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We would like to welcome you to the list comprising of Best Characters of Goddess of Genesis. To come up with a dependable list for all the players, we played both shut beta (CBT) and open beta (OBT), playing with other experienced players to get a better understanding and idea of the game. If you're new or don't know which SSR saints to reroll for or contribute to, then keep scrutinizing this level summary.


Level List Overview 

If you are familiar with these kinds of games, you must know that in most gacha saint gatherer portable games, the most grounded characters are commonly the rare characters. Goddess of Genesis is not a unique case to this norm. Exactly when you're starting or rerolling, you need to focus on getting the best SSR saint. It isn't the case that SR saints are progressively deplorable anyway; spending resources on level legends repetitively concerns development for them. So, advising this level overview is a better than average technique to choosing the right choice into which Goddess of Genesis SSR legend you have to add to.

Goddess of Genesis



This level overview surveys each saint in both PvP and PvE (story) substances, and a while later selects them at a level reliant on the general execution. Although beating story mode in Goddess of Genesis isn't that troublesome, for the most part, all the legends in SS and S level are usually there because they surpass desires in PvP. One may state, all the SSR legends at this level of the summary are fantastic for use in story mode aside from a few, and you won't, for the most part, get rebuked for placing assets into even a C-level saint.


Best Classes & Characters

This level overview will use the accompanying levels to evaluate legends: C, A, B, S, and SS.


1. SS Tier

If you are concentrating on PVP, these legends are essential. At this level, legends have, for the most part, something remarkable which can't be beaten by saints, and it almost feels like you are conning while using them. If you have to hack your progression into the Goddess of Genesis, opt for these legends.


  • Merlin 

Merlin’s ability to trigger an AoE ambush each time an accomplice uses an AoE attack is what makes her so extraordinary. You will find the opportunity to deal AoE ambushes twice, as long as she is alive. We should not disregard her frantically astonishing outrageous limit. She is remarkable and has been used comprehensively in the Chinese type of Goddess of Genesis for an impressive time allotment since the game came out.



  • Lilith 

Lilith is the principle authentic expert assassin in the Goddess of Genesis. Her inborn ability to stow away undercover makes her inconceivably practical against anyone who can't oversee strong AoE hurt. While she's undercover, no single target can concentrate on her. That just as gives it likely the most vital single target injury of the whole game. Additionally, she's a provocative evil spirit succubus.


  • Lucifer 

Lucifer is known as the FREE Goddess of Genesis legend; that is why she is in the SS level. Lucifer is just on the SS level in the way that she is a FREE Goddess of Genesis legend. She is a phenomenal mischief dealer and will wind up being key in the essential month or so during the game's dispatch. Why? Since she can act again in the wake of executing a goal with her authoritative and considering her incredibly great damage, she will melt enemies.



Since new players will be unpracticed and under-equipped, she will make brisk work of rivalry in PvP, particularly during the principal week. Lucifer is incredible speculation and a significant open door for individuals who need to ascend the PvP stepping stool rapidly. We appreciate all the advantages of playing on PC!



You may get coordinated to the various games – simply download it, and it will, in any case, introduce Goddess of Genesis.

Goddess of Genesis


2. S Tier 

At this level, you will see that legends are almost SS level, but there is a thing or two, which keeps them down. In any case, a group of these legends is consolidated and meta-characterizing when joined for PvP. Remember that a tank and a healer can be at a god-like level when combined, but they can never be at SS level in isolation.


  • Isabella 

It is a shame to call Isabella just a healer – she is THE HEALER. Genuinely, no other SSR healer comes even closer to her, making a lot of story content into an absolute joke. She is furthermore an extensive section for building a twofold tank and healer Meta gatherings for PvP. Valkyrie and Lucifer work very well with her.



  • Hades 

Even if Hades needs survivability, he compensates for it with high harm. He is your run of the mill glass gun legend; however, it's unusual to see a warrior lacking survivability – that is generally saved for bowmen and mages.



  • Dracula 

One of the most preferred characters is Dracula. Yes, he is back, and this time he can turn safe at 0 HP, suck the life from his foes, and put on a wide gathering shield that channels a level of harm to him. Dracula is a phenomenal tank that keeps the entire group alive.

Goddess of Genesis


  • Valkyrie 

Valkyrie’s insult is an amazing capacity that permits all her significant gathering partners alive. she genuinely sparkles as a ground-breaking saint during right on time and mid-game movement.



3. A Tier 

There's nothing amiss with these saints except that they aren't the best decision for PvP. Be that as it may, they are still acceptable to have yet in case you're planning to reroll – focus on S level in any event.


  • Cha Ng'E

Cha Ng'E is a sleeper legend. This means putting all assets into SSR healer is certainly not a good idea, particularly if you're a F2P player. Nonetheless, once you get 2-3 SSR saints maxed, she needs to turn into your need, and following a few months, she will wind up in either S or SS Tier. Cha Ng'e is incredible, given his capacity to insult foes and lower their AoE harm. This will be basic once the game develops following a few months.


  • Michael 

Other than looking exceptionally cool, he, in a like manner, deals considerable damage and has a self-revive limit. The issue is, where Michael fails miserably and reestablishes, he loses the total of the buffs he had on himself. Likewise, in the Goddess of Genesis – buffs matter. Ideally, he hauls out his reality with a part of prosperity remaining.  



  • Abe No Seimei

Abe No Seimei resembles Gabriel since he can similarly freeze his enemies. He outmaneuvers her with damage and freezes. Be that as it may, his damage is until now not irrationally exceptional, and he gets sent into assistance work where it is brilliant to have a healer as help.  

Abe no Seimei


4. B Tier 

Saints at this level aren't generally incredible at anything. They pretty much ought to be simply utilized with little assets to put resources into in case you're attempting to clear story mode.


  • Athena 

She is a healer that can repair and doesn't bring anything more than that to the table, and everything else yells typically about her. Regardless, on the off chance that you didn't pull Isabella, she remains a huge part of your gathering, so don't lose trust if she is your solitary healer!



  • Tamamo

Tamamo is a professional killer that can bargain for a moderate measure of harm. If you truly don't have some other professional killers, she can be a decent decision.



  • Gabriel 

Gabriel is an ice mage that works in freezing her foes. But since her freezing is quite acceptable, her harm yield endures, and we presume the engineers didn't need her to turn out to be too OP. There are better mages than her; thus, we possibly recommend putting resources into her on the off chance that you like her as a waifu.

Goddess of Genesis


5. C Tier 

We decidedly energize not placing assets into these saints aside from whether future events or new substance in Goddess of Genesis make them appropriate. They just don't bring anything into fights, and they remain amazingly feeble choices for placing assets into SSR saints. Also, on the off chance that you expect to pick between an SR legend and SSR, we would propose going with SR.  


  • Cleopatra 

She's a captivating toxophilite that can apply poison to adversaries, which reduces their physical and supernatural protective layer. Shockingly, that is adequately not, and her debuffing shrouds her damage and makes Cleopatra a feeble legend in any PvP battle you convey her to.


  • Mary 

Mary works in applying debuffs, yet her harm is excessively low, and debuffs are not unreasonably significant on the off chance that you can't bargain enough harm. Besides that, she doesn't bring anything else.


The Bottom Line

You've arrived at the end of our Goddess of Genesis SSR saint level rundown. We presented the levels as well as the best characters to choose from. It is important to stay updated with the rethinking and re-changing of the situation of every legend in this level rundown. The best way to keep searching for modern and updated tips is to keep an eye on the most recent updates for this level rundown.

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