, your party won't be able to use Brace Skills and Soul Bursts.


Soul Burst and Breaking:


The Soul Burst decreases the cooldown of your skills but only for a limited time. At that moment, you can deal massive damage to the boss in a limited time. Soul Burst fills up when you and your party get attacked by the bosses and monsters.


Breaking is roughly known as Break Guage, which you can use to deal with direct critical hits to the boss. When you use the break gauge, it put the boss into a "break state," which converts your normal attack into a critical hit.


Break Guage fills up when you are your party deals with damage to the boss. Use the Break Guage and Soul Burst as soon as it fills up.


Blade XLORD: Tips and Tricks Guide.


Brave Skills:


A Blue Gauge, also known as Brave Guage, is at the bottom of the screen, which automatically fills up when you engage in combats. Brave Guage will give you a brave point when the gauge fills up, which you can use to activate your teammate's Brave Skills.


Brave Skills amplifies party members attack power or protect the team from attacks, or heal them up. During a battle, don't forget to use the Brave Skills; it's a game-changing feature.


Party Formation:


You might already know this that you can bring up to four characters into a battle with you. This means you can fit four of the six elements to get an advantage.


Keep in mind, don't try to use a balanced composition; it might do worse than good.


⦁    Your basic characters are the attack characters, which only do a lot of damage, and Ryde is one of those characters. All of Ryde's skills focus on dealing massive damage in a battle. Even the Brave skill focus on dealing damage.


⦁    Defense characters are the sturdy characters who rely on their high HP and defense. These characters generate a lot of "Scorn" to get targeted by the enemies giving the damage dealers a chance to deal more and more damage.


Don't be confuse. "Scorn" is also known as "aggro." It's just the name given by the developers.


⦁    Healers are the fragile character that doesn't deal with a lot of damage, but they restore the party's hp during combat. Even though they don't do much damage, your party cannot survive without a Healer in your party.


Blade XLORD: Tips and Tricks Guide.


The most effective party composition is two damage dealers, one defense, and one healer. But you can also use the composition of your choice to get better results according to the bosses.




Blade XLord is a very vast game when it comes to tips and tricks, which makes it much harder to cover all of the stuff. But among all of the stuff in the game, the above mentioned are the most important of all.


Follow the guide from start to end to become the most experienced and best player in Blade XLord. One last thing, the game offers 10x summons at the start of the game, which gives you an SSR character. So, don't worry about the gacha system because there's no way you can start the game any better than that.

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