A3: Still Alive: A next-level Beginner's Guide

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The game itself needs no introduction as the famous NETMARBLE developed it. A global gaming company with various famous games such as Marvel: Future fight and The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, all above 4-star ratings on Google play store with millions of downloads. A3: Still Alive is a role-playing fancy incorporated battle royale game.


A3: Still Alive: A next-level Beginner's Guide


A3: Still Alive has various PvP competitive modes that can be enjoyed solo or with a squad. The game itself depends on A3, a South Korean PC game, and hopes to mix the huge and living open-universes frequently found in RPGs with the strain and combat of a battle royale. The story follows a ruined world on the brink of the edge, filled with darkness but, Radienne’s sacrifice gives the only hope to fight darkness and restore the Goddess.


A3: Still Alive has different classes and game modes in which you can show your abilities and skills. You can choose one character to define yourself and get better with it. Understand your character and his/her abilities and merge them with your skills and dominate mobs and other enemies.


This A3: Still Alive guide will give you an insight into the game and enough knowledge to give you an early start over other players. So, without further ado, let's get started.




A3: Still Alive has five different characters’ classes to choose from. It depends upon your playstyle what you would like to role-play. The characters are as follows:


Berserkers: An agility-dominated class wields a great ax designed for close combats with high attack stats. If your play style is aggressive, then this class would be best for you to choose from.


Archer: A speedy and long-range character with high accuracy makes this class very interesting. A counter to the berserker as they are melee, but they have low HP, making them vulnerable from small melee attacks.


Templar: A magical strength class with a hammer and a shield. The shield blocks incoming damage, and the hammer is used for heavy attacks. This class is classified as a tank as they don’t die easily.


A3: Still Alive: A next-level Beginner's Guide


Wizard: A magical range class that uses a spell ring to bind spells and attack. The unimaginable spells make them very powerful, but it comes with low HP, making them an easier target if they get caught.


Assassin: A sneaky characters’ class played very patiently. Their high agility and the power to weaken the enemy make them very dangerous. The character dives into the horde of enemies and launches many different attacks.


Game Modes:


In A3: Still Alive, you can enjoy several game modes, both solo and with friends. The various modes are as follows:


Battle Royale:


You might be familiar with the term Battle Royale. In Battle Royale games, the goal is simple; you have to be the last man standing to win the game. In Battle Royale, you are up against 29 other players; the winner gets rare and exclusive loot.


You want to improve and show your skills; this is the mode you want to play. Different players worldwide compete with each other in this mode with different skillset; there will be a lot to learn while playing with such diversity. The winner takes it all, and it will not be easy to win.


A3: Still Alive: A next-level Beginner's Guide


Dark presence:


Ever heard of Free-for-all? If Yes, A3: Still Alive offers 100vs100 free-for-all mode where 100 enemies fight with your 99 allies and you. Players have to fight under the darkness of the red moon, where even your allies can turn against you. It will be a lot harder for a beginner than you may think, but it will be fun; with practice comes perfection.




Players vs. Environment (PvE), A3: Still Alive offers solo campaigns and co-op campaigns in the vast open world, including Snowfields, Deserts, Forests, and more! Where you can do quests with your guild members. The campaigns give you experience which you can use to raise your level and upgrade your skills or weapons.




A guild consists of fellow members playing the game, A3: Still Alive allows you to participate in various strategic battles with your guild members. It allows you to conquer territory more easily. You can also raid other enemy territories with your guild members.
You can also join the Guild Festival with your guild members to obtain an exclusive chest that contains rare items.


A3: Still Alive: A next-level Beginner's Guide


Soul Linkers:


A character you cannot choose but summon, an AI partner that will help you fight your enemies in the game. Soul Linkers help you throughout the quests in solo campaigns; you can choose from 270+ Soul Linkers classified into an attack, defense, and support. The stronger your soul linker is, the stronger you are in the game.




"A3: Still Alive" is not an ordinary RPG; as discussed above, it offers several game modes with different characters' classes to choose from. The overall storyline is pretty interesting with high-end 3D graphics; it is all about building up your character, raising your level, upgrading your items and accessories, and fighting.


The game consists of other players, so it will be best to be nice to them as you will learn distinctive things with different players. Not just this game, but nearly every multiplayer game requires teamwork because teamwork makes the dream work!


This is what we know about A3: Still Alive. This guide will give you an insight into what you can expect from the famous NETMARBLE. In short, you need to read this guide in case you are a beginner and want to learn a lot about the game in less time. The guide is near all the extract that is needed for a beginner to start the game. So, as soon as the game releases, you will have more knowledge than most players, which will help you make faster progression and overpower other players.

Download A3: STILL ALIVE on PC
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